Best Routes for Bicycle Tourists

Only you, your bike – and the serene Lofoten islands

Calm fishing villages with typically Norwegian floating houses on stilts, cold water and majestic scenery: silhouettes of towering mountains. This is the Westfjord Route, passing through the Lofoten Islands: a breath of life-giving (salty) air and the most picturesque landscapes in the world for a snack.

Enjoy silence and relative loneliness, tiptoe along the pristine shore, where here and there are tiny simple villages and tall wooden verges on which fish are hung to dry. To immerse yourself in the world of Polar Scandinavia, guess your journey to the summer months – so that you can sunbathe under the midnight sun.

  • Best Time: May – July
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: easy 

Road of death, Yungas, Bolivia

On the Bolivian road of death, life is a key – do you feel it?

Look at death in the face on the “Camino de la Muerte”, which has been dubbed the “Death Road”, which is considered one of the most dangerous cycling routes in the world. Conductors from Gravity Bolivia developed their safe bicycle route “The Road of Death”; And he is a success!

Turn the pedals that are urine – make your way through clouds of fog and dust, get down from the top point of La Cumbre to the Amazonian rainforest, leaving behind the horizon, leaving behind waterfalls and passing literally a couple of meters from the cliffs, from one kind of which the hair stands on end. There is a great chance of meeting llamas, trucks that are rubbing you to the side of the road, and desperate bicyclists who are risking life while trying to do selfie – but do not be distracted by all this, look at the road!

  • Best time: April – November
  • The degree of difficulty of the route: moderate – if, of course, you are ready to face the danger

The cycling route “Van Gogh” – Roosegaarde, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Feel what a flight along the starry sky – on the bike path of Van Gogh

Even if you are already cycling along the Van Gogh cycling route – or just looking for an active holiday in Eindhoven, the Van Gogh – Roosegaarde cycle path is a balsam per capita for the dreamer living in each of us.

A short 600-meter bicycle path between the Opverten Water Mill in Nyuenen and the Collin Watermill in Eindhoven – both depicted on the canvases of Vincent Van Goghna – is an open-air museum dedicated to places that have become sources of inspiration for the artist who lived in these parts. At night, the path lights up with a soft glow and in itself becomes a masterpiece – the stones, charged with the energy of sunlight, gently glow and turn into a vortex of techno-poetry, recreating Vangogov’s “Starry Night.”

  • Best time: all year round
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: easy

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Dive headlong into the thick thicket around Mount Whistler

Rise to a height of about 2000 meters in Whistler – to where two mountains converge and where hundreds of cycle routes begin, and below there is a bike park. Roughly rolling off the mountain – sit down to relax and enjoy the stunning views of the dense forests, Lake Lost, and the Whistler Valley.

The surroundings of Lake Lost are an ingenious place where one can choose one of the easy, very well-groomed routes to their liking and, having gone to heaven wherever, beyond the blue forests, never to be too far from the Village – the ever-crowded pub for walking hikers. Careful at the corners – and try not to run into a bear!

  • Best time: May – October
  • Degree of complexity of routes: from difficult to difficult 

Rome Trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

In the Grand Canyon you can hear the echo from the sound of your own beating heart – do you hear?

The Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon, what can I say; Just try to look at these places from a new angle – come here in the morning dawn to see how the color of the rocks changes – first pink, then yellow, then orange. The unpretentious path – it can be walked on foot, it is possible to ride a bicycle – but the views from it open such that everything is dear, and so for 20 kilometers; This is Rome Trail. When choosing the time for cycling, avoid the period of summer thunderstorms and those winter days when the path is covered with ice crust.

From the observation point of the Hopi Point, on the northernmost part of the route, panoramic views open up to the horizon and beyond; But it’s best to watch a colorful sunset from there.

  • Best time: all year round
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: easy 

Carreetera Austral, Road number 7, Chile

Stay on the road leading to Lake General Carrera

The Carretera Austral route runs through the northern part of the Chilean Patagonia – and after Puerto Montt, scenic views start, one more grandiose than the other, but it should be borne in mind that the road is a ditch, that is called a ditch, solid hollows; It’s like a trip on a giant washing board. Give your caviar a break on the shore of Lake General-Carrera – in the reserve, where the Andes seem to fall upon the azure waters of the lake, which goes into the distance, to the border with Argentina.

The hard-surfaced road ends in the village of Villa-O’Higgins, but you can jump into the boat that floats along the aquamarine water. This ship will bring you to the glacier O’Higgins: a place where you involuntarily feel like a dwarf – watching the riot of geological processes of superhuman scale and strength.

  • Best time: January – March
  • Degree of route difficulty: moderate – difficult 

Speedway Shimanami-Kaido, from the island of Honshu to the island of Shikoku, Japan

Traveling in Japan by bicycle on Shimans-Kaido – children’s toys

Drive through the Inner Sea of​​Japan – through six islands, leaving behind the fishing villages and blooming citrus groves of Hassaka – along a grandiose suspension bridge: all this is Shimanami-Kaido (toll motorway).

Even if you do not know how to read Japanese hieroglyphs, meticulously constructed tables will tell you how to ride a bicycle from Imabari to Onomichi in just one day. And there are also off-road bike routes – which will surely awaken the spirit of adventure in you – and lead to one of the tiny islands where you will discover the abundance of fresh seafood – and then spend the night in a ryokan (a traditional Japanese hotel).

  • Best time: July – September
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: easy – moderate 

Route de Grand Alpes, French Alps, France

Alpine bulls – the indigenous inhabitants of the French Alps: give way!

Poster landscapes with snow-capped peaks, alpine valleys and breathtaking French charm sea resorts meet on each of 684 kilometers – from the shores of Lake Leman to the sandy beaches of Cote d’Azur – the Route de Grande Alps, the Great Alpine Route.

An epicurean cyclist can eat high-produced Savoyese cheeses in the Alps – “rebloshon” or “bobor”, quench his thirst with local wines – while someone else may prefer to save energy reserves that are clearly needed to conquer the steep ascent of the Col d’Isãoire. On an empty stomach or on a full body, but drive along the winding roads there – in any case, a feat!

  • Best time: June – October
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: complex 

From Putney to Weybridge, Greater London, UK

Get out of town – and enjoy a countryside bike route along the Thames

If you happen to stay in Greater London – rather run away from smog and make yourself a fascinating trip along the Thames to the west and then along the banks of the River Wei. Instead of London buses, you will have a steam ferry in Hampton, instead of houses – forest glades, and instead of main interchanges – a park labyrinth in front of the Hampton Court Palace.

Well, the route is a route, and sometimes it’s not a sin to chain the bicycle to a pole stronger, order oysters fresher – and enjoy them, as well as views of the Thames, leaning back in the pub of The Anglers in Walton-on-Thames, in the county Surrey.

  • Best time: May – August
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: moderate 

Pamir Highway, Pamir, Tajikistan / Kyrgyzstan / Afghanistan / China

Pamir peaks will remain in sight throughout the entire adventure trip along the Pamir Highway

Feel that there is nothing better than riding a bicycle ride on the world, having set out on a journey in the footsteps of ancient merchants in the shadow of the “roof of the world” – as the local people call the Pamirs, mountains on the border of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and China; Where the Pamir Highway passes, M-41.

The journey begins – and if so, goodbye, the modern capital of Tajikistan that abounds in the attributes of comfortable life is Dushanbe; Go along the Pyanj River to the borders of Afganistan – and try to spot the Pamir Archar, the ram Marco Polo in the wide Bacchanar Corridor; then you come to the Kyrgyz city of Osh.

The seeming endless road curls and curls – and now you see the hills of green hills dotted with yurts, whiteness of which contrasts particularly brightly with the orange-colored shores of Lake Issyk-Kul.

  • Best time: May-October
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: high 

Camino de Santiago, Galicia, Spain

For the sake of pilgrimage or for pleasure – go on the route Camino de Santiago

And one more cycling tour in Europe! Go on a pilgrimage along the French Route, as a “bisignrin” (that is, a pilgrim on a “biciclet”, a bicycle). This is one of the several popular cycling routes of the Camino de Santiago.Connect your hollowed gourd-bottle to your luggage and get a shell, a symbol of pilgrimage, then leave Pamplona,​​famous for your annual bull race, directly to Santiago de Compostela.

Once in front of the famous images of pilgrims to Alto del Perdón (Hill of Forgiveness), leave all your worries, forget about cares – and roll yourself through olive groves and vineyards. As the tradition dictates, leave a pebble or two on the steep pass of Cruz de Ferro, cleanse the soul – and forward, through the green Galician mountains. Glorifying by fielding and forest trails, you will properly appreciate a moment of rest – especially accompanied by Galician cuisine (octopus and potatoes) in Sebreiro. 

From Monte de Gozo (Mount of Joy) the spiers of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela are visible; Look at them properly – hurray, this is the first time you finally saw it!

  • Best time: May – June
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: moderate 

Central railway route to Otago, South Island, New Zealand

The stunning Roksburg gorge on the Central railway route to Otago

Summer landscapes landscapes of the South New Zealand Island with gold colors, in the spring there are visible spots of wild thyme, and in autumn and winter the trees are painted in all shades of red – and in the blue skies, to the snow-capped peaks, smoke from the chimneys rises. Previously, the local gold mining industry held on to this branch line, but now the Otago railway-bicycle route has turned into a territory that bikers master – through tunnels and windy viaducts, from which open views of the vast expanses and canyons pierced by rivers – like the Roxburgh gorge.

Allow yourself to drink a glass in Chatto Creek Tavern – and then either lie down in a hammock to rest. Or send your own (about the brand do not forget!) Postcards from the smallest of the functioning post offices of New Zealand.

  • Best time: November – March
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: easy 

Rajasthan, India

Change the blue streets of Yodpur to the distant road

Allow yourself to succumb to the charms of Northern India – since you have undertaken to explore the mysteries of Rajasthan on a bicycle. Make yourself a plan for cycling trips from Yodpur to Udaipur – depending on whether you have a desire to see local amazing palaces – or you are more interested in the countryside.

The trip to the impressive Mehrangarh fort, towering over 120 meters above the blue-painted streets of Yodpur, is only a prelude to the beauties that you will see in the course of your cycling trip – a woman from the rabari tribe that lives in remote villages Zhozhavar, quaint architectural details that decorated the temples of Ranakpur, as well as the luxurious hotel Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur.

  • Best time: October – March
  • Degree of difficulty of the route: moderate – complex 

Colorado Trail, Colorado, United States

Stay face to face with nature – on the Colorado Trail

Prepare yourself for the fact that the road then dives down, then climbs to the highest elevation – from the Waterton Canyon to Durango, all the time through the countryside and landscapes one is more picturesque than the other. Do not miss the deep green beaver ponds of Elk Creek at the foot of the giddy Peak Vestal. Replenish energy reserves in the quiet town of Leadville or arrange a holiday in the hot springs of Chok Creek.

Be sure to grab the route map and pay attention to the signs indicating the detour, so as not to enter the protected areas, where you can not ride a bicycle.

  • Best time: July – August
  • Degree of route difficulty: moderate

And a little more about cycling routes

Many people have a very wrong understanding of the term “cycling”, which they identify with the sport of higher achievements, for example, with the famous Tour de France, which from year to year will finish on the Champs Elysees. In fact, when it comes to cycling, it’s worth talking about them as one of the types of outdoor activities, and it can be with different extremes.

Bicycle journey as a fascinating adventure

It’s one thing when a two-wheeled tour is carried out lightly under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor and with a minimum amount of “hardship and deprivation”, the other is when the group is a “combat detachment” of tourists with backpacks and tents behind their shoulders, inspired by the romance of cooking and spending the night in Forest. At them thus the unique bonus – the skilled instructor who will intervene in a course of events only in an exceptional case. 

What is the beauty of traveling on bicycles? It is difficult to imagine a more unique type of active recreation, incorporating a pleasant process of improving health in the fresh air and an indescribable pleasure from the constant learning of new geographical places. Add here its accessibility and relatively democratic financial component.

All this gives an opportunity for domestic tourists to touch the historical relics of the countries visited, twirling their bicycle pedals and feeling pleasant pain in the calf muscles and back. For those who are ready to feel such feelings on themselves, we will try to help you decide on the most demanded directions for bike tours.

Alpine roads for non-aligned Switzerland

This hospitable European state is extraordinarily attractive for fans of bike adventures, thanks to an ideal infrastructure and a wonderful microclimate. Everything is done here so that each person can find a “sparing” route for himself.

 Beginners will enjoy the tours “traced” along the famous local lakes mainly on the flat terrain. But those whose physical preparation is not in doubt, it will be easy to overcome the road difficulties caused by mountainous landscapes. And what an amazing sight will be revealed to them? Rivers and lakes with crystal water, amazing in the beauty of the valley and mountain rides, tiny villages – all this leaves an unforgettable mark in the soul of every cycling tourist.

Do you want specifics? Then choose, for example, a tour from picturesque Geneva to Lake Constance. It is quite extreme, as it assumes daily to overcome up to seventy kilometers, but the local beauties stand there – mysterious centuries-old monasteries and azure alpine lakes do not leave anyone indifferent.

Belgian sketches

Very attractive bicycles are rich in beauty Belgium. Here, the professional power of the legendary Lance Armstrong is not required, since acquaintance with the sights of the historical regions of Wallonia and Flanders will take place exclusively along the flat expanses. And the purpose of cycling routes is simple – acquaintance with local beauties should be slow and measured. Add here an absolutely safe ride on a two-wheeled vehicle, because for him the tracks are laid far from the highways.

Such a quiet pace of travel allows you to fully enjoy, both the warmth of the countryside and the romance of the streets of Ghent, Antwerp or Bruges. This European state is so small in comparison with the Russian expanses that a bicycle acquaintance with it is often combined with a detailed study of its geographic neighbors. Therefore, joint tours in Belgium are very in demand with a visit to Germany, Holland or France.

Slovenian Romance

The geographical “metric” of Slovenia makes it possible to build a unique bicycle route from the foot of the Alps to the warm Mediterranean Sea, without crossing state borders. On the way, tourists come in contact with the natural resources of the homeland of the famous writer Franz Prešern and architect Jože Plečnik.

This is Triglav Mountain, legendary lake Bled, and thermal springs known to every European, and ancient castles, where every stone silently keeps more than one secret. A beautiful local landscape, picturesque wineries with an indispensable tasting of fine wines – all this creates a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere during the cycle, and the warm and dry weather in summer “makes” many fans to turn the pedals when choosing from possible European routes to stay exactly in Slovenia.

Special paints of the wild nature of the country of Suomi

Bike tours in Finland are a simple way to get to know all the splendor of local natural resources. Route geometry will take place among a number of lakes in the middle of the country, absorbing the virgin beauty of the wild.

During the run of tourists, a visit to the city of Savonlinna, “hiding” immediately on seven islands, and to the cultural center of Kuopio is waiting. And then the local guides will drive the bike tourists along the forest “arteries” with indispensable water procedures in the lakes with crystal water during halts. On their way tourists will meet many more sights of the country of Suomi, which is very “worried” about the fans of cycling, slowly twisting the pedals, both on specially designed bicycle paths, and on excellent rural tracts with minimal traffic. 

Tourists always have a choice – a road with an impeccable asphalt pavement or forest paths and clearings amid an abundance of berries, flowers and mushrooms. Yes, and spending the night in tents on the camp site will add additional romantic notes to such an active holiday.


Such biking tours are offered by the tourism industry of many European countries. Only a few directions are considered, and in fact, tourist “monsters” like Italy, Holland, France are waiting for tourists on a two-wheeled vehicle.

Take, for example, Poland and the Czech Republic, which are particularly attracted by their history full of secrets and mysteries. In these countries, much is being done to not only transplant their citizens to bicycles, but also to attract foreign tourists with new original routes.

But still the final choice of the tour always remains for a specific person. It’s up to him to decide what country he has in his turn to meet! It’s so cool – to increase the track record of your tourist wins by twisting the pedals.

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