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Best Gas Smoker Reviews 2020

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Which are the Best Gas Smokers?

You always remember the first succulent rack of ribs you indulged in that gave your life meaning. The taste remains a fond memory that gives you pleasure. Other ribs don’t taste the same no more. That’s the moment you realize that getting a gas smoker could help you create all the flavors you desire in your ribs.

Laboring over the grill can be tiresome when you are cooking meat. You have to make sure you flip it now and then.  The best gas smoker presents relief from all that hard work and still offers the best-tasting ribs and meat.

Why Care For a Gas Smoker?

The process of grilling is very distractive. If by any chance you decide to attend to something else in the house you will return to burned and barely recognizable barbecue. A gas smoker presents an easier way. They are not only easy to use, but they also offer a set it and forget feature.

With that feature all you have to do is insert your chips of wood, set the desired time and temperature, throw the meat in the smoker and leave it to cook.  With such kind of features, how are you living without one?

If you are ready to upgrade your grilling skills, you need to get the best smoker on the market. Being a home pit master only requires the convenience of gas smokers. You don’t have to spend an enormous amount of time and skill slaving for hours over the charcoal.

Gas smokers use either propane or natural gas through a burner at the bottom of the unit. It heats up the pans that you fill with wood and water to create steam. Vents control oxygen flow throughout the units. They have temperature gauges that help you keep an eye on the temperature.

1. Masterbuilt 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker - has temperature gauge

This smoker relies on propane hence making it relatively portable. It is the perfect option if you like to go on camping trips with your friends or visit picnic sites with your family. This smoker leaves no soot on your food because the propane is famous for burning efficiently and cleanly.

It allows you to either grill or cook easily because it has an igniter that can easily be used and operated because it is a push-button. It comes with a temperature gauge that allows easy adjustment of the heat. The gauge also allows your food to cook in your preferred method.

 It is easy to clean and maintain without having to worry about the sticking meats or the grease. It is user-friendly and safe. It has handles that are designed to cool before touching when you want to remove the food. It allows you to open the smoker’s door and close easily without burning your hands.

Its body is made of high-grade materials of steel. The water pan and wood chip pan is made of porcelain. It is a durable smoker and hence assuring you that you will enjoy it for a long time. It is best suitable for people with limited outdoor space because it features a small footprint.


  • It is convenient to use and operate.
  • It allows you to control the smoke and heat the meat properly due to the temperature gauge.
  • It allows easy re-assembling and it’s portable.


  • The dip tray is not big enough.
  • It is a little heavy therefore affecting the placing and lifting portability.

2. Dyna-Glo Gas Smoker - dual-door design

Dyna-Glo has a dual-door design with a gas smoker. The dual-door helps when filling up the wood chip tray or the water pan while the smoker is still cooking.  The bottom door allows direct access to the tray and pan without having to open the top door. The dual-door also prevents humidity, heat or smoke from being released from the smoker cabinets.

It has a temperature dial control that couples up with the thermostat display on the front of the smoker cabinet. It allows you to constantly check the internal temperature of this smoker. It, therefore, ensures that the meat is cooked to your preference.

This smoker has a large grilling area. It is vertical with four adjustable steel racks offering a total grilling space of 784 square inches. It can accommodate any amount of meat you want to smoke, whether ribs slabs or steaks. It is spacious enough to allow up to four dishes simultaneously cooking.

It comes with a separate wood chip tray and water bowl. The tray and bowl are separated making it easy to clean and make sure the wood chips don’t get damp. If the chips get damp, they will not generate the maximum amount of smoke needed.

It has three damper vents. One is on the top of the smoker and one on either side of the smoker cabinet, the damper vents promote heat convection and ensure even cooking in the enclosure. It takes advantage of the fact that heat rises naturally.


  • It has a sturdy chip box that comes with handles making removal easy while it’s still hot.
  • The dual-door design provides a tight seal and minimizes smoke leaks.
  • It's movable racks allow customized spacing.


  • The chip box lid doesn’t fit well, and so it doesn’t serve the purpose.
  • The temperature gauge is faulty at times.

It has double doors that allow easy monitoring and changing of the wood chip tray and the water pan. The doors allow you to monitor and change without exposing the smoking food outside to wind, rain or bright sunlight. The doors ensure that the heat stays inside the chamber, allowing few fluctuations in temperature.

It can send up to 20,000 BTU’s through a brass burner. It has an external thermometer that is on the upper door allowing easy monitoring of the temperatures. It comes with four different racks that allow you to have a wider option of smoking.

If you keep the temperature medium, it can use only one propane tank during your cooking sessions. It has four cubic feet cooking space that creates sufficient cooking space unless you are cooking for commercial purposes.

The water pan can hold a significant amount of water. If you maintain the temperature of a medium, you won’t even need to refill the water more than every five hours. The wood chip box is also large enough to fit a lot of wood meaning it will not burn quickly. The wood box comes with a cover that prevents flare-ups. 


  • It can last a long time because the material is made of welded steel​​​​.
  • The two vents allow the smoking process to be easily controlled.
  • The removable smoking racks offer different food preparation options.


  • It has no windows making it difficult to check the smoking process.
  • The shelves are sometimes difficult to maneuver because they fall out of the holes that keep them in place when not handled with care.

4. Smoke Hollow 30-Inch Propane Gas Smoker - perfect choice for beginner's smoker

This gas smoker has a temperature gauge system and a push-button ignition that makes it a real barbecue expert. If you have a family of two or four who enjoy slow and small cooking while chatting, this smoker is perfect for you.

It has an adjustable burner that is made of steel. The burner is viable to last longer because of its material. It has a visible temperature indicator that allows you to select the right heat that is favorable to what you are smoking. It has a commercial-quality temperature gauge

It is a cabinet style smoker made of high-grade and fully-welded steel material. Its material achieves durability and reliability. The construction allows consistent temperatures. It has a cool-touch handle. The handle makes it safe for you to open and close the door without having to burn your hands.

The smoker offers reliable performance because it has a water pan coated with durable porcelain and one powder-coated wood chip pan with high heat painted steel. The porcelain coat on the water pan resists rust allowing long-term use.

The wood chips allow you to use any flavor of wood chips you desire. With the two trays, you can have a smoking time of about three hours. It offers over 1.5 cubic feet cooking capacity.

It has a stainless steel tube burner that can send up to 10,000 BTU’s. It also has three removable chrome plated cooking grids. The grids have variable grid levels. The door handle is a spring wire cool-touch with a sure-lock latch.


  • For a beginner’s smoker, this gas smoker is the perfect choice.
  • It is highly durable thanks to its steel welded material.
  • It is easy to assemble and use.


  • Some users have complained about the packing.
  • It cannot be used with natural gas.

5. Masterbuilt Portable Gas Smoker - highly portable and removable

Of the Master built brand, it is the most attractive model.  It is 24 * 16* 24 inches, and it is less than 23 pounds. It is lightweight hence very portable and removable. You can take it anywhere you want around the compound.

It has foldable legs that help it to move quickly from one place to another. It requires less storage space hence it is very convenient for people with smaller compounds.

It has a big size cooking chamber. On Thanksgiving Day, it can accommodate and cook a whole turkey. It provides up to 5,000 BTU’s heat that is stable and consistent. The stainless steel burners and cylindrical thermometer door knob allow the heat to remain consistent.

The wood chips and water containers can be removed easily for cleaning. The wood chips container requires regular and frequent cleaning because it is the part where the smoke is produced, and the food is flavored. To keep the flavors authentic, the container must always be clean.

This smoker makes smoking easy. It uses a 1 lb. Propane cylinder. You can separately buy an adapter for 20 pounds tank.  The tank will allow you to achieve full heating power for all your different smoking needs.


  • It is highly portable and removable; you can take it anywhere you want.
  • Allows for unlimited size of items to be smoked due to the big smoking chamber​​​​.
  • The use of a propane cylinder offers convenient versatility.


  • When you use a cylinder instead of a backup tank cylinder, it takes time to cook thoroughly.

How we picked the best gas smoker?

The only way to choose the best gas cooker is by hand picking. We realized that different smokers are made for a various purpose. Some are large and costly others are cheap small smokers. How to hand-pick your gas smoker depends on how large or small your audience usually is.

If you cook foods for a small family or a smaller household, then the wisest thing to do is go for a little gas smoker. It will still be useful because it heats fast, easy to clean, is quality built and has temperature control.

If your family is large or you always entertain large groups of friends, a large gas smoker is the best option for you. It will offer an ample cooking space to serve your purpose. It could be more costly than a smaller option, but it will be efficient for you.

Both the large and small smokers heat up to 200 to 225 degree to cook food properly. Compared to a gas grill, a smoker will give the food the best taste of the grill. The smoke that comes out of the gas smoker is cooler than that of the gas grill.

Depending on the varying sizes, there are different types of smokers. However, the gas smoker is efficient if you do not have a power source or you don’t want to worry about finding one. All you have to do with a gas smoker is to connect it to a propane tank.

Just like the regular grill, you can also add wood chips to the smoker and begin cooking. We found out that gas smokers often reach a higher temperature. The good thing however is, long smoke easily goes through a full propane tank quickly.

We tried out both the horizontal and the vertical smokers. The vertical smokers resemble a box standing on its end while the horizontal smokers look like a box laying on the side. Both are either round or square.

We discovered that vertical smokers take less space than the horizontal smokers. They are easier to maintain temperature, and they have excellent air circulation. With a vertical smoker, smoke circulates the meat because its design takes advantage of the smoke’s tendency to rise.

However, the horizontal smokers are large, cumbersome and stable compared to the vertical ones. They are capable of smoking many pounds of meat at a go. If you plan to have a large get-together, the horizontal smokers are the best options.

We discovered that the horizontal types are much harder to clean due to their size. Sometimes, the only way to get it clean is to take it to a car wash and have them clean it with degreaser and high-pressure hot water.

The smokers we checked out all came with a thermometer. The thermometer probe is supposed to be inserted into the hole on the smoker lid and retained by a nut on the inside. It helped maintain correct temperatures and plan how we made smoked or fermented sausages.

What should you consider when getting a gas smoker?

Before purchasing a gas smoker, you should consider some the key features. Here are some of our picks

How easy it is to clean

The last thing you need is a dirty smoker when you have family or friends over. It is always wise to clean the smoker after you are done using it, and that would be at numerous times. It is important that you get a smoker that is easy to clean.

Tip: You should be able to clean the removable racks and grease pan using a damp cloth. If you can get a non-stick and dishwasher safe smoker, then it would be more convenient when you are cleaning.

The smoker’s capacity

The smoker you buy should depend on whether you need it for home needs or party needs, whether you require feeding a large or small crowd. You should also consider how often you intend to use it, whether regularly or once in a while.

Tip: If you only need it for a small family purpose, there is no reason to get a big size smoker. What you can cook also influences the capacity. If you specialize in grilling fillets or hamburgers, then the grilling area is not as important. However, if you do it big, ensure you get a large smoker with adjustable racks.

Material used

Make sure you get a smoker that is well constructed and allows you to cut back on grease and smoke leakage.

Tip: To make the perfect barbecue, ensure that the cabinet captures and efficiently maintains the heat, smoke, and humidity.

Good heating unit

All you want is to impress your guests with tasty dishes. That is dependent on getting the perfect temperature. Therefore, make sure that the gas smoker has an excellent and proficient heating unit.

Tip: Choose one that has a heating unit that allows you to raise the temperature from low to high with excellent controllability. That way, you can cook braise lamb shanks, smoked salmon, dry jerky, prime roast rib, anything you prefer with ease.

How fast it cools

It’s only easy to remove the barbecue if the smoker cools quickly. Get a smoker that is easy to turn on and off.

Tip: If the function to cool down quickly works well then that should be your smoker of choice. Make sure that once you shut it down, the heat goes off immediately.


There is a broad range of prices when it comes to gas smokers. Some are very cheap, and others are costly.

Tip: Make sure you opt for the right price depending on the brand, functions, and quality of the smoker you prefer.


Purchase a smoker that will offer consistency. Make sure you can always set it and forget it each time you use it.

Tip: It is important that it lets you know when the timer will go off to ensure that your meats cook evenly and thoroughly each time.


Buying a gas smoker will make every single penny you spend on one worth it. Your guests will thank you for the juicy, delicious meat you serve them, and you will swim in that glory. A gas smoker will offer you easy grilling and authentic experiences at very reasonable prices.

Get a higher capacity water supply for your smoker. That way water will not evaporate long before you finish smoking your meats. You can also upgrade your thermometer to make sure the meats are cooked to your satisfaction. Some of the thermometers gas smokers come with are not accurate.

If you do not want your smoker to tarnish and blacken if exposed to humid or hot climate, cold or rain, buy a separate grill cover to prevent this from happening.  You can also purchase a rib rack for the messy and sticky meats like ribs.

Our pick is the Masterbuilt 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker because it the most famous product of the master built brand. It is vertical, which is our highly recommended type because it allows you to grill and cooks easily. We love that the handles are chrome plated to allow easy usage.

This master built smoker is perfect when it comes to controlling the smoke and heat using the temperature gauge. It is great for trips and outdoor activities because it is easily movable. Its material will last longer. We highly recommend it as the best gas smoker.

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  • At first, I do not think this is what I need neither it meets my expectation. Then, when it came, I had to say that I was wrong because you cannot find a better smoker anywhere else, not to mention the customer care service, which the seller offers. If I have the chance to recommend some improvements, I would suggest placing the wood on top of some lava rock. Another thing, which you should do, is to buy some casters and enhance the bottom of each leg for easy moving around. Lastly, for increasing the water capacity and dripping surface, just get some weber drip pans and push them to the opening. There you go, happy smoking!

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