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Clear, crisp and sharp images.


For hunting, camping, surveillance.


Compact and ultra-compact.


Can use to stargaze.


High-quality monocular telescope.


Now, you can see!

Don’t you wish you could see far away objects clearly whenever you went out hunting, hiking, birdwatching or camping? If you are like me, then, without assisted visual devices, you miss many wonderful objects and moments as you wait for your partner to hand you their binoculars.

After countless missed moments and living with the fact that I didn’t have the best camera or telescoping device to catch all the amazing moments, I decided to buy the best monocular.

Besides missing all those moments, I noted that remembering all the details of an outdoor excursion isn’t as easy.

Memories get distorted and we forget some things – asking our friends for the photos they took during an excursion that took place months or years back isn’t the easiest thing to do when you hate asking.

And, even though we keep memories in the brain for years, science shows that every time we remember or replay a memory, the original images get distorted. You shouldn’t also forget that accidents happen and when you suffer brain damage or any sickness that causes amnesia, images of your past can jerk you back to life.

Considering all these setbacks and the fact that there is a smaller and a lighter telescope than binoculars offering a superior level of magnification, I had to look for the best monocular on the market.

Seconds after using my monocular, I realized that I had been missing a powerful gem. Besides bringing far away images closer without distorting their characteristics, I could and still take my monocular everywhere. It is lightweight, and most of the monocular are ultra-compact.

1. Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular - clear, crisp and sharp images

While it is true that the memories will last a lifetime, having a physical copy of images is the best way to remind yourself some of the adventures you had in your earlier life.

To capture all moments especially the images that look blurry, you have to get the best monocular on the market. One of the best monoculars is this Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular. It’s a powerful device with a 12X50 High Power Magnification.

The field of view of 289ft, the field angle of 6.5 degrees, exit pupil of 4.2mm and the exit relief of 17mm make this one of the best monocular on the market. It also has a center focus system.

If you are making plans for an outdoor adventure to an exotic place or you are getting out to watch birds at this far off destination, this monocular will be your best friend. It gives the clearest views outdoors, and you get to see 12X closer. The images are clearer and brighter thanks to the 50mm objective diameter wide lens. The 50mm FNC green film objective lens also allows for more light transmission.

To strengthen the key function of this monocular, there is a large BAK-4 Prism inside the monocular and a fully –multicoated Lens coating. As a result, Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular guarantees superior light transmission and brighter, clearer and crisp views.

You can use this monocular outdoors comfortably thanks to the construction using waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof sealing. The sealing is with O-rings that prevent moisture, debris, and dust from getting inside the monocular.

This device also boasts of a solid framework plus a striped rubber armor that offers a high level of protection when using the monocular in tough environmental conditions and rugged landscapes.

The striped rubber armor makes for comfort when the monocular is in use. It also keeps the monocular safe from falling by keeping it around your hand.

This monocular is compatible with most smartphones thanks to Gosky’s new quick alignment adapter for smartphones. All smartphones including iPhones, Samsung phones, Sony HTC, LG, and others will work with the adapter.

You can use it with or without glasses because of the adjustable eye-cups which twist up and down for comfort when viewing.

You will also like the fact that at the base of this monocular, there is a tripod mount thread which fits all tripod stands.

Besides the monocular and the smartphone adapter, this device comes with a carrying bag, cleaning cloth, straps, one eyepiece and lens protection covers.


  • The size and the light weight make it highly portable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Comes at a great price.
  • The images are clear, crisp and sharp.
  • The smartphone adapter and the tripod mount threads make this a versatile monocular.


  • ​The adapter becomes loose fast.

2. Miluo Tech 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular - for hunting, camping, surveillance

Carrying around binoculars when hunting or camping is quite a task – your hands are full. The use of binoculars also increases your chances of missing the best moments. For these reasons, you may be on the market for the best monocular.

While there are hundreds of monoculars on the market, you may want to try the Miluo Tech 16x52 Dual Focus Monocular. It is one of the most powerful monoculars on the market offering a 16X magnification and a 52mm objective diameter. Thanks to these specs, this monocular will give you views up to 1000 yards away. Its field of view is 98m/8000.

It also offers dual focus capabilities with the adjustable front and back zoom. You can also expect high-quality images thanks to the monoculars’ multicoated optics which guarantee superior quality of light transmission as well as brightness. Thanks to the fully coated optical lens, you’ll see objects clearly in low light.

You can use this monocular for bird watching, golfing, fishing, camping, and sightseeing. The versatility in the use of this monocular comes from the fact that this is a sturdy device with a durable design and a rugged armor to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

Besides the strength and the durability of this monocular, it is ultra-lightweight, and ultra-compact hence easily portable. The size and the low weight properties of this monocular make it highly maneuverable and ideal for single hand operation.


  • Available at a great price affordable to most.
  • Perfect for birdwatching, sporting, hunting, and for use in concerts.
  • Ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact hence portable.
  • It is powerful, and it captures clear and crisp images from a wide field of view.
  • Durable, easy to use thanks to the rubbery grip.


  • ​You cannot use it in the dark.
  • ​It lacks a smartphone adapter.
  • It’s not 100 percent waterproof.

3. MeeQee 10X42 Dual Focus Monocular - compact and ultra-compact

Nature is relaxing. Being outdoors away from the bustle of the city and breathing in fresh air from and watching birds in the mountains or by the lake could be the break you have been looking for. While everything you see is picturesque, did you know that there is a lot more marvel you aren’t seeing?

To see and absorb everything nature has to offer, you should consider getting a high-quality and sturdily constructed monocular that will open the world to you. In the confusing monocular market, you may want to get the MeeQee 10X42 Dual Focus Monocular.

This monocular is powerful with a 10X42 High power magnification. The 10X magnification makes it possible for you to see clear and bright images not just when camping or hiking but also when golfing or birdwatching.

It has a BAK-4 prism and a fully multi-coated lens which guarantee superior transmission of light result in clear and bright images. This prism enhances your nature watching experience, and you can also feel an animal's breath 1000 yards away. The monocular’s field angle is 7 degrees.

Regardless of the weather and the terrain of the land, you will be able to use this monocular thanks to the waterproof, shockproof and dustproof design. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about poor weather condition affecting the functionality of the device.

Whether you wear glasses or not, you can use this monocular with ease thanks to the adjustable eye cups. The eye cups are ideal for use by eyeglass wearers because you can adjust the cups easily while twisting it up or down rapidly for optimal viewing.

You will be able to adjust the focal length of the monocular easily as a result of the revolutionary optical structure and the big one-hand focus wheel. It is also easy to use and easily portable thanks to the ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact design.

This MeeQee 10X42 Dual Focus Monocular comes with a carrying bag, a neck strap, a lens cloth and a user manual.


  • Compact and ultra-compact.
  • Comfortable to use if you wear glasses because of the adjustable eye cups.
  • The images are crisp and bright.
  • Versatile, durable, waterproof, shockproof and dust proof.


  • ​It doesn’t have a wrist strap.
  • ​It doesn’t work in the dark.

4. CVLIFE 12x50 Compact Monocular - can use to stargaze

Are you looking to capture the best images on the next outdoor adventure but you don’t want to carry the bulky binoculars you always carry? How about a great monocular? Great monoculars let you explore nature as you come across some of the rarest plants and animals.

This CVLIFE 12x50 Compact Monocular is one of the best on the market with a 12X magnification and an objective diameter of 50mm. Its field of view is 1200/9600M. The monocular’s length is 7.48”, and the ocular lens has a diameter of 35mm.

With these specifications and the design of the high definition optical glass with a premium fully multi coated all-glass lens, this monocular/ telescope creates clear, bright and close-view images.

The specifications of this monocular explain why this is an ideal device for hunting, travel, hiking, and camping. You can use it for all outdoor activities.

The monocular is durable thanks to the incorporation of a rubber armor. The rubber armor provides a non-grip and a secure grip, and you don’t have to worry about losing or dropping it. Durability also comes from the device’s external protection design. The strap secures it in place when in use or when you are on the move.

The monocular is easy to use as a result of the adjustable eye-cup which twists up and down easily. This eyecup is the reason why this is an ideal monocular for use by glass-wearers. This device’s mono-splitting scope makes this the ideal device for use by anyone.

It has a compass too, and this makes it the perfect outdoor excursion equipment.

The CVLIFE 12x50 Compact Monocular comes with a hand strap, a lens cloth, a pouch, an ocular and an objective lens cap.


  • Easy to use compared to binoculars.
  • Affordable.
  • Sturdy design, and it is durable.
  • Versatile.
  • You can use to stargaze.


  • ​The objective lens is less than 50mm.
  • ​Difficulty in achieving and maintaining focus.

5. USCAMEL 13x50 Powerful Monocular - high-quality monocular telescope

Bird watching is only fun when you can see all the unique features of the birds; otherwise, you won’t be able to name the birds. While some bird watchers opt for binoculars, most sport bird watchers opt for monoculars because they are easy to use and when you need some support, you can use your free hand.

One of the highly sought-after monoculars is this USCAMEL 13x50 Powerful Monocular. It has a 50mm large objective lens and a multi-coated ultra-clear film FMC broadband that offers high light transmission creating clear and bright images. It doesn’t alter the color while it gives an outstanding glimmer effect.

This high-quality all-glass optics and the objective plus the ocular lenses also make for the monocular’s high functionality. The built-in ranging reticle and the ranging slide rule function increase the functionality of this monocular.

It is easy to use thanks to the one solid focusing ring and the single hand operation. You can also use this monocular in low-light conditions thanks to the night-vision features which include the wide field of view in dim light. Unfortunately, as a Faint Night Vision telescope, you cannot use it in a dark environment.

The monocular telescope comes with a protection pack, a mirror cloth, a packing box and a brochure.

It has a big field of view of 1000 yards and a 13x50 Magnification. The exit pupil distance is 19mm and the exit pupil diameter 5mm.


  • A high-quality monocular telescope.
  • Versatile, powerful with a high magnification yielding crisp, clear and undifferentiated images.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to use, and the eye piece is easily adjustable.


  • ​Relatively expensive.
  • ​Only suitable for faint light not in total darkness.

What is a monocular?

This is a modified refracting telescope that magnifies images of distant images. It magnifies the images by passing light through a range of prisms and lenses. A monocular develops or produces a two-dimensional image, and it is, therefore idea for anyone with a visual impairment.

Benefits of a monocular

Even though you won’t hear much about a monocular as you will a binocular, a monocular is your best piece of equipment especially if you love the outdoors. If you like bird watching, hiking, climbing, hunting or camping, you will soon realize that you will have more fun with a monocular.

There are different types of monoculars, and they all have different features. However, the best monocular has the following benefits:


You can do a lot with a monocular. All outdoor activities, especially those done during the day will be enjoyable, and you will be in amazement over what you can see. As mentioned above, you can take and use a monocular when for sports or luxury bird watching, hiking, hunting, climbing, and camping.

Easy to use

To use a monocular, you only have to use one hand and one eye. What this means is that a monocular is an elegant and functional outdoor equipment that works for persons with one functional hand or eye.

At the same time, this means that you can use one hand while holding other things or balancing with the other hand.


Besides the ease of use with one hand, the best monocular comes in a small size, and you can carry it easily wherever you are exploring. It doesn’t take much space in your bag, and it won’t increase your bag’s weight.

Some of the best monoculars come with carrying cases with straps making it even easier to travel or walk with a monocular. This also saves you the trouble associated with reaching into your bag to get the monocular.

Finally, if you have poor eyesight and you always see blurry images, a monocular will straighten out those images.

PS. You may want to buy a monocular just because it is affordable.

Factors to Consider When Buying a monocular

Type of monoculars

  • Compact monoculars
    These are sleek and slender monoculars with a compact design. They are the ones perfect for use outdoors. They come with smaller lens diameters as well as lower magnification powers. They are easy to carry, and they are less expensive. They are the most common monoculars.

  • Night vision monoculars
    These monoculars are also common but are majorly used for clear vision. They produce clear images in low-light conditions or darkness. They are common with hunters. You can also use them during the day and at night.

  • Thermal imaging monoculars
    These are high-quality monoculars that are surprisingly readily available on the market. As suggested by the name, they can detect heat from human, animals and even machines. By detecting heat, they develop clear and crisp images of the objects in the dark surroundings. They also work during the day, and you won’t have to switch for use.

    Since thermal imaging monoculars lack infrared light, the images are less visible at night.

  • Infrared monoculars
    These are regarded night vision monoculars, and they illuminate objects offering clear and bright images at night. They also work during the day. Infrared monoculars use a particular wavelength to illuminate objects. The best infrared monocular lets you turn on or off the night vision feature conveniently. Despite the dual functionality, the monoculars are affordable. Note that some may infrared devices may disturb animals at night.

Pro tip: the type of monocular chosen should be able to offer effective day vision. While your intended purpose for buying matters, it is also important to consider buying a monocular that won’t limit function, especially during the day.


The magnification of the monocular refers to the power of the device’s lens determined by the magnifying power and the diameter of the lens. In simple terms, this is how big the image is compared to the object.

Pro tip: for bigger images, choose a monocular with a high magnification power.

Lens diameter

This diameter determines the diameter of the lens in millimeters. A device with a large diameter lets in more light for brighter images in low-light qualities. For high-light conditions, a small diameter lens is preferable.

Expert tip: avoid monoculars with large lens diameters if you intend to use the device during the day.

Exit pupil size

This is the ratio between the diameter of the lens and the magnification. It determines the amount of light transmitted to the eye.

Tip: a big exit pupil size offers better light transmission resulting in sharper and brighter images even in low light.

Lens coating

The lens’ coating determines the monocular’s refractive power. By refracting light, the image appears darker than the object. The darker images are of better quality.

Pro tip: for bright and clear images, choose an anti-glare lens or a multi-coated lens. Either of this will increase transmission of light making the image sharper. The type of coat determines the price of the monocular and fully-multi coated lenses are expensive.

Prism type

Prisms magnify images, but the level of magnification depends on the prism type. There are Porro, roof and Galilean prism systems.

Tip: Though the Porro prism is the most common type of prism, the roof prism system offers a higher magnification. The Galilean prism has a lower field of vision, and it has a low magnification.

Field of view

This refers to the width of the area seen when you stand 1000 yards away.

Pro tip: the field of view increases when the magnification decreases.


High-quality monoculars are a result of construction using high-quality materials which include magnesium and hard plastic.

Pro tip: look for a monocular with a rubber coating on the body to offer a firm and a non-slip grip and shock absorption.

Waterproofing and fog

The best monocular will allow use in extreme and erratic weather because of dust and waterproofing construction. Look out for a monocular with a waterproofing sealing ring which will protect the monocular in a case of submersion.

An internal nitrogen atmosphere prevents fogging on the inside.

Tip: to prevent moisture and fog, you will have to purchase an expensive monocular.


What will you use the monocular for? Some of the main uses of monoculars include bird watching, hunting, fishing, hiking, tracking, reading, and golfing. The device you buy should let you perform every intended task seamlessly. Some monoculars are ideal for military activities.

Expert tip: In case you have impaired vision in one eye, and you like partaking in an outdoor activity such as bird watching, get the best monocular.


The best monoculars are ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact hence easy to carry. The monocular shouldn’t feel like an impediment to your progress especially when on the move.

Pro tip: choose a monocular with a strapped carrying case for portability.


A monocular is easy to use a device that lets you observe far away objects. You get to use one hand instead of two as you’d do with binoculars.

Thanks to the small and compact design of a monocular, you get to carry it around easily. The size of the monocular makes it highly maneuverable, and you hardly miss a chance to see an object because you had to make tedious adjustments.

The other reason why you need to get the best monocular is that monoculars are often cheaper than binoculars. The best monoculars are waterproof, dustproof and also shock-proof meaning that you can take a monocular with you to rugged terrains and places with harsh weather. The sealing with O-rings protects the monocular from dust and moisture.

A monocular that offers all these benefits is the Gosky Titan 12X50 High Power Prism Monocular. This device has a high power magnification of 12X50 – you get to see images 12X closer with the monocular’s 50mm objective diameter wide lens.

The monocular’s large BAK-4 prism in the monocular and the fully multi-coated lens coating increase the strength of the device while guaranteeing brightness and superior quality light transmission.

It offers quick alignment with the smartphone adapter that allows use with most smartphone devices. You can also use it on a tripod stand. The other reason why this is our best monocular is that it is strong. It has a solid framework and a rubber armor with stripes that offer a high level of protection when using the device.

You can use it with or without eye glasses thanks to the adjustable eye-cups which twist up and down easily.

Looking at all these features, it is clear that this is the best monocular on the market even though it costs a little more than most other common monoculars.

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