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Unless you are an entomologist or a weirdo, you cannot stand the constant buzz and disturbance of insects trying to get into your space.

I dislike insects, and I cannot stand them – perhaps this is the reason why insects, especially mosquitoes try to invade my space every night. But, that doesn’t matter because, just like that rest of my ilk, all the individuals who detest insects, we will win this battle!

Considering how fast insects multiply, it may seem like an impossible battle to try and kill the flies but, with the best fly killer, it is easy. A fly killer is a pest control tool that eliminates insects (mosquitoes, gnats, wasps, or houseflies) from your home or garden instantly and it doesn’t spare them.

Some people wonder why we cannot stand insects. Well, besides the fact that they are ugly and they can cause nasty rashes, insects land on all surfaces, and you cannot begin to imagine the number of toilets houseflies have been to. You know what that means – flies, insects and pests are disease carriers. You don’t know when they will drop the microbes they carry on your food.

Cholera, Zika, Powassan, Lyme disease, Malaria, and the West Nile Fever are just some of the diseases spread by insects.

Speaking of food, when a fly gets into food, it is disgusting. In most cases, you may have to pour our all food that the fly landed in or on. This means more cooking, and if you own a restaurant, a reported case could result in revocation of your food and beverage license.

The other reason why we don’t like insects is that they can invade a farm and eat all the plants in a few nights.

Lastly, we could go on and on about flies, but the truth is, some of us can stand flies. Call it a compulsion or a phobia but flies are outright disgusting creatures.

1. Zap-It! Bug Zapperworks great and recharges fast

Perhaps you like flies, and you don’t mind the creepy crawlies traveling through your body. However, if you are like the rest of us, the majority of the human population, flies are creepy, and they irk most of us. It is for reasons such as hygiene and the fear of diseases contracted from flies that we do all we can to keep flies and bugs out.

While it is easy to control insects and flies at home, it is increasingly difficult and almost impossible to control keep away bugs when outdoors. For this reason, you have to get an effective fly killer when you are outdoors.

The Zap-It! Bug Zapper is one of our best fly killers on the market. It kills bugs instantly in one swing thanks to the electronic fly swatter with a 3000-volt grid. This zapper is, therefore, capable of eliminating mosquitoes, flies and all other flying insects. You can use it indoors too if you are at a mosquito or insect infested region.

Though charged with 3000 volts of electricity, this bug zapper is safe to touch. In case you touch it when powered, the triple-layer safety mesh protects you. To use it, just press the activation button on the bug zapper’s ratchet and the indicator light glows.

The other reason for the effectiveness of this fly killer comes from the glow light upon activation of the fly killer. Bugs like the light. So, the light on this fly killer attracts then kills the insects.

You don’t have to worry about the fly killer not working the next day because of low power. Unless you forget to charge it, it has an ultra-fast charging system which ensures that the tool recharges fast when plugged into any USB device. It is battery-operated, and the high power on the zapper makes this the best insect killer.

It comes with a 100 percent lifetime replacement guarantee, and if you have issues with it, it will get replaced fast.


  • It is easy to use in the car, the garage, at a campsite or in the kitchen.
  • The mesh is small but powerful to kill even the smallest gnats.
  • It works great and recharges fast.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Keeps insects out keeping you safe from diseases spread by bugs.


  • ​It’s not powered by standard AA or AAA batteries.

2. Flowtron - Electronic Fly Killer - safe, and the protective outer cover protects kids

If you own a garden or a farm, then you know that insects are quite a nuisance. The insects can eat all your crops in days if not hours. Herbicides and insecticides work, but they are not safe. This Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer uses nontoxic ultraviolet light to kill mosquitoes and other insects.

So, instead of struggling with insects that may infest your ½ acre land, just get this Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer. First off, it works great because it shines brightly at night. Light attracts insects, and when all the insects celebrate the light, this gadget kills them all.

It kills insects using a killing power grid powered by a high voltage transformer.

It has an advances insect-control system and a non-clogging killing grid which works efficiently. Though it covers a large area, it requires an electric plug for it to work. But, once plugged and switched on, it works instantaneously and continuously. It has a 15-watt high-intensity ultraviolet bulb, and you won’t have a huge electricity bill at the end of the week.

USDA testing shows that the Octenol attractant in the insect killers works well for a maximum of 30 days. For high efficiency, you may want to replace the cartridge every 30 days. Although this feels like an added expense, it is a worthy expense if you wish to keep away insects.

Though effective, you shouldn’t use it within 25ft of an area intended for human activity. Also, you shouldn’t attach it to the deck, a house or any structure. Note that this insect killer is ideal for use outdoors only.

You don’t have to worry about rusting, fading or cracking because this insect killer has a rugged and weatherproof polycarbonate construction. It also features a preventive outer closure which prevents birds, pets, wildlife and children from touching the high-powered grid.

It is safe, and the protective outer cover protects kids, wildlife, pets, and birds from electric shock.


  • Works well and kills insects instantly
  • Easy to use or to replace the bulb
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Works well with the mosquito attracting bars.
  • Works better than all insecticides, and it is eco-friendly


  • ​You can only use it outdoors
  • ​It may be hard to clean because the bugs stick on it.

Fly Be Gone is a non-toxic insect killer. It is the solution for insect elimination you have been seeking. This insect killer comes in different packs but, the best feature is that it presents the safest and the most effective way for elimination of all flies. It kills pesticide resistant flies as well.

How does it work, you ask? Well, Fly Be Gone is a trap that works as a bait trapping insects using the natural fly food. Insects cannot resist their favorite food. Once the trap heats up, it dissipates the smell of the food attracting insects from a large area. Once in the trap, the insects can’t leave, and they die.

Using this logic, the insect killer effectively kills all insects. One bag of insect trap can catch up to 20, 000 flies making it economical.

It is easy to use. With this insect killer, you don’t need any special setup, all you have to do is to unpack the pack, add some water to the bait and then hang it up.

This is one of the safest insect killers because it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or harmful rays. It doesn’t have any toxins, insecticides or poison. It is also affordable because you don’t need electricity to activate or warm up the food, just keeping it out in the sun is enough to dissipate the food scents in the air.


  • Works surprisingly well.
  • Eco-friendly and kills insects fast.
  • Works perfectly for homes with barns.
  • Nontoxic & easy to use.


  • ​It has a disgusting smell.
  • ​It may fail to work in some cases though rarely.

4. Victor - Fly Killer Magnet Reusable Trapgreat for use when you have pets

It doesn’t matter if the insects making rounds in and out of your home are harmless, for me and the rest of my ilk, insects are creepy and gruesome. That means that we do all we possibly can to kill all the insects. While we have tried insecticides and even pesticides, they continually prove that they aren’t as effective and, as we know, they are harmful.

After a long and a frustrating search, we came across this Victor M380 Fly Magnet Reusable Trap. It is non-toxic, and it has a patented non-poisonous feature which is one of the reasons why we liked it.

It is an effective bait which attracts a wide range of insect species including blow flies and houseflies. It also works well thanks to the white color and the diamond shaped lid which is a stealth move to attract more insects.

As mentioned, this insect trap is safe, and you can use it around kids and pets. It is safe, the environment too.

It is an economical solution, and the traps are reusable. Once filled with flies, you can dump the contents, add fresh bait then get it working. Even though it is reusable, it's baited system lasts a long time, and it doesn’t lose effectiveness with time or use.


  • Effective, and it kills most flies including blowflies, horseflies, and houseflies.
  • Reusable.
  • Great for use when you have pets, animals or chicken


  • ​The smell is terrible.
  • ​It doesn’t catch fruit flies.

5. Aspectek - Electronic fly killer say no to harmful chemicals

If you are looking for a powerful insect killer, then you have to try this insect killer by Aspectek. It is one of the most powerful insect killers on the market. It has a high level of insect control, and it attracts moths, flies, as well as mosquitoes and every other insect flying through the two UV light bulbs.

This insect killer attracts insects using the UV light bulbs. It is safe, and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet or your kid’s thanks to the mesh screen which protects you from accidental contact with the powerful 2800-volt electric grid.

It is chemical-free and safe for you and the environment. Instead of chemicals, this insect killer uses the high-voltage metal grids. Therefore, your home remains free of unsafe chemical sprays.

Its installation is simple. For use, you only need to hang the electronic indoor insect killer by attaching it its accompanying chain on to the hooks on the top of the unit. Alternatively, you can set it down on a solid surface.

Upkeep and maintenance of this insect killer is simple. The simplicity is a result of the removable plastic tray located at the bottom of the unit. The tray collects dead insects. This tray is washable, and you can get it back easily. Also, the electric grid self-cleans. The UV bulbs are also easily replaceable.

By making the outer layer tightly knit, you or your kids won’t be able to touch the electric grid. But, even with this tight knitting, you should avoid putting it in a place easily accessible to kids and pets.


  • Effective & powerful.
  • It eliminates insects safely without using any harmful chemicals.
  • It kills all insects including the smallest mosquitoes and fruit flies.
  • It catches pests too.


  • ​It makes a loud sound when it zaps an insect.
  • ​Ultraviolet rays aren’t safe.

Why should you love a fly killer?

Health reasons

A fly killer will make your home a safe haven by getting rid of all disease causing insects and pests. Diseases caused by insects are mostly fatal. So, if you wish to be safe from Zika virus, West Nile Fever, or Lyme disease, you should look for the best fly killer on the market.

Ease of use

You also need a fly killer to make your home a safe, relaxing haven. If you think that anyone with fear or dislike for insects exaggerates the feelings they have, then you have never had your home infested by flies or insects. You’ve probably never had to wake up with big bug bites, and kids haven’t woken you up screaming from gnat-bites. So, instead of dealing with creepy and uncomfortable situations, you should consider buying the best fly killer.

You can use them outdoors

A fly killer is also a great outdoor investment. If you have a farm, a garden or a camping ground, a fly killer will prevent infestation which can otherwise lead to losses. If you love camping, then you know that the bugs are always out. However, when they are too many, and they decide to break into song, your stargazing night will have to end abruptly.

The fly killer is also great if you wish to keep your restaurant’s food license. A fly killer is also affordable. There is a device for every budget.

Factors to consider when buying a fly killer

In my search for the best fly killer I came across many gadgets, and while others worked well, others failed because they didn’t have the features necessary for effective insect elimination. If it is for the few missteps made in my prior search that I have this guide. To make your search easier, keep in mind the following factors:

Intended use

There are indoor and outdoor fly killers

While there are fly killers that work well indoors and outdoors, others are specific for the outdoors. The specificity results from the level of power and rays emitted by the pest control gadget.

The indoor insect killers are ideal when you wish to get rid of flies and pests that are taking residence in your home. On the other hand, outdoor fly killers emit UV rays that spread and cover a large ground attracting insects from a large area. They are also powered to kill the insects instantly.

There are cases when an outdoor insect killer can work indoors too.

Expert tip: For an outdoor insect killer that works inside the house or in a structure, you should consider putting up a structure to keep the device for your safety and the safety of your household.


Even though you intend to kill all insect in your house, you shouldn’t risk the health of your household. Therefore, when buying an insect killer, you should look out for non-toxic, chemical-free and non-poisonous devices.

At the same, even when the fly killer doesn’t emit chemicals, it should have a protection layer. This is because the best fly killers use high-voltage electricity and you don’t want your kids or pets getting shocked and injured.

Pro tip: look for safe insect killers with safety features like tightly woven protection grills and outer protective covers impenetrable by birds, wildlife, pets or kids. The best housing is metallic and lantern-like or cylindrical.

Killing mechanism

Most fly killers use high-voltage electricity in thin wires to kills insects. On the other hand, there are fly killers that work as traps attracting the killing the insects.

The electrically-powered gadgets use up power, and you may have to replace bulbs and cartridges. They are more effective, and they kill more insects. The electric fly killers are best for use outdoors especially when you are planning a barbecue. Most electric fly killers use UV radiation to attract the insects before killing them.

If you need a cheap but effective insect-killing solution, you should consider getting an insect-killing trap.

Pro tip: the traps that kill insects have a disgusting smell and are safer if used outdoors.


Whether you intend to use the fly killer indoors or outdoors, it should last more than a few weeks. The fly killers aren’t on the cheap side, and you don’t want to lose money. So, you should get non-corrosive fly killers.

A fly killer that is for use outdoors at all times should have a rust-resistant and a weather-resistant construction.

Pro tip: avoid plastic fly killers

Other features include

  • Light bulbs
    the best gadget has light or fluorescent lights made of mercury, neon or ultraviolet light.

  • Transformer
    this is the part of the fly killer which keeps the wires electrified. The amount of power varies from 120 to 3000 volts depending on the device you buy.


Insects are a nuisance. Imagining spending every night fighting mosquito bites and their endless disturbing musical harmony isn’t anything to look forward to. Therefore, most of us are always looking for safe and effective ways of killing the insects.

Insecticides and pesticides are harmful to humans and the environment. They are also expensive, and the insects may develop tolerance against these chemicals. But, rather than go through this unsafe process, why not use safe and highly effective techniques.

The fly killers reviewed above are the best on the market, and they do not emit any harmful chemicals to kills the insects. So, you may want to try the insect killers.

You may also want to try insect killers because they last longer, they are affordable and some of them are reusable.

The other reason for you to look for the best fly killer is that they help prevent diseases like malaria and dengue fever. Houseflies are the dirtiest insects known and when in contact with food, they cause contamination of food.

The result is diarrhea, but in worst cases, they cause cholera. So, rather than expose yourself to some of these diseases, you may want to buy the best fly killer on the market.

In this review, our best fly killer is the Zap-It! Fly Killer | Zapper. First off, it is easy to use, and it kills insects instantly when the insects touch the mesh. The mesh is a powerful 3000-volt mesh, and not even the smallest or the largest insect can survive that much power.

The super-bright LED light attracts the insects. It is USB-rechargeable, and it recharges fast. It is safe to touch thanks to the triple layered safety mesh. Considering all these features, this is our best fly killer. The other four devices are just as effective.

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