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Best Tactical Vest Reviews 2018

A tactical vest defines workflow for law enforcement officers, trophy hunters, officers in combats and marine on missions and battles. Without it, you will not be able to carry enough ammo.

Tactical vests are quite pricey owing to the material that is used on them. Therefore, you have to choose the best tactical vest on the market. The quality must be superior and the purchase worth the price.

So, whether you are getting a tactical vest for paintballing, serious shooting, survival or tactical training, aim for the best on the market. Of course, its purpose will also determine the cost and the design of the vest.

Shooters, hunters and law enforcement officers understand that a tactical vest is crucial because it is the perfect item for storing and carrying accessories, gear, and ammunition. Not all vests are made equal. Some have more pockets than others while there are vests which have pockets on the rear which you can use for your hydration bladder. The sizes vary too, and some may be more comfortable than others may. Because of the design and functional differences, you have to be careful when looking for the ideal tactical vest.

Tactical vests refer those outfitted vests that store and carry tactical gear. They are ideal for storing magazines, ammunition, handcuffs, flashlights and other tactical gear.

These vests are ideal for survivalists, soldiers, and law enforcement officers, but they can also work for paintballers, campers, hunters, and gun enthusiasts.

Best Tactical Vest Reviews 2018




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Numerous highly functional


Lightweight, easy to wear


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1. UTG Tactical Vest - fits almost all body sizes and heights

For law enforcement officers to protect us when on duty, internationally or locally, they have to wear the best quality protective gear in the form of tactical vests. 

This UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest by UTG has a durable rescue handle with maximum strength making then dependable in most field operations.

The strength of this tactical vest results from the use of high quality, high-denier polyester fabric. The stitching along the seams is reliable and waterproof as is the polyester fabric.

 A camouflage tactical vest has an adjustable girth and length. It is, therefore a one-size fits most vest.

Rifle mag pouches: the functionality of a vest relies on the number of pouches available. This vest meets the needs of every officer with its four deluxe adjustable rifle mag pouches. Three of the pouches are on the left, and one is on the right.  The pouches feature a universal design.

The pouches are highly functional, and each pouch can hold one or two popular mags with ease. To secure the mags in place, the pouches have a hook-and-loop closure as well as drain holes and elastic.

This tactical vest features one deluxe universal cross-draw holster whose position is adjustable. The holster comes with extra hook-and-loop attachable modular double-mag pouches, which you can interchange with the holster. Both the holster and the double pouches feature belt loops making it easy and ready for carrying.

Extra carrying space: to pack extra tools and gear, this tactical vest has a heavy-duty back loop system. This system has two other large internal zippered pouches ideal for documents and maps.

Besides the one-size fits most adjustable length and girth design, you will feel comfortable wearing this vest because of its ventilation system. It has a signature mesh ventilation system that releases heat and moisture. This keeps it comfortable even in the toughest operations.

The vest comes with the highest quality zippers.


  • It is sturdy and it won’t look old or get torn even after a year of exposure in extreme conditions.
  • It has multiple pouches to hold your magazines, maps, and other documents. It also has a universal pistol holster. They all secure mags and tools in place.
  • It is comfortable, and it fits almost all body sizes and heights. The breathable mesh increases its comfort.
  • It works perfectly for hunting as well, and it is highly adjustabl.


  • The Velcro is a little noisy and the one holding the pistol holster weak.
  • It cannot hold plates although you can adjust it and wear it over a carrier plate.

This YAKEDA Tactical CS Field Vest is ideal for use in mountaineering, fashion, outdoor travel and activities as well as Cosplay of Counter-Strike Games. You can also use it for target shooting law enforcement as well as Paint Ball and Airsoft. This versatility of use stems from the vest’s lightweight design. It is an ultra-lightweight tactical vest.

Pouches: It has multiple pouches and plug-in systems making it easy for you to store tools in a well-organized and a reasonable manner. The vest has three rifle mag pouches on the right and one on the left.  It features a universal design allowing every pouch to hold either one or two mags. The hook-and-loop closures, the elastic and the drain holes secure mags tightly.

The vest also features one universal deluxe cross-draw holster that comes in an adjustable position. The two large and zippered pouches on the inner side of the vest are perfect for documents.

You can disassemble some of the pouches meaning that the vest conveniently meets your needs. To keep all your items secure, you can use add accessories on the molle straps.

Strong and durable design: The ability to hold a substantial amount of weight regardless of being ultra-lightweight comes from the vest’s sturdy construction with 600D/1000D encryption polyester and nylon fabrics. There also are vests made using the official Cordura/ Multicam authorization fabric plus nylon webbing.

This vest is comfortable thanks to the incorporation of strong UTX YKK zipper and a buckle. Comfort also comes from an adjustable fit from the left and the right sides of the vest with webbing. The adult vest comes in S- XXL sizes. For comfort, you can make it loose to allow freedom of movement but tight enough for a secure and proper access to tools and equipment.


  • It is easy to wear thanks to the buckle, the straps, and the zipper.
  • It is a high-quality tactical vest that lasts a long time because it is made using 600D/1000D encrypted polyester and nylon.
  • It is comfortable because of the design, which is breathable, lightweight and adjustable.
  • It has multiple strong pouches that keep the mags secure thanks to the drain holes, hook-and-loop closures and the elastic.


  • The gun holster appears cheap, and it does not fit all guns.
  • It has no room for armor plates.

3. Yakeda Counter Strike Game Tactical Vest - rnumerous highly functional

For field play, target shooting, paintball, airsoft, and law enforcement, you may consider getting this Yakeda Tactical Vest. An adjustable vest fits most people from size S to XXL.

Thanks to the vest’s adjustability, you can adjust it to fit you comfortably. It has a maximum chest size of 50 inches, and you can adjust it to fit your shoulder and waist size.

The vest is durable, and you can expect it to weather through tough conditions thanks to the use of 900D high-density nylon in the vest’s design. Its tough construction and the lining with thick PVC lined nylon increases the vest’s tensile strength making it resistant to wear and tear.

This vest is highly functional, and as a multiple duty vest, it comes with flexible and removable pouches. The pouches can carry three standard magazine pouches as well as a map and flashlight pouches. The vest comes with two communication pouches plus a medic pouch. All the pouches are removable. Since they are removable, you can always get rid of unnecessary pouches when you do not need them.

The vest also features molle, a modular lightweight load-carrying system with a powerful suspension belt to strengthen tactical load bearing. It has a designed magic VELCRO that makes it easy to wear the vest.

The fully adjustable Velcro attachment on both sides of the vest’s body and the shoulders boost comfort of the vest. The high quality 10mm PE foam padding adds cushioning on the airsoft battle as well as the paintball game and law enforcement.

The vest’s fast escape and the quick-release buckle on the waist and the shoulder also make it easy to wear the vest. You can remove the PVC to enhance the durability of the vest and to make it light in weight.


  • It is of superior quality thanks to the use of 900D high-denier nylon.
  • It is a multi-purpose vest with numerous highly functional (and removable pouches).
  • Small armor plates fit under it perfectly.
  • It is lightweight and breathable hence comfortable.


  • The side buckle straps are short.
  • It isn’t the best vest for intense army action.

4. Yakeda Army Fans Tactical Vest - lightweight, easy to wear

This Yakeda Army Fans Tactical Vest is one of best outdoor tactical vests that works well as a SWAT tactical vest, or a special forces combat training vest.

Comfortable design: This highly functional vest fits most adults, and it is adjustable for most adults. You can wear it as a small or an XXL vest. Though adjustable, it limits use in individuals with a girth measuring 53 inches and length above 22.5 inches. The smallest waist size that fits this vest comfortably is 33 inches and a length of 20.5 inches. For it to fit your waist and shoulder size, simply adjust the long Velcro strips.

You get to adjust the width from the right and left sides of the vest using the webbing.

 The other feature that makes this vest comfortable is the lightweight design. Though expected to weather through tough conditions, you will not feel as if the vest is dragging you down.

Durability: this vest takes care of your need to save money by ensuring that you get value for your money when using this vest. It is sturdy, and the use of good wear 600D high denier polyester fabric ensures that. This fabric is heat resistant as well. It is a camouflage material with strips across the back.

Accessories: this vest is superior to other vests on the market. It comes with a double-ply mesh on the rear, which allows you to carry a hydration bladder. There is a carrying handle in there too.

Storage compartments: pouches are the primary storage compartments in vests, and this vest comes with enough pockets for secret service operations, missions, combat training, military, and battles.

The right side of the vest has three ammo pouches, a large pouch for carrying shells and a shooting pad. On the left side, there is piston holster that fits most medium-framed pistols and three pistol mag pouches. The mag pouches are adjustable in height to fit most normal sized-mags. The mag pouches feature hook-and-loop closures, drain holes and elastic, all of which ensure that the mags stay in position throughout.

The vest also features two metal D-rings, which allow for the attachment of carabineers and other equipment. For additional gear, you have two large internal zippered document or map pouches.


  • High-quality and a heavy-duty Yakeda vest made using 600D polyester hence capable of handling tough condition during training/ combat.
  • It has several pouches for mags, which are easy to use, and the mags easily accessible. The pistol holster holds most medium-sized pistols. It also features a hydration panel.
  • It is lightweight, easy to wear and highly adjustable hence comfortable.
  • It has a high-quality Velcro that lasts long.


  • The shell carrier is missing from some vests.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty tactical vest for law enforcement or target shooting, then you may want to consider buying this vest. It has a design that is hard to compromise, and it will hold well in the roughest conditions. The outer fabric is the vest is made of 900D high-density nylon with superior construction. It has a thick PVC lined nylon that offers a high tensile strength and a high wear-resisting ability.

On the inner side, the vest is quilted for comfort. This internal construction protects athletes and officers from sustaining injuries.

Functionality: besides the stealth construction that offers protection, the functional strength of a tactical vest lies in the number of available pockets. This vest meets this need with all the multiple duty pouches present. There are numerous pockets and which are huge enough to fill all mags and accessories. It also has magazine pouches as well as pouches for a map and a flashlight.

There also is a medic utility pouch, a baton pouch, handcuff pouch and a holster that fits most standard frame pistols.

Adjustability: It is an adjustable tactical vest, which fits most adults whose sizes range from S to XXL. It has a maximum chest size of 65 inches, and you can adjust it easily to fit your shoulders and waist size.

This vest also features a Modular Lightweight Load Carrying System Molle with a powerful suspension belt that strengthens tactical load bearing. It is also designed with a magic Velcro on the front of the vest. This Velcro is available for identifiers and patches.


  • It fits comfortably, and you can adjust it, so it fits your body easily.
  • It is easy to wear and remove thanks to the quick release and the fast escape on the shoulder and waist.
  • It is going to last for years thanks to the 900D high-density nylon and PVC lining of the vest.
  • It has multiple pockets to fit all your gear and accessories.


  • It is all black, and it gets too warm.

How did we pick the best tactical vest?

All tactical vests come with one general design: sleeveless, black or camouflage, and with several pockets. It is wise to buy them from a trusted dealer seeing, as they are not exactly cheap. However, this does not mean that the most expensive vest will be the best. Despite the general design and basic functions, the vests may appear and function differently when used by different people hence this review.

By putting design and functional features into account, we came up with five tactical vests. We aim to give you an idea of what the best vest out there. We consider an optimal balance of features and the specifications when checking out tactical vests.

We believe that the best tactical vests are the one with multiple pockets to hold enough ammo, magazines and other accessories.  It should weigh less than five pounds. Since you will need to use it in a harsh environment, it should have a sturdy construction to withstand the toughest conditions. For this reason, we recommend tactical vests made using high-density, heavy-duty and high-denier polyester or nylon. PVC lining is a plus because it will keep you safe from injuries.

Regardless of the size, the weight and the material used, we used four features to determine what makes the best tactical vest.

  • Storage and carrying pouches that can be sealed off tightly to keep mags and ammo secure.
  • Velcro strips and adjustable buckle straps.
  • Adjustable sizes or at least vests that fit most people.
  • Presence of rear pocket for a hydration bladder.

In addition to these, there should be pouches on the right and the left sides of the vests, and it should be easy to wear.

Storage and carrying pouches – from our search pouches make tactical vests. The vest’s primary purpose is to hold items, and it only makes sense to choose a vest with the maximum possible number of high-quality pouches. Most of these pouches come with hook-and-loop closures, drain holes or elastic which keep your ammo secure. We also came across vests with removable pouches. The presence of removable pouches in some vests makes those vests ideal for use by paintballers and gun lobbyists.

Looking at the adjustability, we recommend the most adjustable vest, which comes with adjustable straps. Even though most vests are one-size-fits-all, straps are pertinent for the perfect fit and comfort.

Comfort: even when in a tumultuous part of the world, you can use a level of comfort. For comfort, tactical vests are made using breathable material. Quilted lining on the interior adds comfort. We noted that most vests are black and they may get too warm in desert conditions even when made using breathable meshes.

Other than these features, we also considered online reviews and credible consumer reports to ensure that our list consists of the best vests.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Tactical Vest


If you get an ill-fitting vest, it will feel stiff and uncomfortable making the task at hand impossible. Therefore, you should look for a tactical vest you can customize to fit your chest, waist and shoulder dimensions.

Pro tip: A good vest gives you freedom of movement, and the best have adjustable sizes. Adjustment of the size is made possible by chest, waist and shoulder straps.  Fortunately, most tactical vests are one size fits most

Deluxe vests

These tactical vests have fully featured designs. They are made using specialized materials, which are indestructible. Deluxe tactical vests are the most secure and safe vests, and they are fireproof and waterproof.

Some of these vests have straps, which you can sit off easily in case of an emergency. Therefore, these vests work well for military operations. Though heavy and durable, deluxe vests are lightweight.

Pro tip: when looking for a deluxe tactical vest, ensure that it comes with extra holsters. A deluxe vest lets a left-handed user keep the holster on the left, and a right-handed person will keep the holster on the right. The position of the holster is essential for comfort and survival.

Type of tactical vest

There are multi-functional and plate carrier vests. Multi-functional vests have multiple pockets and accessories, a universal pistol holster and they lack ballistic protection. On the other hand, plate carrier tactical vests allow you to carry plates keeping you protected if you walk into an army exchange.

For you to benefit from the vest, it has to have essential features that make it functional. The vest should make it easy for you to access items and it should distribute the weight of your essentials evenly.

Tip: regardless of the type of vest chosen, you should ensure that it comes with all the features you need in a vest. Holsters and pockets are necessary for storage of ammo, mags, food, maps, and other tactical or fun gear.


The fabric used in the production of a tactical vest will determine the functionality, durability, and the level of protection it offers. The most common fabric used is nylon, which is durable and lightweight. A nylon mesh is used because it is breathable.

There also are vests made using PVC over the nylon mesh. The use of PVC keeps the vest tear and strain resistant. It is durable, and it holds a significant amount of weight. There also are vests made using rubber surfaces.

Pro tip: the material used in the production of the vest should keep the vest comfortable even in hot and humid conditions. The fabric should also withstand harsh conditions.


What do you need the vest for? The purpose of the vest determines the capacity. You need to consider the amount of water, ammo, medical kits, compasses and phones you will carry.

Pro tip: overnight missions require more capacity than missions carried out in the day.


With a tactical vest, you can carry and store items you need in combat training, when on a mission, in law enforcement and for fun when paintballing. You require the vest because it comes with multiple pockets to hold all your gear and accessories.

The vest also keeps you safe from direct contact with the ground. If you work in the army, a deluxe tactical vest is what you need to stay alive. The plated carrier also keeps you safe in the battlefield.

Out of these five tactical vests, UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest comes out as the best tactical vest. It is durable and lightweight, and it fits most sizes. It has multiple pockets for weapons, accessories, and food. Its signature mesh ventilation system facilitates the release of heat and moisture making the vest comfortable even in humid conditions.

It has high-quality zippers and a universal cross-draw pistol holder that is in an adjustable position.

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  • I opt to UTG Tactical Vest and I ensure with you guys you need this instead of those expensive vests. It is specially designed with multi-compartments for carry a lot of stuff. I don’t expect it to have but it turns out I like the optional double magazine pouch a lot. I usually shoot a long gun right-handed but I am left-handed originally. There is absolutely no issue with this vest. Just take off the holster and put on the optional pouch and now I have 6 pouches to carry 12 Magpul Gen2 magazines. I bought a UTG left-handed leg holster for my Springfield XDM 9mm. This vest is of very good quality comes at affordable price. You won’t be sorry.

  • I am not in military but I do have some of my friends who have served war in Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment. All gears on which they usually have when practicing range includes gloves, goggles / glasses, and this tactical vest are important to them. Since the gloves affect trigger and grip; goggles/glasses affect sight; and the vest determines the flow of ammunition along with the convenience of life-saving equipment, it would be best if these gear are high-quality and used professionally.

    When this vest came, I immediately compare with other similar products. I must say I am very skeptical about what I bought. At first, I tried it on and it was too stiff and the Velcro is noisy when I move slightly. This UTG vest is not light at all. Also, I find it is really difficult when adjusting the side straps and using the belt. I must ask for help for putting this on.

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