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Best Arc Lighter Reviews 2018

If you are struggling for ice breakers, you haven’t considered an arc lighter. If you smoke, then you understand the universal language surrounding smoking and asking for a light. You cannot take offense of refuse a stranger a lighter when they ask for it unless you have safety reservations.

While it is easy to hand someone a lighter, it is a challenge to hand over the lighter when you are struggling with an old lighter that works after you say a special prayer. So, rather than struggle with such embarrassing situations, you should consider getting the best arc lighter on the market.

It is humiliating when a stranger offers you their lighter because they can see your struggle with the bulky and ugly lighter. So, instead of being the struggling smoker, turn the tables by getting the best arc lighter on the market.

You may be wondering if arc lighters are specific to smokers only. While that is the general vibe picked on the street, we know better. An arc lighter works out of the cigarette or the cigar environment. It is an incredible survival gadget which will help you out of the thick of things. You can start a campfire easily using an arc lighter. You can also use the lighter to light your stove, candles and for incense.

Best Arc Lighter Reviews 2018




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Elegant design


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Lifetime warranty


Dual arc design


Holds a charge for a week


What is an arc lighter?

An arc lighter, also known as Plasma lighters, Tesla lighters and flameless lighter, is a revolutionary gadget that lets you ditch matches. It lights your cigarette or a candle by creating a small electrical arc located between two ceramic electrodes. The best arc lighters use electromagnetic induction to create the spark of fire.

Even though the arc is small, it is hotter than an open flame, and it lights candle wicks and cigarettes faster. Arc lighters are flameless, electronic and rechargeable.

Why should you love an arc lighter?

Arc lighters are flameless, and they are windproof. As a result, they are safe. When starting a fire in the wild, you don’t have to worry about starting a fire. Also, you don’t have to struggle to start a fire to light your cigarette using the arc lighter. The electric sparks don’t feel interference from the wind.


Arc lighters are butane-free and plastic free. Butane is harmful to humans and the environment too. Since an arc lighter boasts of a metal construction, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the disposed of plastic on the environment.


The metal construction of arc lighters makes them more durable compared to plastic lighters. Even though an arc lighter costs more, knowing that it lasts long means that you get value for your money. Therefore, you will be able to use an arc lighter and drop it severally without worrying that it will break.

Appealing design

The reason why an arc lighter is a great conversation starter is that it comes in a sleek metallic design with perfectly molded edges. It is also small in size and to use it, all you need to do is to push the button.

There is an unwritten rule on smoking and lighters where you don’t have to feel ashamed asking a stranger for a light or smoke!

While this creates familiarity and is a reason why some people are friends decades later, it is embarrassing when you are using a poor quality lighter that is a safety and a fire hazard.

There are many lighters on the market, and some work exceptionally well while the others aren’t as great. The Ralix Electronic Lighter is one of the best on the market, and if you are looking for an elegant and a durable lighter, you may want to give this lighter a try.

The elegant and the sturdy zinc-alloy construction design of this lighter makes you proud when using or when offering it to a stranger. You sure will receive a few compliments from the stranger and your friends too.

The zinc alloy construction of this art lighter means that the lighter will not melt or fall apart when in use. Once you hold and use this lighter, you will never go back to the cheap plastic lighters.

The matte exterior finish means that you won’t leave any fingerprints on the lighter.

It is easy to use. A single click light this single arc electric lighter. Use doesn’t get any easier even when it loses power. Just charge it, click, light and repeat. This lighter isn’t just easy to use, it is also efficient and safe. Thanks to being USB-rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about using gas or fluids that pose a danger. It is also wind resistant.

Its efficiency results from the fact that you only have to charge it once every week. So, it will light every time. If the battery runs low, you have the indicator light for battery protection. A full charge has about 300 sparks. Since it lights in one click, you don’t have to worry about the charge running out half through the week.

This arc lighter makes an excellent gift thanks to the luxury, high-quality gift box it comes with. It comes with the USB charger too.


  • Elegant design.
  • Sturdy but lightweight.
  • Versatile, safe and wind resistant.
  • Holds charge for up to a week


  • ​The lid opens partially, and it doesn’t work too well when lighting a gas stove.
  • ​The flame is also small for lighting cigars.

Next time a stranger asks you for a light, hand your lighter to them confidently because it is one of the best arc lighters on the market. Also, if you are self-conscious and have a preference for high-quality devices, then, you may want to include a stylish arc lighter in the list of nice things you own.

One of the nice and highly functional arc lighters is this Tesla Coil Lighter. You aren’t just buying the name but a highly functional lighter that will last long.

Even though it comes with a USB charger, you don’t have to carry the charger wherever you do because one full charge lasts a week. A single charge will give you between 100 and 300 sparks.

It is a safe arc lighter and being rechargeable; there is no butane gas or flames to worry about. It is also easy to use, and with one push of the button, it creates an electric arc to light your cigarette.

Since you are using an electric arc and not a flame, the lighter is windproof, eco-friendly and economical. You don’t have to throw it out or refill it every few days. You can carry this lighter in your pocket knowing that you are safe because it doesn’t light with the lid closed.

It's metallic, and it has a sleek, safe and reliable design. It is also lightweight.


  • Sleek design, and it makes a perfect gift.
  • Sturdy, and it won’t break if it falls.
  • Eco-friendly, windproof and safe.
  • Easy to use and affordable.
  • Versatile, and you can use it to start a fire when camping.
  • Holds charge for a week hence a great survival gadget.


  • It makes an uncomfortable sound/ noise.
  • ​It doesn’t open wide enough to light candles.

If you used the old Saverlight lighter, you might want to give the new re-engineered arc lighter a chance. Whether you need a light for smoking or as a candle lighter or even a survival gadget, you have to get the best.

The reimaging and the re-designing of this Saberlight arc lighter make this your ultimate plasma beam torch. The new design lacks the narrow Tesla coil which inhibited use of the lighter on flat surfaces like pipes and bowls. The new lighter works on all surfaces.

The plasma wave torch technology creates a plasma beam hotter than fire. You can use this Saberlight Sparq lighter for everything.

The lighter is rechargeable. It houses a rechargeable lithium ion cell and doesn’t use fuel. The cell takes an hour to charge fully, and you can use it for at least three hours after charging. Unfortunately, this lighter faces stiff competition from electronic arc lighters which hold a charge for about a week after charging.

Being rechargeable and butane-free, it is safe. Research shows that butane is harmful to humans and the use of a plasma wave eliminates this risk. The lighter is, therefore, eco-friendly.

Speaking of safety, this lighter is splash proof, windproof and it has TSA’s approval. Therefore, you can take it with you through airport security, and you won’t have to leave it. Fuel is unsafe in airports. Being flameless, you can use it in the rain or a windy environment.


  • It works great.
  • Airport approved and lifetime warranty
  • Versatile.
  • Safe and eco-friendly.


  • ​It takes longer to light a cigar.
  • ​It makes a high-pitched noise.
  • It may be a shock hazard.

4. Novelty Wares Arc Lighter - dual arc design

A lady or a gentleman knows that besides smoking the best cigarettes and cigars, the quality and the design of the lighter matters. Therefore, the search for an exceptional arc lighter is always ongoing.

In our search for the best arc lighter, we find this Novelty Wares Arc Lighter to be one of the best. Besides looking good, it works great. Talking about good looks, the black Novelty Wares Arc Lighter looks elegant, and it’s a perfect match for anyone. But, apart from the black lighter, you also get to choose between the eight other colors of the lighter. The matte finish on all the lighters means there are no fingerprints on the lighter’s exterior.

This lighter is rechargeable and what makes it different from most other electronic arc lighters is the double arc design which makes it highly effective. The dual arc system makes it even more effective than a single arc lighter.

It is safe and flameproof. It is also butane-free, windproof and environmentally friendly. Safety isn’t all that you get from this arc lighter, it worth the money. You will appreciate the fact that this lighter has a solid corrosion resistant metal construction. Therefore, you can use it in all weather conditions. The body has an electroplated metal build hence the resistance to corrosion.

It is versatile and ideal for use in lighting cigarettes, campfires, incense and candles. It comes in an elegant gift box with a USB recharging cable. Thanks to the indicator light at the bottom of the lighter, you will know when the lighter needs recharging and when it is in use.


  • Great customer service.
  • Charge lasts long, and it is rechargeable.
  • Sleek and elegant design.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Versatile and ideal for non-smokers too.
  • The dual arc design makes it highly effective.


  • ​It doesn’t light cigars fast.
  • ​You may get a defective one.

5. Tesla Coil Arc Lighter - dual lighters make it highly efficient

Unlike other Tesla arc lighters that have single arcs for lighting, this Tesla has two arcs. This lighter is, therefore, one of the most efficient lighters on the market. It costs a little more than most other single and dual arc lighters, but it works great.

Therefore, if you are looking for a step up from the single arc lighter or you are looking for something new having used poor quality varieties in the past, this is a good shot.

It is safe, and it will not light when not in use as long as you keep the lid closed. Safety also results from the use of electricity rather than butane in the lighter. The electric design makes it windproof since there is no flame to deal with.

Also, being butane-free, it is eco-friendly, and it will not introduce harmful chemicals into your body or your home. You can take it with you to the airport without worry.

It is easy to use, and you won’t have to fumble with traditional spark wheels of lighters. While the lighter comes in a sleek and sophisticated design, it’s not complicated. Speaking of the sleek design of the lighter, it will help break the ice with strangers because there is nothing better to talk about than a sophisticated lighting gadget.


  • Elegant finish and a durable construction design.
  • It takes an hour to recharge and holds a charge for a week even with intense use.
  • The dual lighters make it highly efficient.
  • Easy to use and windproof.
  • Safe, and button disables when the lighter isn’t in use.


  • ​It makes a high-pitched noise.
  • ​It leaves fingerprints.

Factors to consider when buying an arc lighter

Knowing how safe, classy and convenient and arc lighter is, what should you look for when buying one?

Type of arc lighter

There are single and dual arc lighters. Single arc lighters are predominant, and they are also affordable. The dual lighters are few, but they are gaining prominence because of their efficiency. Dual arc lighters are expensive compared to single arc lighters.

Pro tip: if buying a dual arc lighter, consider the functionality of the brand’s single arc lighter.


How long will the lighter last? How long will it survive especially when used constantly? The best arc lighter should be able to withstand changes in weather as well as constant dropping. We have to all agree that a lighter will fall several times accidentally.

A lighter should break apart when it falls. The metal used in construction should be tightly closed up to maintain its integrity even when it falls. A lighter that can constantly work through harsh conditions of the best windproof lighter you can have. Sturdily constructed lighters can withstand use outdoors.

Pro tip: your budget determines how good and durable a lighter is. Arc lighters are considerably durable thanks to their metallic construction.


Arc lighters are predominantly metallic. Using plastic would pose a great danger to the user, and the lighter wouldn’t look as great. So, when shopping for an arc lighter, you should consider the type of metal used in construction.

The material used determines the durability of the arc lighter. The metal used in construction should be rust and corrosion resistant.

Pro tip: the best arc lighters have zinc alloy or electroplated metal construction designers.


You will carry your lighter with you everywhere you go. Therefore, the lighter should be small and presentable. It is important that you look beyond the size to get full value for your money. Though small, the lighter must be able to work well for a long time. Also, it should be easy to carry around in your pocket or your bag.

Pro tip: if the lighter is too small, you can’t get much of a spark from it.

Power source

The best arc lighters use electricity for power. They are often rechargeable like phones, and they come with USB chargers. For the best arc lighters on the market, you will find that they can hold a charge for up to a week even with constant use. Since they use electricity for power, they are eco-friendly, flame and butane-free.

To ensure that the lighter doesn’t run out of power after few uses, the best lighters have charge indicators which light up when the lighter is charging or in use. The best arc lighter recharges fully in between 1 -3 hours and they have up to 300 activations.

Besides the electric-powered arc lighters, there are arc lighters with rechargeable batteries for power. The batteries are Lithium Ion batteries. They take about an hour to charge fully, but they don’t hold power for as long as electric lighters.

Whether the arc lighter uses electric energy or a lithium ion battery, it doesn’t have a flame. When you press the switch button, the metallic arc gets hot thanks to electromagnetic forces. You use the arcs rather than a flame to light a cigarette or start a fire.

Pro tip: consider looking at user reviews online to determine if the lighter’s charging system works as well as the manufacturer claims it does. The batteries in some arc lighters aren’t replaceable.


Look for an arc lighter that can do more than light a cigarette. The best lighters burn incense, candles, cigarettes, small cigars, paper, gas stoves, and fireworks.


The arc lighters are flame-free and butane free hence windproof and safe. For use, you have to press the button once and when not in use, closing the lighter’s lid deactivates the switch button keeping it safe when in your bag or pocket.

Pro tip: you shouldn’t touch the electrode tips when the lighter is on because it poses a risk of shocking you. It is also hot, and the electrodes cause scalding.


The best arc lighter is the nifty gadget you have been looking for to be able to strike conversations with strangers. This is because, if there is one thing that almost guarantees conversation, it’s a lighter. Even when you are a smoker, you will need a lighter when yours fails to work or if you lose it.

While there are many plastic lighters on the market, they do not match arc lighters. Arc lighters do not use fuel, and they don’t produce flames. Therefore, they are safer than plastic lighters. Not using fuel like butane means you can comfortably take an arc lighter with you to the airport.

Also, an arc lighter, being an electric or a battery-powered device comes in a metal casing. An arc lighter is, therefore elegant and if you look at some of the best arc lighters, they have a sleek metallic finish.

The arc lighter is also easy to use, and it lights with one push of the button. Given these benefits, the arc lighter guarantees better conversations with strangers. The efficiency and the design will make even the quietest person talk. At the same time, arc lighters are lightweight and easy to carry.

Considering all these features and benefits of arc lighters, we have a winning arc lighter. From this review, our best arc lighter is the Ralix Electronic Flameless Rechargeable Arc Lighter. It has an elegant matte finish which makes it a great conversation starter.

Besides looking great, it works well, and the arc lights candles incense and you can also use it as an emergency lighter when camping out. It is also eco-friendly and safe seeing that you don’t have flame or butane to deal with.

Considering all these features and the functionality of this Ralix Electronic Flameless Rechargeable Arc Lighter, and its great price, this is our best lighter on the market.

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  • @Lisa: The Ralix Arc Lighter looks so hi-tech when the plasma comes out. It is creation that does away with inflammable fluids. It works just fine for lighting a cigarette and starting a fire. Don’t be fooled by its look. It is small but really hot when igniting. 5 sheets can be ignited in just a second. I recommend this as a best arc lighter and also a very good gift idea since it is a promising replacement for traditional lighter. It is not expensive and does the job well.

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