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Best Picnic Blankets Reviews 2020

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5 Best Picnic Blankets on Sale for Reviews




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Lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean


Lightweight, free of bugs, windproof


Comfortable, snuggly, fashionable.


Durable, stylish, big


Lightweight, big, pockets


The Niftiest Picnic Blankets

This caught you by surprise, didn't it? There are blankets uniquely tailored for picnics. Nifty picnic blankets, not the shawl you cover yourself with while watching your favorite TV show or reading a book on the front.

A picnic blanket is the best outdoor inventions yet and even with your unique personality; you will find one that fits your style and personality.

This is the kind of blanket that makes you love outdoor spaces even those of you that are as introverted as I am. No, this isn't me selling a blanket, this is me expressing my love for picnic blankets and sharing this newfound love with you – good things are better when shared, aren't they?

1. Live Infinitely Picnic Blanket - lightweight, waterproof, easy to clean

This water resistant, water repellent, puncture resistant, and durable pocket blanket with compact storage weighs a mere 16oz and measures 9’ x 10’ for 7 adults. This weight and the ability to collapse to 4” x 8” makes it the best outdoor companion whether you are going out picnicking, hiking, camping or spending time at the beach.

Compared to other picnic blankets, this is blanket holds against blowing winds. It's tailored using nylon, a very durable material. Its unique folding pattern saves space yet when unfolded, the blanket fits four adults comfortably.

At 16oz, and with the minimalistic ability to to collapse to 4” x 8”, lessens your hiking or picnicking gear. You won't even notice that it's there. 

In case it drizzles, and you didn't carry your umbrella, this blanket will protect you thanks to its water repellent fabric. The backing is totally waterproof and the top material well-insulated.

This outdoor beach picnic blanket will brighten your picnic or hike however tired you feel. It comes in red and green color variations. The softness of this blanket will keep you cozy and warm against the cold, wind, and the hard surface.

It is machine washable and dries up fast. Even after it drizzles, you can use it once you let it dry off for a few minutes.

This cozy blanket could do better with more color variations.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof/ repellant
  • Colorful and soft
  • Easy to clean


  • ​Few color options

2. Matador Picnic Blanket - lightweight, free of bugs, windproof

Looking for an ultra-compact, comfortable, puncture resistant pocket blanket with a water repellant back side? Matador Pocket Blanket got you covered. This blanket is perfect for the beach or a picnic in the park.

Though it fits a small pouch and weighs 0.2 pounds when shipped, it unfolds into a 63" X 44" blanket covering you and your partner well. The easy pack patterns incorporated in the blanket's design makes it possible to repack the blanket into the small storage pouch that fits in your pockets.

You can travel with this blanket everywhere you go without the bulky feeling associated with carrying extra stuff.

The blanket's tailoring incorporates a dense ripstop nylon and polyester for warmth and durability. This blanket can stow away your fears of the wild making you realize that the outdoors isn't that bad after all.

This blanket cleans easily. You can hand wash and hang dry it. If you prefer machine washing, use cold water and a mild detergent. To preserve the water repellant coating, it is advisable to wash it infrequently.

Every camper or picnic enthusiast is always looking for ways of making the load light. Matador's pocket picnic blanket does just this, and with little to zero effort. It fits in a small pouch, and its weight is almost negligible.

This picnic blanket fulfills its purpose by keeping your rear dry and your entire body protected from bugs, twigs, or sand.

This Matador Pocket Blanket has weighted corners enhancing functionality on breezy days.

However, this lightweight picnic blanket isn't intended for warmth, and despite its size, it won't keep you warm if hiking or camping. Also, compared to blankets by other companies, this is a small blanket, and in some cases, only one person fits on it comfortably.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Keeps you clean and free of bugs
  • Windproof


  • ​Not intended for warming purposes
  • ​It is small

3. Yodo Picnic Blanket - comfortable, snuggly, fashionable

Yodo has once again proven their impeccable taste with this fashionable outdoor striped tote picnic blanket. Ladies, were you looking for a way to make a fashion statement while picnicking? This is it, your ultimate travel companion, thanks to Yodo.

First off, it measures a whole 59 x 53 inches, and it is made of soft fleece and comes with an eco-friendly, and a waterproof backing. These features and the size promise to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry.

This snuggly picnic companion has an extra layer of soft fleece cushioning providing extra comfort when you sit.

It is easy to carry as it folds into a compact tote measuring 12.5x8x4. If dissatisfied with this blanket, Yodo makes sure that you get 180-days money-back satisfaction guarantee. No more wet bottoms with this picnic blanket that comes with a durable and a water-resistant PEVA backing.

The comfort from this blanket results from the fleece used to make it. You can enjoy the outdoors with this warm blanket that has an added foam layer at the middle keeping your bum happier. Don't forget about the waterproofing.

Yodo understands that getting the blanket back to the original storage compartment is tricky. However, to curb this, they will ship your package with precisely stitched instructions to simplify folding.

To clean this blanket, first, determine the cause of the stain. The plastic backing is easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Beverage stains on fleece clear if blotted dry with tissue. For other stains, soak the fleece with gentle soap and water. Clean it by moving your hand over it back and forth gently then line dry it in the air. You shouldn't machine wash it, machine dry, or iron it.

As mentioned above, you need to buy and carry a picnic blanket that depicts your style and personality. Thankfully, this is one of the most stylish blankets you'll come across with the colorful stripes and the tote storage bag.

Yodo's outdoor water-resistant picnic blanket is a great gift idea. Get it for you friend or relative who adores nature as I do, introvert or not.

Yet, fleece is naturally light but the lack of extra weights to hold it down in the wind is the only downside of this picnic blanket.


  • Comfortable and snuggly
  • Easy to fold
  • Easy to clean
  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Gifting idea


  • ​It is too light

4. Pratico Outdoors Picnic Blanket - durable, stylish, big

Pratico Outdoors present their water-resistant picnic blanket, the Extra Large Picnic and Outdoor blanket made of a top material with extra soft 200gsm premium polar fleece that is machine washable.

When unfolded, this blanket measures 58x80 inches, but it is easily foldable into a small size – 10"x16" weighing 1.3lbs for ease of transportation (has a carrying buckle and a handle for easy roll up).

Practico Outdoors have developed two styles for this picnic blanket, the standard picnic blanket available in red or blue and the premium picnic blanket sold in either navy blue or red plaid.

The longevity of a picnic blanket depends on its cleaning. The standard picnic blanket can be spot cleaned while the premium blanket is machine washable.

Besides the fire resistant polar fleece, either style of the picnic blanket has a reinforced backing made of polyester offering wind and water resistance.

Since its designed using polar fleece, it is soft and breathable for comfort and warmth. The different colors make the picnic fun and personified.

The most important factor to consider when getting a picnic blanket is the size. It should cover you well. Compared to other brands, this blanket is big enough for you and your loved one.

However, you are recommended to use this picnic blanket on a flat surface. Its surface is slippery, and you'll slide off on a hilly patch. Additionally, compared to other brands, it is pricey but, worth the cost.

5. WildHorn Outfitters Picnic Blanket - lightweight, big, pockets

This picnic blanket by Wildhorn Outfitters is strong, with its 100 percent parachute nylon construction. It also includes built-in valuables pockets and sand anchors. It is one of the biggest picnic blankets that will comfortably fit your entire family measuring 63 sq.ft.

It comes with an integrated stuff sack that has compression sacks enhancing compactness and portability. Its’ compressible pouch measures 6x7 inches.

It is durable, breathable, thanks to the 100% parachute nylon that withstands picnics and beaches for years. This Sand Escape picnic blanket is lightweight and comfortable to sit on in any weather.

If you are scared by crawling creeps and need to sit in the middle of the picnic blanket, this is your best friend. What makes it better is the fact that you can sit on it safely with your entire family.

Made out of 100 percent parachute nylon, this picnic blanket withstands harsh grounds holding strong even after years of use. It is water-resistant meaning that it won't tear off or weaken because of water.

Though big, it is light and can be carried with you everywhere you go, especially when outdoors. If on the beach, fill the anchor pockets with stand and walk or swim knowing that your blanket is secured.

Thanks to its construction out of nylon, this picnic blanket is easy to clean and dries even faster. Machine wash with cold water and a gentle detergent then hang dry it. Do not machine dry.

This is the only picnic blanket with valuables' pocket incorporated in the design. This reduces the size of the gear and bag you leave the house with.

However, if you are looking for a picnic blanket with extra cushioning, this may not be your best option. Also , you may wish to protect the blanket if setting it on wet ground.


  • It is big
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and windproof
  • Easy to clean


  • ​No cushioning
  • ​Gets wet fast

I am an introvert, and this means that I am always looking for some me-time. Every introvert can relate to this. We yearn to get back to the house or that place with minimal human interactions as soon as we step out. There is a suffocating feeling around humans – I can see the introverts nodding, and it is easy to ‘lose it' if we don't recharge alone. Sounds mean, it could be, but, this is how we are, oh well, at least I know that is how I am.

While sitting at home, reading all the books, making art, writing, cooking or watching my favorite comedy show is fun; I decided to try something new. Yeah, it took a big nudge and a but, something magical did happen – I found company in nature. Nature is loud, breathtaking, beautiful, and soulful in its silence. Being out in the deserted park or walking down the river changes turned out to be my biggest company.

As mentioned above, too much company gets to me, and it's not pretty but, being one with nature is something different. Nature communicates to you in a somewhat holistic manner. The swaying trees in all shapes and colors, the butterflies, birds, clear or cloudy skies, light showers, buzzing bees on blossoming flowers, the magical chirping of crickets (kindly note – creepy-crawlies scare me but I love them from a distant) these are my perfect company.

Rather than taking my energy and my power away, nature added me energy. So, after my first intimate relationship with nature, lying on my mom's soft picnic blanket, I knew that I had a new get away. A new place to be one with nature and not feel suffocated.

Why should people consider a picnic blanket?

Regardless of your personality, you need a picnic blanket to lie down on the lush grass at the park or by the creek alone or with a loved one(s). You don't want to stand up to a wet and a stained rear, do you now? A picnic blanket gives you that peace of mind – knowing that you are sitting on the ground but on a beautiful and a protective mat. At the same time, a picnic blanket keeps away the creepy-crawlies, you know them – the annoying ants, scary spiders, roaches, etc. will not easily attack or visit you. This means that you will enjoy your quiet and alone time in nature's company or the company of your friends or family.

A picnic blanket serves as a picnic table for holding all your valuables. This where aesthetics meet functionality

There are beautiful picnic blankets, and if you are the expressive kind, the blanket will give your picture a striking background. In short, your picnic experience is incomplete without the picnic blanket even when you have the best book, food, picnic basket or drinks.

What is a picnic blanket?

Going for a picnic is a special way of honoring nature, and the picnic blanket is your picnic enabler. A picnic blanket makes it possible for you to lay out your food and drinks while laughing your hearts out as you rejoice in each other company.

The main types of picnic blankets are classified depending on the material used.

Classification according to the top material – facing away from the ground

  • Acrylic surface: these picnic blankets clean easy.
  • 100 percent fleece/ wool: these are very warm and soft, and they don't need frequent laundering.
  • Cotton-lined: these are polyester-filled picnic blankets
  • Nano-pore fabric

Classification based on the backing: this is the material that offers insulation from the ground

  • PVC
  • Plastic
  • Polyester
  • Aluminium

The material used for backing is strong and waterproof keeping the top part of the blanket dry. It also offers protection from dirt and sand.

Why you should love a picnic blanket

The added peace. The picnic blanket is your safe haven on outdoors. As you stare at the shifting clouds snapping photos, listen to the quiet breeze and the sweet melodies of the insects and animals, or even the whispers of the trees, you know that you are safe from soiling your clothes, and the creepy insects will not get to you.

If it rains, the blanket will protect you from the showers keeping you dry. The backing is waterproof while the top part is soft and warmer.

  • It is easy to clean.
    Whether you use a cotton lined, an acrylic lined, or fleece lined blanket, the backing, made of PVC, Polyester, or plastic is easy to clean. You can dust it from the moisture and dirt on the backing then carefully fold and stow away.

  • A fleece blanket is washable and dryable but doesn't need constant cleaning.
    This also applies to the cotton-lined blanket. Some blankets are machine washable, and others need wiping with a damp cloth with a little soap.

  • Convenience
    It is often compactly packed, and you don't have to carry a backpack when you don't need it. The blanket fits in your hand perfectly. I haven't seen or used a bulky picnic blanket, and I'm certain that you'll love these blankets for their size and flexible mobility. Most picnic blankets have buckles or velcro straps for rolling the blanket when not in use.

  • Home use
    Turns out that you can transfer the warmth, fun, and comfort from the wild indoors. The blanket is warm, and as long as it's clean, you can use it to wrap yourself when reading a book or watching TV. The fleece, cotton or wool keep you warm, and the PVC, plastic, or polyester backing keeps you dry and safe from the elements.

  • Yoga
    how about some yoga? If your yoga class runs outdoors this month, why lessen the joy and the fun? Get a picnic blanket and use it in place of your yoga mat. The best picnic blankets are durable thanks to the backing used. Some have an aluminum backing and a sponge padded middle for extra comfort.

  • Do you have kids?
    Throw the blanket over the clothes line and create a tent for them to play in. You can also create a fort indoors in winter.

  • If stain resistant, you can use it beneath your toddlers' chair to prevent spills.
    This is also applicable for toddlers playing with markers or crayons. When old, use the blanket as a throw mat for sanding or painting.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Picnic Blanket

You know what will make your picnic even more memorable, having a guide to take you through the purchasing/ ordering process. We don't want to hear of disappointments in the course of your picnic. Take notes and keep these factors in mind when shopping for a picnic blankie:

  • Size
    Will the blankie accommodate you, your menu, the book, your family, and your pet? It should. Getting a small blanket ruins everything since you'll have to curl into a ball while competing with ants to escape the sand and the wet ground. You wouldn't want that now, would you?

  • Waterproofing or water resistance
    Pro picnic lover tip: get picnic blanket with a total waterproof backing to keep you dry. At the same time, the blankie should lose absorbed water fast. Get the luxurious blankets woven to enhance fast drying or absorbance.

  • Durability
    Once you get into it, you'll realize that there is no better place to spend your warm afternoons. This means that you must have a picnic blanket that will take you through as many picnics as you can afford. Durability doesn't mean getting a coarse blanket. Look out for the strong ones made from linen or fleece and a stronger backing.

  • Softness
    Nothing feels better than sitting on a soft blanket laid on the lush grass. It is irritating to sit on a course blankets – the fabric will send away your dog too. As you look at the blanket's sturdiness, ensure that it is soft.

  • Style
    The best way to express your personality is through purchase and ownership of items that represent your individuality. Let the picnic blanket speak of your style and cheer you up. Don't buy a picnic blanket just because you need one, buy a picnic blanket because you need a blanket that represents who you are. It is fun to carry and spread out a blanket that represents your personality and style.

  • Color
    You need a picnic blanket that looks good to feel good about it. Whether you are planning to take selfies or not, a colorful blanket creates positive mojo and adds to the ambiance of the picnic. Picnics are meant to be fun, floral, patterned, designer or bold and plain blankets will lift your mood making the picnic more interesting. From experience, a colorful or a blanket in your favorite color has the power to turn around the moods of that old- grumpy soul.

  • Convenience
    Whether picnicking by yourself or in the company of others, the picnic blanket must be easy to carry around. You don't need bulky additions to your lunch or books. Thankfully, manufacturers understand this and have designed the best blankets in a manner that they can be compacted to fit a small pocket. Yes, you can carry it in your hand as you walk around and you won't feel awkward. The blanket is very light.

  • Price
    Is your dream picnic blanket within your budgetary requirements? Unless you plan to make a big investment now for all your future camping and picnicking trips, stick to an affordable option. Note that this doesn’t mean getting a poor quality blanket. You deserve the best!


​There you have it; a peek into the five niftiest picnic blankets.

It is vital to own and carry a picnic blanket when outdoors. Besides keeping your rear clean and dry, it protects you from the crawling creeps. It is also an excellent way to maintain the family together, and the picnic blankets are just what you need to stay warm when outdoors.

From this review, we believe that you are in a better position to make more informed decisions on the best picnic blanket to buy.

Of the five, Live Infinitely Picnit Blanket stands out for me. Its reliability, affordability, comfort (soft nylon and water resistance), portability and lightweight, sizing and style win for me. Get it for the next picnic, camping or hiking trip.

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