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Best Outdoor Bike Storage Reviews 2020

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5 Best Outdoor Bicycle Storage Reviewed




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A bike is a worthy investment. Think of all the fun outdoor rides you will have each morning or evenings and the hours you will save when you cruise through the 5 pm traffic. The only dull moment in a bike owner’s life is when they have to think of outdoor bike storage.

People who store their bikes indoors are spoilt for choice. They have hooks and racks, and bike shelves. Most of these are readily available in stores, and will only need a few tweaks to be ideal for your mountain bike. But the nomads have another thing coming if ‘easy storage’ was on their mind.

Outdoor Bicycle Storage

1. The YardStash IV - Heavy Duty Outdoor Storage Shed Tent

Steel storages are not only durable but also portable. This one is especially great, thanks to its size.

Measuring 74 x 32 x 68 in. in width, depth, and height, this shed will comfortably fit two adult bikes with plenty of room to spare.

It is constructed using heavy-duty vinyl tarpaulin, which is fade-free, tear-proof, weather proof, and has superior abilities to withstand UV rays. This tent will last for years to come, which explains its price. It has large zippers with rubber pull tabs to keep away the storm’s damage. The fiber polls are long lasting as well, and easily foldable. It weighs 15lbs, which is quite portable even on your bike.

The set-up takes 10 minutes tops, and the same goes for the takedown, and you will not require any tools. It has a pack-panel to enable you to lock your bike to a pole or fence. The front mesh helps with air circulation, and the integrated floor will handle almost any item, including garden tools.

The storm flaps will not only keep away water but also dust and pests. With the poles being of high quality and material, you will never have to worry about corrosion. This shed will withstand weather and time.

The sealed roof is ideal for all seasons. It has a concave shape to allow snow and rain water to fall. When you combine this prowess with its ability to withstand high temperatures you will have an all-season shed for your bike.

The doorway is wide for easy access, and it is easy to secure, thanks to the zippers. If you wish, you can lock the zippers together with small, suitcase-type locks.


  • The poles and tent are made of durable material
  • Weather and tear-proof
  • Fits two adult bikes with space to spare.


  • ​There are no means to hold the flaps open for the vents unless you improvise.

2. The YardStash III - Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage, Garden Storage and Pool Storage

It measures 74" wide x 30" deep x 65,” and weighs just under 15lbs. This shed is great at multi-tasking, seeing that it can handle other inputs should you decide to close the chapter on biking. With its integrated floor, it can handle heavy stuff, and your bikes will be safe from the moisture that comes from the ground.

Its size will accommodate two adult bikes and leave enough room for your gear. From the outside, it looks small, and the dimensions show that it occupies a small footprint, which makes it ideal for those with a squeezed backyard.

The door opening is large enough to allow you to walk in and retrieve your bike, and it is also completely sealable using the top-to-bottom zipper. You can also lock it with small locks to keep away thieves and harsh weather elements.

As is expected of YardStash, the tent is made of polyester, and the roof is industrial-grade vinyl tarpaulin. The material on both the body and the roof is weatherproof and tear-proof, ensuring that your purchase lasts as long as you need it. The design of the roof prevents rainwater from building up and snow from being trapped on top. It has a 50+ UPF protection so that the damaging rays of the sun will not get to it.

The company warns of cheap imitations out to tarnish its good name. The real YardStash is sturdy in nature, and the material is quite smooth. The knockoffs are sold cheaply.

Mesh at the front helps with air circulation while the back panel makes it possible to lock the bike to a pole for extra safety.


  • Weatherproof material
  • Spacious
  • Ventilated


  • ​Can be a bit high for some people

3. Ohuhu Bike Cover - Outdoor Waterproof Bicycle Cover for Mountain Bike

If you are going to protect your bike from the elements, you will need a shed made of waterproof material and one that withstands heat. For water-resistance, it does not get better than nylon. The shed is ventilated to prevent condensation.

It measures 78.7 x 43.3 x 27.5 inch, which is ideal for one adult-sized bike, and it can be folded into a compact size perfect for travel. It is pretty light too, at 0.7lbs, and so can put it inside your backpack and be covered while on the road. Ohuhu throws in a bag for carrying it in to make it even easier.

The silver side has a 40+ SPF. It covers the entire bike leaving no space for water or sun. This storage is not a stand-alone one, but rather a tent made of durable material to keep your bike safe when you lock it up.

Worried about windy days and your cover being blown away, literally? That should not be a concern with Ohuhu bike cover. It has a unique buckle at the bottom that keeps it attached to the bike for stability.

It is easy to put on the bike, and the cover holds up well during heavy rains and windy days. With the buckle at the bottom, you would not have to worry about changing weather patterns.


  • Covers the bike completely
  • You can still secure your bike with a lock
  • Durable material that resists the elements


  • ​Only has space for one bike

If you like YardStash sheds but are wary of one with poles, this particular model would be ideal for you. It is extra large with dimensions of 82" long x 30" wide x 44" tall, enough to cover an entire bike and keep it safe from the elements.

The tapered design makes it an Easy-on and easy-off shed. Most people will use it on their 29ers, but it aptly covers a motorbike, several children bikes, and even a beach cruiser. It can actually take in four adult mountain bikes and provide perfect cover.

All you will need to do after throwing the cover on is fasten the strap at the bottom and leave them safely for the night. Nothing will get through the thickness of the material.

It is made of UV protected 210D and 600D polyester, which are durable and UV protected. The top is reinforced with thick polyester for increased durability. The edges are taped to ensure that the elements do not interfere with your bike’s safety, while the reflective strip at the top enhances visibility at night.

The front and back have been elasticized to secure the cover, while the center has a buckle that holds it in place for even more fastening. This feature keeps the shed in place during windy days. You can lock your bike on the front eyelet.

Even though it is extra large when unfolded, it folds into a portable, compact size. YardStash gives you a free bag for to carry it in and a two-year unlimited warranty. As usual, watch out for imitations.


  • Large enough for two adult bikes
  • Easy set up and take down
  • Reasonably priced


  • ​Can be too large, even for two bikes.

5. Baleaf - Oxford Fabric Waterproof Bicycle Cover for 2 Bikes Lockhole Design

This cover can be a bit confusing at first due to its size, but if it’s any consolation, a passerby would mistake your humble mountain bike for a macho motorbike. This cover is large, offers coverage to the entire bike, and keeps the weather elements away with the tapered edges.

It measures 84.6" L x 31.5" W x 45.2" H, which is just enough for two mountain bikes. The material, water-resistant Oxford cloth, keeps your bike safe from water, scratches, dust, and the sun.

It also makes to easy to secure your possession through a trap at the bottom and a buckle that prevents it from being blown away by the wind. The lock-hole at the bottom is for attaching your bike to the cover before you lock it up.

The silver part at the tip of the cover reflects heat and the sun to keep the components of your bike in good shape. It offers UV protection too.

It is lightweight at 1.67lbs, and the carriage bag that comes with it enables you to fold it into a compact package that you can take anywhere. The vents keep condensation and corrosion away. This cover has to be one of the cheapest on the market.


  • Cheap
  • Large enough to cover an entire 29er.
  • Reflective to prevent overheating.


  • ​When covering two bikes, you will need extra straps to hold them in place.

What is an outdoor bike storage? A place where you can safely leave your bike for the night or during the day when you take some time off the pedal. A new shiny bike is not only attractive to you, but it looks just as good to a stranger on the street and the scrap-metal dealer miles away. A good bike does not come cheap, and so it needs to be sheltered from people with itchy fingers, and the elements.

Why should you consider outdoor bicycle storage?

Well, sometimes it is out of necessity rather than being an option. However, as much you love your not-so-new bike, you live in a studio apartment that looks like it’s fighting hard to defy gravity. The ceiling is too low, and the room is super squeezed. You have been waiting for your noisy neighbor a few doors down to be thrown out so that you can strike a lease deal with the property owner. Before that happens, your bike will have to bear with the cold.

That aside, you’re always on the road. You are at your happiest when out in nature on your bike. You moved to Yorkshire to chase the landscapes and so every day is a thriller on two wheels. Where do you spend your nights? Wherever you will be when the sun sets. The same goes for your two-wheeled compadre.

Why Is An Outside Bike Storage Necessary?

  • Protection From the Elements
    There are various of reasons, but we will tackle the most important. Your bike will need shelter from the elements. Just like babies, these assets need some tender love and care if they are to serve you well for long. Leaving them out in the harsh sun or cold winter evenings will result in damage from the extremes of weather.

    The hot sun will degrade the plastic on your bike and certainly deflate the tire. Repeatedly leaving it out in the evenings could lead to corrosion of the various components.

    You have the bearings, bolts, and other tiny components that work together to get your bike moving. To be safe, it would be ideal to find some shelter where you can dock for the night.

  • Keep It Safe From Itchy Fingers
    Not everyone who sees your shiny bike thinks, ‘Nice. I want that for myself,’ then goes on ahead and buys themselves one. Some will wait for the day you look away, and just like that, your $489 investment will be gone.

    You may want to keep it in a place that does not tempt those who like freebies. A lock-chain is not the best solution as that can be easily compromised.

  • To Create Space
    If your apartment is cramped and there is no space left to hook the bike, you may want to find a near permanent solution for storage. Or your perfectionist of a roommate who pays their half of the bills in time hates the sight of it in the apartment. Side note: Your roommate needs bike therapy.

Factors To Consider When Buying Outdoor Bicycle Storage 

If the facility can keep your bike safe, be spacious enough, and be priced within your budget, it is a keeper. These are some of the factors we considered when we went out shopping.

  • Security
    If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, security should not be a major concern for you. However, even the safest streets have their moments. If your bike were a costly investment, then it would be wise to treat it the same way you would a car or a motorbike. Security will determine the type of material used, and even the cost of your intended purchase.

  • Material
    You have several options here. You can go for a wooden shed, plastic, and even one made of metal poles. A number of things will determine your choice. Is this shed permanent? Do you plan to move soon? Do you want to take your shed with you when you do? What is the weather like in your area?

    Timber storage blends well with the backyard landscape, and it will look like part of the design. Plastic sheds are portable, easy to install, and they will not corrode. Steel kits are durable and affordable.

    While still on material and place of residence, a humid atmosphere will corrode steel. But then again, you can have it treated to prevent the damage. Termites love the taste of rotting timber, and so you should be keen on what quality the wood is made of unless you want it to degrade in a few years.

  • Size
    It goes without saying; the bigger the storage facility, the more you will spend. As much as you may want the biggest shed available, you need to consider the size of your backyard and the cost involved. Besides, if you only have two bikes, it would not make much sense to invest in one that accommodates five.

  • Price
    Granted, a good shed will set you back some good bucks, but then again, what worthy investment does not? The deal here is; how much is too much? Looking around will help you determine the best bike storage at a good price, even though the material will be a major determinant. Timber sheds are way more expensive than steel ones, but they last longer and look great. Timber never ages, you know.

Any Favorites?

As long as you have no enough space indoors for your bike, you will need some form of outdoor storage. The bike storage sheds we have reviewed here can be used both indoors and outdoors, especially during winter.

We like The YardStash IV: Heavy Duty Outdoor Storage Shed Tent best for its size, portability, material, and durability. It has a 50+ UV protection, which is the best you will get on bike covers. It is a bit pricey, but the material is worth the cost. The poles and tent will last you a long time.

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  • I am loyal to YardStash products when it comes to outdoor bike storage. I am pretty sure that the IV did not exist when I bought the YashStash III, otherwise I would have ordered the IV. It cost me a lot of money when my III was ripped last year. It lasted 2 years and a half under the sun. This YardStash IV is specially designed for bike storage. I have trust in their products and feel confident in the protection and material grade. I hope this will lasts 5+ years.

    • Totally agree with you and thank YardStash for such a great mind. We are fulltime living in an RV and this IV version keeps our bikes clean and safe. We like this design and the protection material. Recommend this outdoor bike protection for RVers.

    • Until now, it is still a very good. We only ordered this one last winter. I know that we have not had it for so long but it meets our need and work as expected. It is easy to assemble all the parts and roomy for more than 2 bikes.

  • I contacted YardStash for customer service several years ago. I accidently ripped my first year YardStash while clearing the snow. They replaced it with a new one. My second got collapsed when I forgot to clearing the snow off the top on time. I bought this new one and could not be more pleased with the material. The storm comes in the winter every year and my bikes have suffered a lot under the extreme weather. I like the inclined design because there will be more snow sliding off much easily. The spikes which secure the corners are not used. So, my YardStash are not flimsy on the sides. Hope this one will last long then the other two of mine.

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