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Best Beach Cart Reviews 2018

The 5 Best Beach Carts

The first thing that crosses our minds when summer comes around is hitting the beach. The beach is relaxing, and besides catching the next wave, it’s the perfect place to feel the sun’s warmth, to get that beautiful and to catch up with friends.

However, the fun bit can be out of the equation when you have to walk around like a donkey. This is because trudging across the beach with loads of towels, water bottles, sunscreen, swimming gear, sand buckets, snacks and a bag with extra beach gear, tent and blankets is nightmarish.

Without the best beach cart, and with all these beach essentials hanging precariously and toddlers in tow, you are sure to break a few things if not tearing your muscle. Something else, you’ll pick the worst sitting spot. We all know how far beach parking lots are.

Best Beach Cart Reviews 2018




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Metrics of the review

On the other hand, if you’ve always been unlucky in your purchase of beach carts, we’ll help you get the best. This review simplifies your search by listing the top five best cart reviews. This review is a result of research and firsthand experiences.

Some of the metrics we use to determine the best carts include the use of the cart, the material used on construction, sturdiness of the carts’ construction, stability, and how easy it is to expand or collapse the cart. This review also took at the materials’ stretchability and how it tore. The practical maximum weight the cart holds, the maneuverability and the ease with which you could pull or push the cart.

It is important to note that user reviews played a major role in determining these qualities of beach carts.

Uses of beach carts

As the name suggests, you use beach carts to carry all your beach gear. The carts have wheels that move through sand and make hauling of all towels, tents, coolers, and snacks through the sand. As a result, you will enjoy the beach more. You’ll also get the best spot on the beach since you only need to push or pull the cart to that strategic spot.

It makes maneuvering through busy and crowded beaches easier.

You can carry all the extra beach gear you were unable to take before. Space and the ease with which you can move the cart justifies this.

You can carry your toddler(s) in the cart too. Trips to the beach with children may be fun but, all the fun and heart melting excitement on kids’ faces ends when they are tired. Without a cart, you are forced to figure out a way of carrying all the beach gear and your kids, and that is exhausting. Therefore, the cart ends the worry of losing sight of your child because your hands are full.

The best beach carts make it possible for you to transport food, drinks, or equipment from one point to the next safety. It is risky carrying stuff in your hands.

You can use the cart to run errands as well. The wheels are perfect for pushing on pavements or grass. Since the best are collapsible and don’t require set up, you can get it from the trunk or garage and run errands with it. You can, therefore, use it to carry groceries or gardening essentials in the backyard.

With all that you can do with a beach cart, we have nothing but love for the carts.

This beach cart comes highly recommended. It is one of the many recreational equipment by MAC. Thus it’s a product of unparalleled attention to quality and innovation. This utility wagon proves to be aesthetically functional in the following ways:

It is spacious – the interiors of this wagon measure 35.5" x 20" x 22.5" and give you a big bang for your bucks. You will appreciate the ease with which you can fold this wagon up, in seconds. It doesn’t require any assembly, and it will pack in all you can carry.

When packing up, the wagon folds up to 29.5" x 20" x 8," and its carrying case makes it easy for you to transport it. By folding up to a thickness of 8 inches, it makes this beach cart compact and very easy to carry to your event.

If you are into outdoor events, then you know that the worst thing that can happen is struggling to pack up when the weather changes abruptly. This folding beach cart folds up pretty fast, and even if you have extra items on your return trip, you’ll still have space for this wagon.

How much load can it carry? This wagon will hold a maximum weight of 150 lbs. This is possible because of its sturdy construction. The use of a 600 denier fabric in construction makes for this strength. It adds to the durability as well. Though this construction fabric is tough, it is easy to clean, and the blue won’t get lost in stains after several uses. The wagon can hold a child or two children.

This best  beach wagon is highly functional thanks to its adjustable handle which makes for effortless transportation. You can move it on grass, sand, or pavements thanks to the rubber wheels. To secure your beverages in place, this blue Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon has two mesh cup holders for your beverage.


  • It is versatile, and you can carry just about anything in it.
  • It has a sturdy design.
  • It is easy to set it up and to fold.
  • The rubber wheels make it easily maneuverable.
  • It is big and easy to clean.


  • ​The cart is heavy when fully loaded.
  • ​The front wheels aren’t locked.

2. Rio Brands Wide Beach Cartassemble, collapsible

If you have been shopping for a new beach cart that can transport everything you need to the beach, this is it. A product of Rio Brands, a company that makes versatile and high-end beach furniture and sportswear, it is what you have been looking to make trips to the beach less stressful or disorderly.

It is wide, and it has a capacity of 100lbs. With this cart, you will be able to take with you a 48quart cooler and four beach chairs. Its main storage compartment is 15 cubic feet, and it has additional space in the rear measuring ¾ x 14 inches.

It also comes with a removable tote bag, an umbrella holder, and a bodyboard holder. These make sure that you carry all your beach gear in one cart.

If you have used Rio Brands’ original Wonder Wheeler beach cart, then you’ll like this beach cart better because this Deluxe Wide Wheel Ultra Wheeler Cart has 20 percent more space.

The 4-inch ultra-wide rear wheels of this beach cart add stability to the cart making it easier for you to transport your beach gear over pavements, sand, grass, or gravel, and any other terrain. Even though this beach cart big wheels, maneuverability is easy with this cart thanks to the neoprene handle, the 10-inch diameter of the rear wheels, and the 4½-inch pivoting front wheels.

This beach carrier is easy to assemble – all you need to do for the cart to get going is to clip in the wheels. It has a sturdy frame. For the best performance, you should pull rather than push the cart.


  • It is easy to assemble, and it is also collapsible hence easy to pack up.
  • It is spacious.
  • It is strong and holds a maximum weight of 100lbs.


  • ​The front wheels aren’t as strong.
  • ​It is pricey

3. Rio Brands Beach Cart - easy to set up

If you have kids, then you know how hard it is to carry multiple bags to the beach. Kids have many demands, and you’ll regret making the trip to the beach when you have to carry your child while carrying the bags with snacks and beach necessities.

Fortunately, you can end this struggle by looking for a beach cart to haul all your beach gear. Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler is the kind of beach cart you should be looking for.

It works perfectly for the beach and also works when heading down to the river fishing with your boys. The large storage compartment will hold the beer cooler and everything else you need. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 100lbs.

This beach cart has several compartments that simplify beach trips. The extra storage compartments include the removable tote bag, the large mesh pouch, the side umbrella holder, the rack and the bottom tray. With all this storage space, you can use the cart for laundry, gardening, carrying trash to the curb or carrying firewood. All these result from the cart’s easy-to-push chassis.

This Deluxe Wonder Wheeler is a smooth roller thanks to its detachable wheels. These wheels roll effortlessly on surfaces such as sidewalks, soft beach sand, or docks.

It is easy to set up, and when not in use, it folds up easily. You can, therefore, pack it up and fit it into a small space in your car’s trunk or the garage.


  • The cart is easy to set up, and it also folds up easily into a small compact size.
  • It can hold a maximum of 100lbs and carries everything including chairs and coolers.
  • It is easy to clean & to haul through sand
  • It has a sturdy and a durable design.
  • It has a lot of storage space.


  • ​Faulty wheel construction.

Have you been looking for an elegantly designed but a functional beach cart to carry gear to the beach, your child’s outdoor sporting event, that hyped concert, or picnic to the park?

Maybe one that you can use around the house too? Well, think Mac Sports. Mac Sports produces high-end sporting equipment, and they do not compromise on their quality.

A Mac Sports Beach Cart is all you need thanks to its roomy interior. It has a large capacity measuring 36.2" x 21.4" x 24.6". It holds a maximum weight of 150lbs. Its ability to hold this weight comes from its sturdy and heavy duty frame construction. It, therefore, lightens the load.

The extra large wheels make this wagon perfect for hauling gear wherever you wish to go. The cart is easy to set up since it doesn’t require any assembly. It folds up into a convenient compact size for storage with a thickness of 9.7 inches only. When folded, it measures 31.5" x 21.4" x 9.7" and fits into the carrying case.

This cart is easily identifiable as a blue wagon with a white frame and the “Beachcomber Macwagon” logo. You can use this cart in any terrain.

It has an adjustable handle that makes for effortless transportation as well as two mesh cup holders which keep your beverage in place securely.


  • Easy to pull across sand thanks to the wide plastic wheels.
  • It is easy to unfold for use and to fold it back for storage.
  • It has a sturdy design especially at the bottom.
  • Has sufficient space for all your gear. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 150lbs.
  • You can pull it in folded position.


  • ​The front wheels are narrower, and this affects stability when the cart is heavily loaded.
  • ​You have to remove the beverage holder, fold it then put the holder back.

BeachMall’s Super Ultimate Ultra Wide Wheel Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart is exactly what you have been looking for to carry your gear to the beach, the camping site, and any other outdoor activity. It has a mist finish tubing and a gray/silver mesh and black fabric making it an attractive addition to your outdoor gear.

If you’ve had it with the older beach cart because it couldn’t go through harsh terrains and plowed/ sank in the sand, then you need this as a replacement.

It has 4-inch wide wheels which allow for smooth, easy rolling or awkward, heavy gear over most terrains. These wheels will not plow or sink in the sand. Therefore, all your transportation needs to the beach have been made easier.

To make the cart durable, BeachMall incorporated a full width back cover. The embroidered back pocket makes for fast access storage.

For better maneuverability, you have the dual steerable 4.5-inch front wheels. These make it possible for you to maneuver and navigate through any surface with ease. These wheels apply the same technology used in baby strollers with the rear, huge 10-inch diameter by 4 inch wide wheels which roll over sand with ease. Maneuverability is also the result of extended neoprene handles which, as you can guess, make handling and control easier.

It has a maximum weight capacity or 77lbs, and it can hold four chairs and a large cooler. Set up is easy because it comes assembled and you’ll have to snap on wheels. It has a chair hanging bar that is 16.5 inches in width. You can mount your umbrella in the built-in umbrella holder on the side of the cart.


  • It is highly portable thanks to its lightweight.
  • Folds out easily, no set up and fold back in easily.
  • It is versatile, and you can use it for just about anything.
  • Doesn’t get stuck in sand as long as you pull it rather than push.
  • It has an umbrella holder & spacious.


  • ​The front wheels are wobbly.

Factors to consider when buying a beach cart

The type of cart

There are two main types of beach carts – the wheeler carts and the wagon carts.

The wheeler carts have larger traction rear wheels and smaller front wheels. They have a handle bar that you use to push, the same way you would a shopping cart. They also have a smaller bar to hold beach chairs. An excellent wheeler beach cart comes with a separate section to hold a cooler.

The beach wagon carts, on the other hand, have wheels of the same size. Such carts offer equal support to the load and therefore suitable for carrying sporting or garden equipment. Its handle is adjustable to suit your height. On the downside, this cart lacks separate storage compartments.

Pro tip: carts with wider wheels are more stable and maneuverable.

Use of the cart

What will you use the cart for, predominantly? If you need one for frequent trips to the beach, you should get one designed to handle the sandy terrain and other rough terrains. The beach carts for soft sand will need wheels specifically designed for that. The wheels will tell you more about this – the wider the wheel, the better. Make sure that the wheels offer sufficient traction.

As you consider the use, you should consider the space where the cart will pass. If you intend to push/ pull it through tight spaces, you should get a cart with a small turn radius. This will allow for better maneuverability.

Pro tip: a versatile beach cart is preferable because it will perform more than a single task making it an economical choice.


If you intend on taking the cart over sand, gravel, or any other rough terrain, then you have to get a cart with a rugged wheel. This will make it easy for you to traverse the roughest terrains.

Pro tip: the front wheel should be stable and if possible, get a cart whose front wheel is lockable. You should also avoid carts with thin rear wheels.

Internal space

How much cargo, beach gear, sporting gear, shopping, or gardening equipment do you need to move? The beach cart should be able to carry most, all, or more than you wish to carry. To be sure about what it can or not carry, consider the maximum carrying capacity. There are carts with a maximum carrying capacity of 75, 100, or 150lbs.

To be sure of the maximum weight, you should look at user reviews. This will give you the practical carrying capacity and not the technical capacity.

Pro tip: always keep in mind the cart’s maximum carrying capacity. It is advisable to pick carts with compartments as well as extra side storage spaces. This enhances orderliness.

Construction material

The construction material determines the weight that the cart can hold. The best material should be one that can hold extra weight for many uses. Some materials rip after a few uses, and you should avoid them. The construction material should be easy to clean and maintain too. The best cart materials don’t get affected by exposure to water. However, you should make sure that the material will not break down after a few uses and exposure to the sun.

Expert tip: look at user reviews to determine if the material will last for as long as the manufacturer says it will.

Storage space when not in use

How much space will the cart take up when you fold it? It should take up the least amount of space and fit the trunk of your car or the corner of your garage.

Expert tip: purchase beach carts with carrying/ storage cases to keep things organized. Go through user reviews to know if the cart fits the case after unfolding.

The wheels

The wheels should be ideal for traversing rough terrains. Wide wheels are preferable, and the wheels shouldn’t sink into the sand.

Pro tip: for most carts, you have to pull rather than push making use of the rear wheels. Therefore, the rear wheels must always be wider for traction.

Quality design

Besides the use of a high-quality material in construction, the best beach carts have sturdy frames and stable bottoms which ensure that you can carry heavy stuff without having to worry about the cart buckling under any extra weight. Always look at the frame because that is what holds the cart together.

Pro tip: look for carts with higher weight capacity and the ones which incorporate higher denier materials in their construction when you need the cart to carry heavy equipment. ‘


The best beach carts do not require assembly. The most you can do is to fix the wheels. You should, therefore, make sure that the cart you intend to buy his easy to set up and fold back down and into the carrying case if there is one.

Pro tip: look through user reviews to determine how easy or difficult it is to set up and fold down the cart.


There are many beach cart options on the market, and this means the search for best is not just difficult but confusing. Looking through the features of a few carts, say the top ten will take you hours and there is no guarantee that you’ll have made a choice in those few hours. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. The guide is helpful in getting the cart you have been looking for.

As mentioned earlier, the best (read high-quality, durable, stable and an all-terrain) cart will make the trip to the beach more exciting while helping you carry all beach gear safely. You’ll get a good sitting position, and you can haul your beach chair with ease. The cart also makes it possible for you to monitor your toddler and when tired, he or she can sit in the cart too.

Out of these five beach carts, we recommend the blue ni-best-beach-carts-20. When opened up, it measures 35.5" x 20" x 22.5" and carries a maximum weight of 150lbs.

It folds up easily to 29.5" x 20" x 8," and since it comes with a carrying case, you can easily transport it. Its heavy duty frame and construction with a 600D fabric makes it strong to carry all your beach gear and then some. You can finally carry beach chairs and the cooler without having to compromise one for the other.

Its four wheels are of the same size, and this means that the cart is stable. It distributes the weight of the load making it easy for you to push or pull. This cart moves with ease on sand, pavements, or grass.

The other four carts will also get the work done, and you are good any one of these five beach carts.

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  • I like this blue beach cart from Mac Sports. I can put many things inside and it is durable. The design makes easy to roll. There are more than one billion people walking around my block in Times Square, New York. I put my old television in and walked to Best Buy to return. I walked through several blocks on different crowded streets. Then I walked back with a new one and this cart endured all the run-ins with various moving creatures. This is an awesome little cart which can be used to carry lot of different things as long as they can fit in. It rolls fast and provides easy maneuverability.

    • I ordered this last month. I have used this cart several times and so far it has been one of the best purchases that I have made in a while. Only took me less a minute to take it out of the box, set it up and got it ready to roll. It can hold everything that you need for the beach. There is a cup holder in the front and the bottom area is comfortable enough for my little daughter to sit in. Handling is an easy part to put up and out, locks and unlock also. Just like hammocks or tents, it easy to close and put back. So, if you are looking for a wagon, just go for this one. It is one of the best seller beach carts on Amazon.

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