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Scholarship for outdoor lovers

There are many scholarship for students who love sports, arts or music as well as for those who academically achieve their target at schools, colleges and universities. What is more, beyond these fields, the aids in finance are also available for those who love nature and want to be a part of nature.

For students who do outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, cycling, hunting, water sports, winter sports – this experience and passion can earn them money.

The upside of outdoor recreations

  • Communities and groups are formed
    Outdoor activities is all about community. People who share a common interest participating in the same group, working, playing and having fun together.

  • Expectation and standards are raised
    Technical and soft skills are sharpened by getting involved in camping, hiking, fishing and other activities... It is simply because of a group of experienced supporters, students steadily rise their standards up to another level. Expectations of their friends and families also follows.

  • Connection is widened
    Directly erecting a traditional tent or hanging a hammock with other friends or even doing a BBQ together in the afternoon is always a remarkable memory. Nothing is as amazing as getting immersed in nature with our loved ones, chatting and talking to each other all the time to strengthen the bond. It offers the easiest way to learn a new thing or to meet a new face, make a new friend in local area.

  • Culture is enriched
    People can be known and identified via culture. A group of several people coming from different culture can create a melting pot in which they share their values, language, perceptions and memories. When gathering around a campfire or in a cabin, all stories can be told and personal life can be shared also.

  • Positive emotions and memories are developed
    It is common for students to be asked for most memorable moment and camping time, without any hesitation, pops out by the majority of them. They will talk about the best pancake they have ever eaten or a bird they watched during the field study.

    Almost every one of us once getting blended in nature, in bitterly cold wind or getting drenched in a drizzle when the autumn comes. Here, at Nature Immerse, we want you to share your best memory with us and all the outdoor lovers out there.

General Terms of Participation

All participants have to submit a 500 – 1000 words on the following topic - “What is your best outdoor recreations' memory?”. Kindly ensure it includes answers for the below questions.

  • Where did you spend your time?
  • Whom did you go with?
  • Why it is special and remarkable to you?

In addition to the scholarship application, applicants must submit their academic record and resume, and a one-page letter discussing their background, career goals and financial need. Please be noted that you must use our application form for submission

If you want to know more about our selection criteria, please continue reading.

Selection Criteria

Who are eligible?

  • Undergraduate, postgraduate students at universities, colleges.
  • High school students or those who are about to enter colleges.


Provided content must be unique, creative. Any kind of plagiarism will be treated as a serious offense and, obviously, the applicant will be prohibited from submitting application in the future.

Your application will be rejected if it does not follow our scholarship guideline or the applicant does not use our application form for scholarship submission.

How to submit application?

Please send the application via email to scholarship@natureimmerse.comIf you have any question regarding our scholarship program, kindly contact

Nature Immerse co-founders, also outdoor lovers include

Lisa Schofield

Admin / Co-founder / Writer

Angela Oliver

Co-founder / Writer

Gia Zavala Damon

Admin / Co-founder

Samuel Affleck

Admin /  Co-founder / Writer

Selection & Award Schedule

Deadline for submission: Nov 24th, 2017.

Announcement of Results: Dec 22nd 2017.

Scholarship will be awarded by: Dec 29th 2017.

Your school will receive a $ 2.000 directly via bank transfer or paypal. 

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We founded this website in 2016 and our aim is to inspire other backpackers and nature lovers to get out and immerse in nature. If you are passionate about being a part of nature, here is where you belong. It does not matter what your skill level is, there are different tips, guides and gears' reviews which you will find them useful on your trips.

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