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Best Camping Hammocks Reviews 2018

It sucks.

Camping inside a traditional tent.

Not only is it difficult to set up, but a traditional tent is a pain in the backside to carry. Also, since the ground out there is unforgiving, a sore back is guaranteed after a night in a tent. Add to the whole equation the creatures which move about on the bare floor in the wilderness, and sleep might be a foregone conclusion altogether.

Want to avoid this scenario?

The best camping hammocks would help. Not only are they a cinch to set up, but their minimalist design makes them ultraportable. And since you’d be off the ground, you don’t have to worry about the floor type or the creatures out there.

Best Camping Hammocks Reviews 2018



Weight Limit




250 lbs.

130"L x 59"W


300 lbs.

108.5’’L x 50.25’’W


400 lbs.

10.5’L x 6.5’W


400 lbs.

9' 4"L x 6' 2"W


500 lbs.

10'L x 5'7"W


350 lbs.

118"L x  80"W


275 lbs.

90’’ x 42’’ x 42’’



8’’ x 7’’ x 4’’W


200 lbs.

9.5’ L x 4.5’W

2.3 lbs.

400 lbs.

10’L x 6.6’W

First thing first, the Expedition is extremely comfortable, thanks in no small part to its guy lines which provide extra shoulder space. It has an asymmetrical design which makes getting a flat lay a cinch, while also giving you the freedom to make the most use of its available space.

Turning our attention to its durability, and Hennessy has employed the 210denier Nylon fabric to make this hammock super rugged. Due to the extra seams on offer, the fabric is extremely burly, a must-have feature for camping in areas where there might be rain.

A friction knot and a small plastic clip are provided in the package to turn this hammock into a rainfly if it starts raining out there. More importantly, to let you know that it won’t come down while you’re sleeping on it, the Expedition also offers a suspension system.

Finally, to make sure your items remain safe, the Expedition offers a small pouch in the package. And if you are scared of creatures out there, the Expedition comes with a bug-net to shield the entire hammock.


  • Includes a bug net in the package
  • Made of 210 denier, sturdy nylon
  • Has a small mesh pouch to store valuable items
  • Easy to set up


  • Weight limit of only 250lbs

Starting from its design, and its manufacturer has provided the NX-270 with two important design elements: a double layer net and a tarp feature. While the former would protect you from outdoor weather elements, the latter would keep insects at bay.

 Just turn the hammock upside down, and you’d see six – yes, SIX – storage pockets sitting underneath its base. Therefore, be it your flashlight, mobile phone, or any other small item which you think could be helpful on the trip, these storage pockets would come handy.

Outdoors, to their discredit, have a habit of getting extremely cold at night. To protect you from getting ill, therefore, the NX-270’s interior insulation would come handy. Activated by your body heat, this insulation would provide your body with the necessary heat to keep it going.

Finally, if it starts to rain out there, you won’t have to pack the NX-270. Instead, just zip over its Breathable weather shield, and you’d be good. The weather shield has a water-repellent layer which would protect you from small-to-moderate rains.


  • It has six storage pockets
  • Insulation which is activated by the body heat
  • Has a breathable weather shield which zips over to protect against rainwater
  • A tarp feature would keep the insects at bay


  • It is expensive

Durability-wise, it doesn’t get any better than the Print Hammock. For, the nylon fabric has given the hammock a small amount of stretch, which means that on encountering a stray tree branch, it would give instead of tearing apart.

Compare it to the Hennessy Expedition, the Print Hammock allows you to wrap the extra material around the body. It means that it has a wider body, a must-have feature if you’re on the taller side.

Luckily, since it offers a thin cord and a few extra carabiners in the package, you don’t need to purchase any separate accessory to setup this hammock. That said, since the cord is on the thinner side, make sure to make several cord wraps around the wood to evenly distribute the weight of the hammock.

Finally, in contrast to the abovementioned NX-270 – which has a below average weight limit of 250lbs, the Print Hammock has a mammoth capacity of holding up to 400 pounds.


  • Inexpensive; quality hammocks don’t get any cheaper than this
  • Capacity of holding up to 400 pounds
  • Lightweight


  • Doesn’t provide mosquito net or rain fly in the package

Despite weighing mere 19 ounces, the ENO Hammock has a weight capacity of two persons. And its upper height limit of 6’2’’ means only the extra-tall persons could find fault with this camping hammock.

Providing almost a guarantee that it won’t fall is the 70 Denier Nylon fabric of this hammock. Breathable and quick drying, it also has a respectable weight limit of 400lbs. Add to it the stainless steel snap – which would secure the carabiners, and falling is not an option with the ENO Eagles.

Another advantage the stainless steel snaps provides is that they secure the hammock to even walls. Yes, since you could insert them into the wall, the steel snaps won’t require you to wrap the cord of the DoubleNest around trees all the time. That said, if you ask us, we recommend using the cord against trees for more safety.

One area where this hammock might have provided a little more is insulation. Since its fabric is breathable, it won’t stop the passage of air even on cooler nights. So we only recommend using the DoubleNest in summer conditions.


  • Stainless steel snaps for better security
  • 70D Nylon fabric assures durability
  • Has a respectable height limit of 6’2’’


  • Not recommended for winter conditions

Costing slightly more than the abovementioned DoubleNest, the Kammok Roo has a massive weight capacity of withstanding up to 500 pounds. And in case you are wondering, it is the Kammak Roo’s two carabiners – both of which are climbing rated– which have amplified its weight holding capacity.

 Transforming this hammock into an all-weather friend is its Glider rainfly and the mosquito net. That said, the Python straps – those which are required to set up these two accessories – are NOT included in the package, which means you’d have to buy them separately.

Moving on, Kammok has employed what it calls the ‘’LunarWave’’ Nylon to add to the comfort of this hammock. Pleasing to the skin, the nylon fabric is of the size of a queen-size bed, which means two persons could easily fit into this hammock.

Finishing on a low note, the slings of the Kammok Roo are pretty basic. It means that you’d have to supplement them by buying a separate pair if you want to be extremely sure about your safety.


  • Includes a Glider Rainfly and Mosquito net in the package
  • Has a huge weight limit of 500 pounds
  • Nylon fabric is comfortable on the skin


  • Its slings are pretty basic

Though not competitive with the Grand Trunk and ENO double – as it lacks some features which they have – the Hammock Bliss is one of the most comfortable in the market. It offers a massive 6’8’’ width and allows you to wrap its nylon fabric around, hence providing a perfect cover against wintery conditions.

Whether you lug it around rock climbing crags or wrap it around a tree bark, the parachute material of this hammock would withstand all conditions. More importantly, its two-pattern design is triple stitched, a major reason why its weight limit goes all the way up to 350lbs.

 Looking at its setup, the Bliss double doesn’t include carabiners in the package, which means you’d have to wrap the 100’’ pieces of its 6mm cord around the gathered material. So, if you have two close anchors, the anchors would be easy to set up.

Lastly, if you are reading this review closely, you may have noted our earlier claim that the Bliss double cannot compete with Grand Truck or ENO Double. Why not? Well, because it does not offer either a rain fly or a bug net.


  • Lack of carabiners makes it easy to set up between two close anchors
  • Parachute nylon has made it rugged
  • Weight limit of 350lbs.


  • Doesn’t offer a bug net and a rain fly in the package

In contrast to the Bliss double, the Lawson Blue Ridge includes a rain-fly in the package. It does so by Velcro straps which extend to the bottom of the hammock, hence keeping all rain out. Similarly, it has built-in netting to allow you to sleep a bug-free night.

Equally important is the freedom, which the blue Ridge allows you to get in and out.  All you have to do to get out is to simply sit in the Blue Ridge, rotate your feet over the side, and stand up. Want to hop back in in the hammock? Just reverse the process

Carefully look at its fabric, and you’d note that it is pleated and gathered at the end. This design allows the fabric to create a pocket, which means your center of gravity would be lowered further so that you could sleep with ease.

Lastly, the Blue Ridge has accessories which other hammocks could only dream. For instance, if you feel like reading at night, its ceiling has an O-ring to provide the space for a light bulb. And for the safety of your belongings, a stuff sack would be provided in the package as well.


  • Has a full-coverage rain fly
  • Built-in netting to keep the bugs at bay
  • Easy entry and exit
  • Low Center of Gravity for better sleeping position


  • O-rings are made of rope, which raises attention about their durability

Compare it with other hammocks in this review, and you’d find the Nano 7’s 7.5oz weight to be the lightest. That despite the fact that it provides carabiners in the package, which means if weight is at a premium in your luggage, this is the hammock you should consider buying.

Unfortunately, by reducing its weight, Grand Trunk has compromised on the comfort of Trunk 7. Too thin and narrow, we won’t recommend it for campers approaching the 6ft height mark.

One feature of the Nano 7 – which you might like or dislike – is the absence of suspension system. For, its absence means that the set up is simple, as all you have to do is to clip the carabiners into the anchor. On the other, you won’t know which anchor is right for the job, which means extra effort on your part.

Surprisingly, despite the fact that it weighs ridiculously low, the Nano 7 does the job in varying weather conditions. Yes, heavy use might cause a few tears, but use it wisely, and you won’t find any flaws in its seams, stitching, or construction.


  • Has a ridiculously low weight
  • Adequate performance in different weather conditions
  • Has a simple set up


  • Doesn’t have a suspension system
  • Not recommended for taller campers

Being the only hammock in this model that is made of polyester, the Ultralight Starter is neither the softest nor is it the coziest. That said, if you are on a budget – or want to try out hammock camping for the first time, its dirt-cheap price means you couldn’t go wrong with the Ultralight starter.

Provided you pay attention to its instruction manual, you could get the Ultralight Starter up in minutes. All you have to do is to just slap down its mounting belts around two nearby trees before slipping the two S-shaped hooks, and the hammock would be ready.

As you might already know, polyester isn’t known for being as durable as parachute nylon. Still, despite its flawed reputation, we didn’t find any issues with the seams or stitching of the fabric. Also, for the time that we used it, the strength of the fabric seams remained the same.

Lastly, as its dirt-cheap price tag might suggest, you won’t get any accessories like bug net or rain fly in the package. However, we feel the Ultralight Starter could have done better with than providing a mere 200lbs. weight limit.


  • It is lightweight and inexpensive
  • Despite using polyester, it is fairly durable
  • A two-step setup makes installing it a cinch


  • It has a Limited weight capacity
  • You won’t get any protection against bugs or rain

Of all the best camping hammocks we have reviewed thus far, none of them enjoys as stellar a reputation on Amazon as the Legit Camping double hammock. And as we found out while testing it, it has the features to justify its fame.

Take, for instance, its size. It has an upper weight limit of 400 pounds, which means two persons could easily share it. Equally impressive is its military-grade 210T Nylon fabric, which, when combined with ropes and seams from the same material, could withstand years of abuse without falling apart.

Portability is another strong point of this hammock as it won’t force you to carry a bulky bag to transport it around. Instead, included in the package is a small sack which could easily fit the hammock in folded form.

Lastly, if you are still having doubts about its performance, the Legit camping provides a moneyback guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty. So, whether something goes wrong or you don’t like its performance, you have nothing to lose with this hammock.


  • A small sack in the bag makes it highly portable
  • It is made of military-grade 210T nylon fabric
  • You could put as much as 400 pounds weight on it
  • Its large size allows it to accommodate two middle-weight persons


  • Some people find its straps a little difficult to adjust

Benefits of Best Camping Hammocks

Huge Increase in Suitable Campsites

Not every site is a suitable campsite when you’re using a traditional tent. You want the place to be clean, relatively flat, and bone dry.

In contrast, regardless of where you happen to be, a camping hammock won’t require you to survey an area before setting it up. All you have to do is to find two trees of ample strength, and BINGO!

Better Sleep Quality

There’s a reason why we sleep on a bed in our home: the bare floor is merciless. We spend lots of money just to make sure our sleeping place is comfortable. However, if you sleep in a tent, the comfort factor goes out the window, as it would depend on the type of the floor.

In contrast, regardless of the floor type, you’d have equally brilliant sleep every day, throughout your trip in a camping hammock.

Ultra-fast setup

While setting a camp, you’d have to do four things. First, you’d have to survey a suitable area where you could install it. Second, once you find that area, you’d have to clear it of debris and rocks. Then, you’d have to stake down its corners. Finally, you’d have to assemble the tent’s frame.

However, for setting up a camping hammock, all you have to do is to clip two nylon straps around trees. That’s it!

Protection against groundwater

Imagine for a moment you’re camping in an area where it has just rained. No matter how rich you are, the ground just won’t dry before taking its time. What would you do during this time? Stand?

Conversely, regardless of the intensity of the rain – once it has stopped – you could just set up your camp.

What to Look for While Choosing A Backpacking Hammock?

Now that we’re both on the same page regarding the usefulness of the camping hammocks, let’s turn our attention to the features which differentiate the best camping hammocks from the riffraff.

Go Double Size

As veteran travelers might tell, camping hammocks come in two sizes: single and double. While the former has a width between 4 and 5 foot, the latter’s width varies between 5 and 6 foot.

If you don’t want to trade comfort for portability, go double size. Since they are built for two persons, a single person would find a double size hammock extra comfortable.


In which setting would you be setting up your hammock? If you are wary of bugs, some hammocks provide a bug net which covers the whole hammock when it is spread. Creating a 360-degree protection, they hang over and underneath the hammock.

Others provide a rain tarp to protect from rainwater. Using a guyline to create a taut pitch, it forms a canopy over the hammock to ensure that rainwater falls sideways.

High Denier Number and Nylon Fabric

Scour the market, and you might find that the most inexpensive hammocks are made of polyester, whereas the most expensive ones originate from nylon. That is because nylon is more rugged than polyester, which means it would last longer.

Once you’ve decided on nylon, check its denier count. The robust models have a denier count of 70, whereas the lightweight models settle on 30denier. Depending on your weight, choose the denier count wisely.


A general rule of thumb among travelers is to look for a hammock which is 2 feet longer than their height. That said, if you aren’t extra tall, you won’t have to worry about the hammock’s length as most come in the standard size.

Suspension System

First of all, when choosing a hammock, make sure it offers a suspension system. Most of them offer carabiners for this purpose, and provided the carabiner is weight rated, it would be adequate for the task.

However, if the hammock doesn’t provide a suspension system, you could buy either a carabiner or ridgelines. The latter is undoubtedly the safest as, by providing a steadier lay to the hammock, they take the additional pressure of the anchor points.

Bug Net and Rain Fly

Regardless of where you’re going, both of these features are a must-have. While the former would protect you against earthly creatures, the latter would prevent the interference of rain. 


There you have it ten of the best camping hammocks currently available in the market along with their advantages and shortcomings. Whether you were looking for a lightweight hammock – so that it allows breeze to pass through in summer, or you were looking for a heavy weight hammock for winter conditions, we have sorted you out.

What’s more, we haven’t left you at the behest of the hammock manufacturers. Instead, we have provided you with a buying guide using which you could differentiate the features you to the ones which are optional.

After so much effort, now the onus is on you to check out all these hammocks, and select the best camping hammock for your next trip.

 Good Luck!
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