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Good design, clean easily


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Small, even heat distribution


Small, compact, beautiful exterior


Large, durable, beautiful design


5 Patio Grills That Redefine Grilling

A summer party is not a party until someone grills some hamburgers, steak, and hot dogs. Add a few drink choices and the party is official! But first things first, the host has to get the grill going and call the attention of the entire neighborhood with the smells from the grill.

When thinking of investing in a patio grill, there are several considerations, top on the list being the source of fuel it uses.

You may be concerned with the size (definitely) seeing that you may be limited for space on your patio, but this guide will address all those concerns.

1. George Foreman Patio Grill - good design, clean easily

Great as grilling is, tasty as it means the meat and the vegetables, it is almost impossible to withstand the cold in winter, just to get some amazingly done meat and crispy vegetables. The punishing weather will not allow you to do this. If only there was a way to grill your food in the winter without risking frostbite… Oh, but there is...George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill!

Is It Grilling Season Yet?

Every season is grilling season with this little one. During summer, take it outside for your fun time, and take it back inside and grill your way through winter. Remember it uses electricity, and so your landlord or neighbors will not have reasons for wanting you gone. Jealous…as they may be, but that is all they can do.

  • The Overall design
    It is beautifully designed, unlike the outdated large grills that only look fit for the outdoors. This particular one has a small footprint, thanks to the removable stand that you can leave it as is or remove and place the grill on a tabletop. So, it fits snugly in small spaces.

    Despite its tiny looking appearance, it has 240 square inches of grilling space, large enough to grill eight burgers at a go. It’s ideal for small gatherings or intimate family meals, but it wouldn’t be suitable for you if you have a large crowd.

  • Easy Clean-Up
    If you love grilling, then you must understand the hassle that comes with the charcoal grill. Cleaning up after is always the problem. The first thing you will notice with the George Foreman grill is that the top is non-stick.

    The second aspect is the built-in grease draining system that ensures no fat collects on the surface of the grill. A combination of those two makes for a blissful clean up job.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Beautifully designed with a small footprint.


  • ​Food will not be as rich in flavor as charcoal-grilled
  • ​Only ideal for small quantities of food

2. Coleman Road Patio Grill - portable, versatile, powerful

Large charcoal grills are entrenched in most people’s mind. It is not merely the idea of grilling that makes them all giddy, but also the size of the stove and the manly activity.

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE fits the bill perfectly; big, boisterous, and super effective. As a bonus, it is portable and colorful!

Features of the Grill

It has two powerful burners that produce up to 10,000 BTU each of evenly distributed heat. You can opt to have them running on how or you could moderate it to suit your meal. The clean-up is easy as grease collects in particular sections of the burner.

  • Portability
    Let’s talk about how portable this grill is. It folds nicely and has two wheels so that you can pull it the same way you would a luggage bag. The set-up is just as easy as all you have to do is erect the stand and connect the propane pipes. All done and ready to cook up a storm!

  • Versatility
    This grill is multiuser. While your meat, strips of bacon, and burgers are on one side of it, you can have your cast iron skillet on the side with you pancakes with a separate pan of eggs. Breakfast will be done at once in the shortest time possible. The plates on the side give you enough space to place your coffee or glass of water while you work.

    It is large enough (at 285 square inches) to allow you to cook for up to six people. The glossy cover is brightly colored to add some sunshine to your kitchen, and it keeps the grill covered too for faster, even cooking. The only downside here is that the lid clearance is small, and so it will restrict you from grilling while chicken or other large meats.

  • Powerful Burners
    The fuel source for the grill is available in disposable 16.4 oz containers. According to Coleman, one 16.4 oz bottle of LP will last you well over an hour with both burners running on high. If you set it at low or only use one burner, then it could last you up to 4 hours.


  • Easy clean-up
  • Large with powerful burners
  • Portable


  • ​The iron rusts quickly
  • ​Too heavy for hiking (51.2lbs)

3. Char-Broil, Black Patio Grill - small, even heat distribution

From just looking at it, you would not know it is a grill. It looks like a beautiful accessory you would have in your house for aesthetics.

But open the top cover and discover the hidden beauty. It uses gas and has knobs for operating it at the front. It has an adjustable, sturdy stand with two wheels at the back for transportation.

First, it’s quite small at 24.4 x 25.2 x 38.2 inches, but it is heavy at 43lbs, which is how the wheels at the back come in handy. It packs well since you can remove the stand and place it anywhere in your car.

  • Fuel Source
    Below the grill, there is enough space to hold a 20lb tank. The power supply for this Char-Broil grill is gas for convenience. All you need do here is connect the gas tank and turn the heat on.

  • Powerful Burners
    The TRU-infrared technology used for the burners enable them to heat up fast and cook even more quickly while retaining moisture of your food by up to 30% compared to other technologies. They distribute the heat evenly to give you food cooked to perfection.

    When you turn the heat on, it only takes a couple of seconds to get your food going. The misconception about Infrared is that it only works well for foods that need high heat. Wrong. You can regulate the heat on your grill to suit your preference. Additionally, infrared improves the flavor of your food.

  • Size
    The surface area is 240 SQ inches, not too big for large meals, but big enough for small intimate meals. The upside of this is the small footprint. It fits perfectly on your porch. The cover is round and leaves sufficient space to cover your food as it cooks.

    Clean-up shouldn’t be a hassle if you follow the guidelines given by Char-Broil. The first time using this grill, leave the heat on high for 15 minutes to burn off the oil coating. Later on be sure to clean it every time after you use it by scrubbing off the stuck pieces of food when the burners are still hot, and then oil them to prevent rust.


  • Small footprint
  • Even distribution of heat on burners
  • Heats quickly


  • ​Too small
  • ​Peeling paint

4. Char-Broil, Red Patio Grill - small, compact, beautiful exterior

The glossy top round cover makes this grill stand out, and the handle on it makes it easy to operate. It has a stand that will help you set up outside for summer grilling, but you can also remove it and set the grill on a worktable. The stand has two wheels at the back for easy transporting. It's 320 Sq. inches surface area is enough to grill 12 hamburgers at a go.

It is powered by electricity, and the cords are long enough to connect to a far-off 120-V outlet. This certainly means you can’t take the grill with you to areas off-the-grid. The dial allows you to manage the heat to temperatures over 1750-watts.

The grills are built with Infrared technology to give them an edge over the competition. Char-Broil says that Infrared grills improve the flavor of food. It is a proven fact that the food retains more moisture compared to that cooked with any other type of grill.

The other beauty of Infrared grills is the even distribution of heat all over the cooking surface. The flare-ups so common with traditional grills are reduced with this technology, making it possible to cook food at high to low temperatures.

  • Overall Design and Portability
    It is made of steel and the top cover is porcelain. While some reviewers complain of chipping, it takes a while before the paint begins to peel off (usually over a year). It measures 38.2 x 25.2 x 24.4 inches, which you can either set it up on the stand that Char-Broil made or place it on a firm surface. It has an elegant design.

  • Clean-Up
    At the bottom of the grill, you have a surface that collects the grease to make cleaning easier. However, food sticks on the surface (which is normal), and so you should wash it off as soon as you are done grilling. Char-Broil recommends a stiff brush to get the particles off, then oiling the grills to keep them in tiptop shape.


  • Small and compact
  • Beautiful exterior
  • Even heat distribution


  • ​Electric powered --not convenient for camping
  • ​Can be hard to clean

5. Cuisinart Patio Grill - large, durable, beautiful design

The stand on this grill is sturdier than most, with wheels to haul it around. It folds nicely into suitcase size, with a handle to pull it to your campground. It uses gas for convenience.

The glossy exterior is made of steel with an equally sturdy stainless steel stand to hold it in place. The stand has two large wheels for easy movements. The stand is removable when you would rather place it on a worktable.

This grill is quite large, with a surface area of 240 Sq. Inches (enough to cook for seven people depending on the sizes of your food). The burner emits about 15,000 BTUs of heat, which is then evenly distributed for cooking. Since the grill surface is made of cast iron, high heat will not destroy it. Cast iron is also extremely durable, although it is prone to rust. Good care should sort that out.

It measures 41 x 23 x 36 inches when open, and 44 x 23 x 21 inches. While it may take a larger footprint than some smaller models, grills your food to perfection.


  • Large surface area
  • Durable grill surface and even distribution of heat on the burners
  • Has a beautiful design


  • ​Large footprint
  • ​Has only one burner

What is Patio Grill?

As the name suggest, it is the type of grill that you can place on your patio and get the job started. The available varieties will use either gas or electricity, and it will be up to you to decide which fuel source is most convenient for you.

A patio grill has to be sizeable to fit perfectly in space. The ideal one would be large enough to cook meals for a large number of people or to grill different foods on the same surface at the same time while occupying just enough space on your patio.

Why Should You Consider A Patio Grill?

Most manufacturers have learned what the customer wants: an efficient grill that looks good in whatever space. And oh, a portable one for the outdoorsy ones, whose numbers are growing exponentially.

Some patio grills make it possible to not only grill but cook as well. You have a place for your cast iron skillet for the pancakes and a separate part for the eggs, while your burgers grill on the main burner. How efficient is that? Add a killer design to this and the ability to grill from indoors and your winters just got an upgrade.

Why Invest In A Patio Grill?

Patio grills make life in the winter all the more fun. Naturally, grilled food is tastier and healthier. How is that? You will not need to add oil to it to make it delicious. The food cooks in its own fat, and so you may not need to add more to it. Additionally, you add fewer spices as the juices in your food bring out the flavor in it, consequentially reducing the amount of sodium you ingest. Some manufacturers even say that infrared grills enhance the flavor of food. Grilled vegetables are especially tasty.

  • Grill Anytime!
    Patio grills are smaller and more portable as compared to their traditional counterparts. They use propane or electricity, so you can use them indoors and outdoors. With a patio grill in your house, any day is a good day for barbecue!

  • Happy Moments
    Most families associate grilling with happy moments. What better way to light their faces up than by lighting the grill and making some healthy meals that will be ingrained in their memories? You patio grill will either use gas or electricity so they are quite convenient and easy to work with than a charcoal grill.

  • Portability
    You can easily pack it and take it with you on your camping trips. Most of them are made in such a way that they fold into suitcase size, with wheels to make them easy to haul around. The ideal way to grill that game meat you are about to hunt.

  • Beautiful Design
    You know how the market is: one brand goes all out to make the best-looking, most efficient and best item and the rest follow suit. They all try to outdo each other, which is great for the consumer, seeing that you and I will be spoilt for choice. Well, brands of patio grills out there are not only great at what they do, but they are aesthetically appealing too. Some of the grills look more like art pieces than grills, which we absolutely love.

What you should Consider When Buying A Patio Grill?

  • Size
    The ideal size is that kind that spreads your food perfectly without centralizing them too much. You will also want to make sure that you have enough space for it. Most patio grills are small to fit the name, and so your only concern should be the surface area of the grill.

  • Your Budget
    You certainly want to work within your budget, but that shouldn’t limit you to investing in a product that you will want to discard in a few years. In this review, we have put together some of the best brands, and you will be surprised at their price tag.

  • Gas or Electricity?
    This is a dilemma to many people. Electric and gas grills are better than their charcoal-powered counterparts because they emit less smoke resulting in healthier food. However, your choice should be influenced by your purpose. Are you outdoorsy? Will you need to take the grill for camping with you? If you do, you would certainly want to get a gas-powered one for the convenience.

    Gas burners are easy to use because you only need to set it up, connect it to your gas tank and you are good to go. Gas grills are built with infrared technology because the heat source allows it. The downside has to haul tanks of gas wherever you go.

    Electric grills have an easier setup, and they allow you to grill even in controlled spaces such as city apartments. They make for an easy clean-up as compared to charcoal grills. The downside of these ones is that your food loses the authentic taste of grilled meals.

    Your decision should be based on what works best for you. Each grill has its downside, but some can be overlooked for the sake of healthier, tastier meals.

  • Burners
    Burners are the most important aspect of any grill. They control direct and indirect heating, and so the bad ones will ruin your grilling experience. They keep evolving. You have:

    Grate: They come in stainless steel and porcelain. Porcelain is an excellent insulator of heat, so it preserves heat longer, and stainless steel is rust-resistant.

    Flavorizer® Bars: They are patented and only available on Weber. They convert the flames from the burner into infrared and minimize drippings.

    Infrared: This is the best technology in outdoor cooking at the moment, owing to its ability to sea food at the temperature required. The heat from the burners first hit the ceramic tiles before it is converted to infrared. This process gives them the ability to enhance the food’s flavor and to retain moisture.

  • The Material
    A cast iron will last longer, but it is prone to rust. Ceramic grills haven’t been known well in the past, but they are quickly gaining popularity for their ability to retain moisture and natural juice of the food. Traditionally, stainless steel grills have been the bestsellers because they are easy to clean and they do not rust.

Parting Shot

Whether you want to take the fun outside or you prefer to stay indoors, you will find the ideal charmer in one of these beauties. While we think all the five reviewed items are simply genius, we recommend George Foreman GGR50B Indoor/Outdoor Grill as our first choice. Why is that? First, the design blows you away from the get-go. Secondly, it is outdoorsy, portable and fitted with infrared burners to ensure even heat distribution.

Coleman Road Trip Propane Portable Grill LXE would be our second runner-up for its portability, high-quality burners, and fuel source. Whichever grill you choose, we hope it brings cheer and good moments to you and yours. We also hope that this review will make it easy for you to make your choice.

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