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Best Hammock Stand Reviews 2020

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5 Best Hammock Stand Reviews 2019




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Great price, easy setup


Broad, sturdy base


Affordable, small footprint


Solid steel material


Sturdy, portable, small footprint


Before You Buy That Hammock Stand Read This Review

Before I talk about hammock stands, let me begin by narrating my love affair with hammocks. Hammocks are amazing! Once you go hammock, you never ever go back! I was one of those people who believed that hammocks were only good for afternoon lounges or as reading nooks. I love that especially, curling up in a hammock with my book and getting lost in a wonderland.

That thinking changed when I went to Brazil on vacation and spent most of my nights in a hammock.

At first, it was out of necessity, but after some time, I just got used to it and completely changed my sleeping habits. When I got back home, three months later, I decided to swap my bed for a hammock.

1. Best Choice Products Hammock Stand - great price, easy setup

The best Choice Products are known for their mastery in making artful hammocks and stands. They certainly outdid themselves with this particular one. The stand is painted black and is sturdy to hold variable sizes.

It measures 7.5 x 9.1 x 51.2 inches and is approximately 26 pounds heavy. Thanks to the steel used to make it, this hammock stand is strong enough to carry several times its original weight.

The powder-coated steel frame stands at 9 inches and is the ideal space saver. The steel is durable because the powder makes it resistant to the elements. You can count on this hammock stand seeing your children through their young years, all the way to adulthood.

One of the shocking bits of this stand is that it can hold up to 450lbs! Yea, that for a stand that weighs a mere 26lbs. When the seller says 9 feet, they mean it can feet a 9-foot hammock. The beauty of it is that you can adjust the hooks to fit a larger sized hammock.

  • Set-up
    This stand is lightweight in the first place, and so it makes for easy setup. If you have been thinking about extending the holiday to your bedroom, this stand that has a small footprint is the ideal way to set-up. It takes less than three minutes to put together and the same time to bring down.

  • Things to note
    For the best results, you may want to tie the hammock cloth really tight to the frame. This thing about hammocks as we know it is that the fabric stretches and you may end up touching the floor if you do not fix it tight enough.

    One other thing is that these stands from Best Choice are hand-made, and as so, you may notice a few imperfections that will in no way ruin its functions. If you find any, it only goes to show the authenticity of the brand.


  • Great price for a high-quality hammock stand
  • Ideal size for indoors
  • Easy set-up


  • ​9 inches may be too small for some people

2. Sunnydaze Hammock Stand - broad, sturdy base

If you ask around about hammock stands from those who have them, the main disappointment that you will register is the way the cloth hangs from the stand. The consensus from my sample survey before doing this review is that most hammock fabrics hang like ‘bananas on a stand.’ Well, I could not agree more.

This stand addresses that concern. It is wide at the base and at the top to widen you hammock cloth at the top so that you do not have to spread it every time you want to get in.

  • Dimensions and Sturdy Build
    This stand measures 124 inches x 40 inches x 52.5 inches or length, width, and height. With the chains and other hardware that comes with it, it will fit hammock cloths 9.5 to 14 feet long. It only weighs 25lbs but can accommodate up to 440 pounds.

    It is quite wide, which is ideal for the heavy weights it can accommodate, and so that means it has a large footprint. It may not be the best for the indoors unless you have a lot of space. It is sturdy, seeing that the base is not possible to topple, and as for durability, steel’s the word. This stand will withstand weather elements for years. It is painted black and is rust-resistant.

    The powder-coated steel poles are 1.5 inches in thickness, with two hooks on each side, each measuring 3 inches. It comes with two 18-ibch chains for fixing the hammock or comfort.

  • Flexibility
    Several aspects make this hammock stand standout, but we especially like the fact that it accommodates any style of hammock you want. Mayan, Brazilian, Camping or a simple spreader-bar hammock will all work with this stand.

    It is easy to assemble and does not need tools. Since the material is rust resistant, you do not need to get it off the yard once you assemble it.


  • Easy assembly
  • Broad, sturdy base
  • Accommodates any hammock


  • ​Large footprint

3. EGO Power+ Hammock Stand - affordable, small footprint

This hammock stand from Ego Power makes the ideal indoor resting bed. This does not restrict it to the indoors but just noting that it has a small footprint. It is painted a shiny black, with a material resistant to rust.

It is wide enough to accommodate any type of hammock and comes with ready hooks for instant set-up. As the name suggests, it is a space saver. It holds an 8.8-foot-long hammock.

It measures 114"(L) × 46"(W) × 42"(H) and weighs 26 lbs. At this weight, you would dismiss its capability, but it can handle up to 450lbs of weight. It has a sturdy make with the base preventing it from toppling over in the time of strong winds. 

The poles are made of steel and they are resistant to weather elements. The only time you will need to rig it down is during the rainy season-- only the hammock cloth to prevent it from seeping water.

Do not spend more than 10 minutes on a hammock set up when this stand only takes 5. The steel poles are lightweight and easy to put together. That and the fact that you will have a manual for guidance if you get lost along the way. Want to move it around? It comes with a carry-on bag. At 26lbs, you do not need sleeping bags for camping anymore.

Thanks to its length, you have ample space between you and the floor. Of course, the way you fix your hammock cloth matters more. It is handmade, and so the design is precise and devoid of errors that could cause an accident.

It has hooks on each side for holstering the hammock.


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy build to resist wind and weather resistant material
  • Small footprint, ideal for the indoors


  • ​Slightly short

4. Best Choice Products Hammock Stand - solid steel material

The simplicity of this hammock stand is what makes it stand out for most people. It is not pretentious and has no fancy bearings, just a few bars of solid construction that hold weight several times their original.

Best Choice has made this stand so simple yet so sturdy.

This stand weighs 25ls and measures 6.8 x 74 x 11.2 inches, but it has a weight capacity of 450lbs! It is made of heavy steel, which is powder-coated to protect it from rust and weather. It is easy to set up, thanks to its simple make. 25lbs are not that much to haul around, should you want to take it to camp with you.

The base dimensions, which give it much of its sturdiness, are 6.4' wide X 3.8'. With this, you have no need to worry about wind toppling it while you sleep, or that your weight would be too much.

  • Enough Hooks
    Hooks matter a lot on a hammock stand, and the two that you have here are sturdy enough to hold a maximum of 450lbs. They are also quite large to accommodate the size of rope that you choose for your hammock. We like the length of it, seeing that it accommodates a 15-foot long hammock.

  • Versatility
    This hammock stand is quite versatile. It does well for both indoors and outdoors. How is that? The base and 2-inch tubular poles are solid enough to make it outside without falling over, and they are made for all weather. It is also small enough to fit ideally in most indoor spaces. The distance between the hammock cloth and the ground is also decent.


  • Small enough for the indoors
  • Solid steel material that is rust-resistant
  • Affordable


  • ​Not flexible enough for all types of hammocks

5. OnCloud Hammock Stand - sturdy, portable, small footprint

Its construction is neat and sturdy, and the base lets you know from looking at it that this stand is constructed artfully. It is made of heavy-duty steel and painted a shiny black that lasts throughout its life.

It measures 104.3 x 41.3 x 41.3 inches and weighs 30lbs. It is the ideal space saver because 9 feet will fit ideally in most bedrooms or porches without making space look crowded.

Even though this stand is lightweight at 30lbs, it can carry up to 450lbs. OnCloud throws a good deal; a carrying bag to ease portability. You have to agree that 30lbs is not much to haul, especially if you have transportation to you camp ground.

The hooks on each side make it easy to hand any string-style hammock. Each side has six holes to enable you to adjust your hammock. It is expected that the hammock will stretch with weight and time. In the case of this stand, you have a stretch allowance of 1.5 inches, but anything taking it lower than that would land you on the floor. To ensure that your hammock takes advantage of this size to the fullest, it would be ideal to tighten it to the hooks the best way you can.

This stand is ideal for 9-11-inch non-spreader-bar hammocks.

You do not have to be super handy to put this hammock stand together. It’s only 5 bars of steel and 8 knobs. You do not need any tools to be done in 5 minutes.


  • Sturdy
  • Portable
  • Small footprint


  • ​Limited in the types of hammocks it can accommodate

So, what should you consider when getting a hammock?

The first and most important thing is the stand since it is the determinant of how comfortable you are going to be. A good stand is sturdy at the base, can hold your weight, and it is made of durable material. It should also be large enough to accommodate your hammock.

As you may want to experiment with several types of hammocks, you may want to go for one that allows you to adjust for any kind. One hat can take on a Brazilian, Nicaraguan, Mayan, and Spreader-bar hammocks all call for particular stands. In as much as one model cannot accommodate all of them, you could go for one that can allow at least two different types of hammocks, simply for variety.

What is a Hammock Stand?

It is the structure on which you mount your hammock. There are several of them on the market, depending on the type of hammock you want, the purpose, and weather conditions. In our review, we will look at steel stands, since we all highlighting their portability.

Why Pay Keen Attention to a Hammock Stand?

Let us get one thing out of the way. Sleeping in a hammock is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax. There is something about sleeping while rocking a little from side to side that does your brain some good. Well, there are no scientific studies to support my theory, but I have been sleeping better than ever since I swapped my mattress for the mighty hammock.

Why would you need a hammock? If you like being suspended and rocking yourself to sleep, it could be the ideal way to catch a wink. Sleeping in a hammock is good for insomniacs because the rocking soothes you to sleep sooner than the firm mattress. It is also ideal for those with backaches as it is soft. It takes the shape of your body and treats your back kindly.

  • The Lovely Outdoors
    Camping needs not be boring. If you are a minimalist, you may support the idea that anything but a sleeping bag is luxurious. However, sensibly speaking, a humble hammock is just as luxurious as the sleeping bag, thereby making it an alternative necessity. Besides, sleeping in a hammock, suspended in the air, lowers the possibilities of crawlies! Okay, this is only meant to get you off the couch and into the woods for adventure!

    Camping aside, you could set this baby on the beach and watch the sunset. What beats that? If you love the beach but dislike the sand, or, you just do not want the sand in your face and clothes, you could easily set up a hammock there and enjoy the sunset. With the portable hammock stands we are about to review, you will see how easy that can be.

  • Your Secret Reading Nook
    Here’s one that I love: escaping from the madness. Most of us bookworms escape by hiding behind a book. You know what is better than reading your favorite book in peace? Reading your favorite book in peace while curled inside a hammock. Oh, nothing beats that. If you fancy that, then this review is for you.

  • Just Have fun!
    It is summer, and you do not feel like having any covers on you while you sleep. What do you do? Get in a hammock and see you in the morning! The beauty of hammock stands is that they have become so versatile that you can easily set one up in your bedroom or the patio with ease. Sleeping options have never been so many.

What To Consider When Buying A Hammock Stand

There are just a few things to look at when purchasing a sturdy stand that will be with you for years. First, look at the dimensions and be sure that they fit your hammock. Add two feet to the size of your hammock, so that if it measures 10 feet, then get a 12-foot stand.

  • Durability
    You do not want to be back on the market looking for a new stand. Steel wins for longevity because steel stands can weather any storm. To be safe, go for a hammock stand that is made of the heaviest steel you can find, and be sure that it is powder-coated to make it rust-resistant.

    Apart from being durable, most steel stands are affordable, hence being a good return on investment.

  • Portability
    Depending on your intended purpose, portability should be a major factor. If you want an indoors hammock or one in your patio, it would be advisable to go for a material that will be easy to fold and retreat whenever you wish. Again, steel stands win for their lightweight and easy configuration.

    If you love the outdoors and want to set up your hammock away from home every now and then, it would be best to invest in a hammock stand that you can fold and pack in the boot of your car with ease. Most steel stands come with a carrying bag for easy transportation.

  • Easy Set-Up
    Let us get one minor thing straight; no one wants to spend 3 hours setting up a hammock, however cozy it is. You want to get in there and have it put up in minutes so that you can enjoy hours and days in it. Again, steel stands are easy to set up and they do not need you to be too handy.

    They come with manuals to help you through the process if you need any help, but it is basically a few bars with knobs. No equipment is necessary, and hence the ease of setup.

  • Capacity
    A standard hammock stand should handle at least 400lbs. Never mind that most of them weigh a meager 30lbs, but their ability is unlimited. If your stand cannot handle that much weight or close to it, then it is a raw deal. Why should this matter? While you may not weigh as many as 400lbs, you could come close to that if you had company.

    While we may not wish to dwell on the money aspect, you have a budget within which to work. It would be ideal to go for a hammock stand that will fit your budget, but still serve you well for a long time.


I sleep in a hammock most nights because I love the comfort. There are fewer things I would rather do on a cold afternoon than be curled up in my hammock (unless those activities involve food). Hammock stands determine your comfort when you decide to join my world.

The ideal stand is not easy to topple. Imagine having it in the backyard and having it carried by the wind with tour child in it. It has to be strong enough to withstand extreme weather. It also has to be rust-resistant, given out weather patterns.

Good as it may be, you do not have to spend a fortune on it. Tons of great hammock stands, including those in this review, are affordable and yet they last such a long time. Insist on heavy-duty powder-coated steel, which is known for its endurance and sturdiness.

When you are all set up, your hammock will be your new sanctuary. Now you can read your books in peace, or take a nap comfortably. Winter won’t feel as cold when you are all wrapped up and bear-hugged in your hammock. And camping! If you are outdoorsy but hate the idea of sleeping on the floor, these stands make the sleeping arrangement pretty easy. Even better is the thought that they can hold the weight of two!

For this review, Best Choice Products Space-Saving Steel Hammock Stand is our first choice. The sturdiness, size, and portability made the decision that much easier.

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