Best Snowshoe Bindings Reviews 2022

5 Best Snowshoe Bindings Reviews 2022




Editor Rating

GV Snowshoes Ratchet

Fit perfectly



GV Snowshoes Rubber

Good quality



Marc’s Snowshoe Bindings

Lightweight, durable



GV Snowshoes Double Use

Very affordable



GV Snowshoes Asymmetrical

Fit large boots easily



Which would be your best snowshoe bindings?

Who said that the only way for you to enjoy snow and winter, plus the serenity and the beauty of the season is through snowboarding or skiing?

There is a new sport on the mountains, and you have to make sure that you do not have a repeat of last season’s disaster. Remember how the snowshoe bindings let you down even after making an expensive purchase of the snowshoe bindings only to find that they were a total waste of money? Well, it’s clear that you don’t want a misguided selection or a repeat of the same misfortune. We also know one thing, right now, you are looking for only the best snowshoe bindings.

You are in the right place, to say the least. The first thing you ought to know is that snowshoeing is becoming a favorite winter sport. As it races to outgrow snowboarding and skiing in some parts of the world, you have to make sure that you are among the best in the sport.

If that doesn’t shake you to action, think about this, compared to skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing is one of the most inexpensive winter sports. The shoes are affordable since they lack add-ons. A good snowshoe has a deck, a frame, and bindings. Besides the affordability, anyone can do it. All you need to have is a good pair of snowshoes and comfortable snowshoe bindings.

Snowshoeing also poses a little risk to injury and it is an incredible way for you to exert some extra energy in winter.

If you are still grappling with your previous loss, wondering what you did wrong, we have an answer – the bindings were a mess. In as much as you buy the greatest snowshoes, they won’t serve you well if you don’t have the right bindings for the snowshoes. You have to get the right snowshoe bindings to match the design of your snowshoes.

If you are new to all this, we can tell that you aren’t the only one feeling lost – snowshoe bindings refer to the systems that help hold your feet in place. They attach to the decks and the frames of the snowshoes. They are variable in their construction but, whichever design you wish to get your feet in, the bindings should have the capacity to hold/ keep your snowshoes firmly on your feet.

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1.GV Snowshoes Ratchet Technology Snowshoe Bindings – Fit perfectly – Editor’s best choice

The right snowshoe bindings mark the line between a good snowshoeing expedition and a bad one. But, who would want to go through a bad experience when they can get the best bindings on the market? If you have been looking for snowshoe bindings, you may want to stop and consider these GV Snowshoes Ratchet Technology Snowshoe Bindings.

They are made of Olefin, a synthetic fiber that comes from polyolefin (e.g. polypropylene and polyethylene). It is strong, comfortable and has colorfastness. It is also resistant to abrasion, mildew, and staining. It is also resistant to UV radiation from the sun. Olefin is used in the snowshoe bindings because it has low moisture absorption and it can wick away moisture and dry quickly.

These bindings are adjustable with a double ratchet and are easy to put on and rake off. The bindings are ideal for all wooden snowshoes because they fit all them too well. For a better grip on hard snow, these bindings have crampon.

They also fit aluminum snowshoes, and they come in pairs.


  • They are affordable.
  • The ratcheting buckles work well.
  • They are easy to wear and get off.
  • They fit perfectly.


  • ​They do not come with washers that go under the bolt which goes through the base of the binding.
  • ​The bolts are also short.

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2. GV Snowshoes Rubber Snowshoe Bindings – good quality

For a great snowshoeing day, you have to get comfortable and well-hinged bindings. These rubber snowshoe bindings offer just the right amount of comfort for your shoe size.

Rubber bindings are lightweight and 100 percent waterproof making them perfect for use in snow. Unfortunately, they aren’t adjustable, and they may reduce blood flow to your toes.

You can take them out easily and wearing them isn’t a hassle either. The rubber bindings fit all wooden snowshoes as well. They also fit every other kind of shoes on the market. When you get the finest quality, you will love your snowshoeing experience. The #4 bindings fit men’s shoes ranging from sizes 7 to 12.


  • Putting on shoes is easy. Taking them off is also easy.
  • The rubber bindings are of good quality.
  • They do not need adjustments.
  • They are durable.


  • ​They do not come with laces anymore, and the fit may be a little off.

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3. Marc’s Snowshoe Bindings – lightweight, durable

When you find a good thing, keep it. Some of the best things in life do not last for too long but, there are the ones that last a very long time and remain in great shape even after several uses. One such thing is Marc’s Snowshoe Binding. Its UHMW construction makes it indestructible in any weather. This means that you get to enjoy the best snowshoeing experience every year.

In case you are wondering, UHMW is an Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, a subset of thermoplastic polyethylene. It has a high molecular weight and also has the highest impact strength. It is also resistant to corrosion from all chemicals except oxidizing acids.

These bindings offer a positive steering control, and they are easily worn or taken off. UHMW makes these bindings superior to any leather or rubber bindings. They are very durable, and your boot is held in place with two nylon straps that come with infinitely adjustable spring buckles. They attach to the snowshoe with two screws on each side.

In case you need another reason for trusting these bindings – they are in use by the Marine Warden Service. They also come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Good quality bindings.
  • Easy to install, wear and take off.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are durable.


  • ​The screws are a little too short, and you have to get long screws from the hardware store.

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4. GV Snowshoes Double Use Style Snowshoe Bindings – very affordable

These bindings are made out of nylon and olefin meaning that they are excellent for use in wet conditions. They will last long providing needed comfort and security in the roughest terrains.

You can put them on and take them off easily saving you from possible frost bite. The bindings also fit all wooden snowshoes. Therefore, you can look forward to your next snowshoeing expedition knowing that you will not have to worry about the bindings not fitting, being too heavy, too wet, and non-adjustable.

The other important feature of these GV Snowshoes Double Use Style Snowshoe Bindings is that they serve two purposes at once and you don’t have to buy separate snowshoes or snowshoe bindings.


  • 2-in-1 – these are snowshoes which double as snowshoe bindings.
  • They are very affordable.
  • The bindings have straps long enough to fit all shoe and foot sizes.
  • They are tough and durable.
  • Easy to install, wear and get them off.


  • ​Limited stock.

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5. GV Snowshoes Asymmetrical Snowshoe Bindings – fit large boots easily

These asymmetrical snowshoe bindings are made of olefin, a tough, low-moisture absorption, abrasion resistant and durable. You can put them on easily and take them off with an equal level of simplicity.

The bindings fit all wooden snowshoes and weigh 2 pounds. They are a size large and mostly used by men. Though asymmetrical, they have an ergonomic binding which keeps the foot centered. It also adjusts to all types of footwear.


  • Ergonomic design keeping your foot aligned whether going uphill or downhill.
  • Easy to put on and take off even when wearing mittens.
  • They fit large boots easily.
  • The ratchet’s quick-release system works well.


  • ​The screws require washers.

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Types of snowshoe bindings

Production companies produce different designs of snowshoe bindings, but the two most notable designs are the fixed and the free rotation snowshoe bindings.

Free/ floating snowshoes bindings

These bindings have pivot points where they attach to the decking – usually under the balls of your feet. The movement under the balls of your feet allows you to walk albeit naturally and to climb hills. With these bindings, the amount that bindings pivot will vary among different models. The most common bindings have attachments with metal rods, and they pivot at about 90 degrees or more. As a result, the tails of the snowshoes (ends) fall away as you step. This means that you shed snow as you move reducing leg fatigue.

At the same time, the free rotation allows for tracking/ steering in deep snow. This also works well to position your boots for kicking steps in the steeper slopes. Unfortunately, free snowshoe bindings are awkward especially when climbing over logs.

Fixed snowshoe bindings

These bindings come connected using heavy-duty rubber/ neoprene bands, and they do not pivot very much. This binding brings with it the snowshoe tails up with every step giving you comfortable strides. With this, you can climb on obstacles and back up easily. On the downside, they kick up snow on the back of your legs.

Native snowshoe bindings

These have been in use for centuries, and they use natural materials. The result is a comfortable and an efficient pair of snowshoes. The frames of native snowshoe bindings are made from wood and oil-soaked manila rope. The design of these native snowshoe bindings makes it easy for you to get them out. A simple twist of your foot will get them off safely.

How to choose the best snowshoe bindings

The use

Rather than wonder about the type of snowshoe bindings you need, consider what you will use the bindings for. The bindings work for mountain hiking, trail walking, backcountry exploring, snow running, or speed traveling. Which activity do you need the bindings for?

Material used

  • LeatherLeather bindings are simple and very durable. They will also cover a wider surface area meaning that they are very comfortable. They are also easy to adjust, and they will fit almost everyone. Unfortunately, they are expensive and heavier. They also lack a hands-free on and off feature.
  • LampwickTraditionally, lampwick is hide, and now, it is better known by the term cotton lamp wicking. Lampwick bindings are very practical and tied with a 1-inch cord. They are the most favorite because they offer a secure fit, they are light, they are economical, simple, and have a hands-free on and off allowance.The only reason why you may want to avoid this kind of bindings is that they take on water and freeze meaning that you have to use the bindings often to soften them. When frozen, the bindings can also reduce blood flow to the toes. The other issue is that they are specific to one user and would have to be re-tied to fit another user.


Rubber bindings are relatively light, simple, and they are easy to put on or get off. They fit a narrow range of feet with no adjustments. They are preferable because they are 100 percent waterproof thus the perfect choice for the spring thaw. On the downside, you cannot adjust rubber snowshoe bindings, and they must go through permanent modifications to fit. They are also unsuitable for climbing since they do not offer secure attachment to the foot.

Pro Tip: the material used in the design of the snowshoe bindings should be lightweight but durable, comfortable, easily replaceable and easy to put on and to remove.

Selling companies

Many companies sell snowshoe bindings but, you have to make sure that you buy from the best company. Some of the leading companies include Crescent Moon Snowshoes, Faber Snowshoes, and Redfeather Snowshoes.

Snowshoe footwear

You have to keep in mind the kind of footwear to put on before you get the bindings. Fortunately, most snowshoe bindings are built in a way that makes them perfect for wearing with hiking boots or snowboard boots. Whether you get snowshoes for mountaineering or for running, you will find bindings that work for those shoes.

Pro tip: make sure you get warm boots that are comfortable but stiff providing the right amount of ankle support. This will make snowshoeing, even more, fun and less stressful.

The frame and the decking

It is important to mention the frame and the decking because they make up the snowshoe together with the bindings.

The most popular snowshoes have aluminum frames as well as synthetic decking. The decks often feature nylon or rubber to make them light and responsive. There are other snowshoes with a composite frame and an integrated hard decking material – they tend to be strong.

Pro tip: aluminum frame snowshoes come in multiple sizes while composite snowshoes come in one size.

Security and comfort

If you are going out mountaineering, you have to consider getting bindings that will offer a high level of security. On the other hand, if you are heading out for a snowshoeing trip through a less aggressive terrain, you have to go for bindings that offer maximum comfort.

Pro tip: as you consider the security and the comfort levels afforded by the bindings, keep in mind the durability as well as the ease of use.


Always go for snowshoes and bindings that appear simple in design. There should be a little potential of things that could break. The bindings and the shoes should be lightweight too.


To enjoy this new and exciting winter sport, snowshoeing, you have to get the best snowshoe bindings. Even though there are various designs, you should look for the best bindings which are lightweight, durable, comfortable and able to offer a level of security to your feet.

Getting the best snowshoes bindings is important because snowshoeing is fun, inexpensive and has a low record of accidents.

Among these five snowshoe bindings, the GV Snowshoes Ratchet Technology Snowshoe Bindings by GV Snowshoes comes highly recommended. We also recommend them because they are long lasting thanks to their construction from Olefin, an almost indestructible material with low moisture absorption capability. It’s also abrasion resistant and a suitable choice for binding material in snow.

It is also easy to wear and to take it off. The other reason for the recommendation – why we think of this as the best binding is that it fits all wooden snowshoes. It also comes with crampon that offers better grip on hard snow.

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