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Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

Fishing is a sport that demands a lot of patience and time, but finally getting to hook a wild fish gives you a rush of excitement and a sense of happiness unique to such sport. However, victory will often go to those who invest in the right equipment and that includes getting yourself the motor battery for your boat. Fishing is just a hobby, yes but it never hurts to put you on the edge. Besides, what could be more rewarding than having more fish on the stringer?

A trolling motor battery is one of the most crucial elements you need so you can make most of your boat whenever you go out fishing. Unlike car or truck batteries, both of which runs a short-cycle, trolling batteries are heavy-duty: offering incredible power back-up and performance.

Choosing the trolling motor battery for your boat, however, is not as easy as shooting fish in a barrel especially when there are a lot of options that are almost similar to one another. Hence, this article will be your guide.

It is our mission that you will have a clear sailing time finding the best trolling motor battery so you can have a more enjoyable time fishing as soon as possible! Thus, we hunted down five of the best trolling motor batteries based on positive ratings, superior performance, and value for your money. We covered each battery’s strong and weak points so you can achieve a deeper comprehension whether it is the one that suits your boat and preferred application. So read up and enjoy!

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews 2018



Editor Rating


12 volt capacity with 750 amperes

12v capacity with 100Ah, High discharge rate

12v capacity with 100Ah, A lifespan of 8-10 years

925 CCA at zero Fahrenheit while 1 100 CA at 32°F

35Ah and 20-hour runtime

The Optima Batteries 8016 – 103 is currently the world’s no. 1 best-seller! Manufactured with a 12 volt capacity with 750 amperes, this AGM battery is powerful enough to crank up your trolling motor anytime! The Optima Batteries 8016 – 103 is a dual purpose battery: it can be used for starting applications as well as deep cycle operations. With its patented technology, Spiral Cell, this battery can recharge faster and deliver more battery life compared to traditional vehicle batteries. You can expect ultra high performance from this battery even if it has been stagnant for a year or two. Its discharge rate is less even if kept below room temperature.

In addition, the Optima Batteries 8016 – 103 only weighs 43.5 lbs. and measures 10” x 6 7/8” x 7 13/16” and hence you won’t have to worry about overloading your boat! Made with a durable and fully-sealed case, this battery is 15x more resistant to vibrations.

You won’t have to worry about spills either since this battery is leak, water, and maintenance-free. Since it’s leak-free, you can place such a clean and eco-friendly battery high, low, or at any angle convenient.


  • 12 volt capacity with 750 amperes
  • Deep cycle
  • Super fast charging
  • Well-suited for boats with a high-accessory load
  • Features dual SAE and stainless steel stud posts
  • Patented Spiral Cell tech
  • 15 times more resistant to vibration
  • Enclosed in a fully sealed case
  • Spill-free and water resistant
  • No maintenance needed
  • Compact and lightweight


  • May overheat when overcharged
  • Valve may open to release excess gas during overcharging
  • Performs best in smaller boats

Universal batteries are made of rigid quality control battery standards and the UB12100 – 45978 is certainly not an exception. It is without a doubt an affordable choice too! But what made its way to the popularity ladder is the fact that it is built specifically for a high rate discharge.

The Universal UB121000 – 45978 is a deep cycle AGM battery that is manufactured with 12v capacity with 100Ah. What is more, it is multi-functional. You can use it for your camper, solar setup, and whatnot. Likewise, you can mount this AGM battery in any position that is most convenient for you. Unfortunately, it is weighty so you have to consider its placement beforehand. Moreover, the Universal UB12100 – 45978 leak and spill-proof. Since it is maintenance-free, you don’t have to worry about its upkeep.


  • 12v capacity with 100Ah
  • Deep cycle
  • Does not spill or leak
  • Can be used in multiple functions
  • High discharge rate
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Battery for your bucks


  • Not holding a full charge
  • Very heavy – must be fixated in one location

If you are on a hunt for an all-rounder that can cater varying needs, then the VMAX MR127 is the best trolling motor battery for you. The VMAX MR127 is a deep cycle 12v battery AGM battery with 100Ah. This battery can fit into any trolling motor battery box under group 27.

The VMAX MR127 is an excellent choice for small and large boats. That aside, you can use this battery to run an electric vehicle, provide power during a power outage, etc. When used in low speeds, it can operate up to 12 hours. It is manageable and maintenance-free! Plus, it has convenient gripping handles.

Furthermore, the VMAX MR127 has an exemplary construction: its plates are protected by heavy-duty Tank seals.

Both the chemical and physical structures of its plates underwent a special treatment and hence guarantees 100% free of contaminants. Due to this, the VMAX MR127 has a tough, reliable grid and hence, performance is increased. Its combination of tin and lead also augments its longevity up to 10 years. The VMAX MR127 preserves electrolytes and guarantees non-toxicity since it is devoid of silica gels and other contaminants.


  • 12v capacity with 100Ah
  • Deep cycle
  • Fast charging
  • Well-suited for both small and large boats
  • Multi-purpose heavy-duty battery
  • 12-hour runtime
  • Includes gripping handles for carrying
  • Tank seals protect its plates
  • Leak-proof and maintenance-free
  • A lifespan of 8-10 years


  • Weighs 70 lbs.

The Exide XMC-31 is among the most impressive batteries you can ever find in the market today and surely this marine battery is built to last for years to come. It includes a two-year free replacement warranty, which is a rare feature. When it comes to its performance, this battery boasts a power rate of 925 CCA at zero Fahrenheit while 1 100 CA at 32°F. You can rely on this battery even in sub-zero weather.

That aside, this battery’s biggest strength lies in its 200-minute reserve capacity. It charges very fast too so you can use it again without having to wait long. Moreover, the Exide XMC-31 is well-suited for both starting applications and deep cycle operations. You can also use it to start heavy equipment, generate power in your home during a power outage, etc. Beyond its superb performance, the Exide XMC-31 is shock resistant. Its thick, sturdy exterior chassis prevents vibrations and other environmental factors that could affect the quality of the battery.


  • 925 CCA at zero Fahrenheit while 1 100 CA at 32°F
  • Charges fast and retains more power
  • 200-minute reserve capacity
  • Exhibits durable exterior
  • Shock resistant
  • Unaffected by temperature changes
  • Can be used for starting applications and deep cycle operations
  • Comes with a two-year free replacement warranty


  • Expensive

As its name suggests, the Sealed Lead Acid AGM battery is well-sealed and hence, there is no risk of spills and leaks. This battery is manufactured with a low-calcium grid alloy that promotes a recombination rate of 99% hydrogen and oxygen. The gasses are recombined to guarantee that the electrolytes in your battery are preserved and recycled.

If you hate adding distilled water or worrying about your battery’s electrolyte levels, this battery is definitely for you. The Sealed Lead Acid is absolutely maintenance-free!

In addition, this battery is rated 35Ah and has a runtime of 20 hours, which means you can enjoy a whole day trolling! This battery is a little heavy but it is definitely your go-to battery when you’re in a budget crunch.


  • 35Ah and 20-hour runtime
  • Flame-arresting feature
  • Leak and spill-free
  • Maintenance-free
  • Includes ergonomic handles
  • Shock and vibration resistance


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Not suited for cold climates

Benefits of Using a Trolling Motor Battery

Reliability and Durability

With a good trolling motor battery, you can enjoy the liberty of going almost anywhere without any trouble due to its heavy-duty performance. Such battery won’t collapse or bust. You won’t have to be concerned with spills or leaks either. Unlike other batteries, a trolling motor battery is designed to absorb the vibrations produced by the motor. It features a highly durable electrically-welded case as well. They may be more expensive than marine batteries, but they surely provide superior performance.

Deliverance of Charge

A reliable trolling motor battery is capable to deliver in various situations. Likewise, such battery only takes a few hours to charge, which means lower electricity cost.

Deep Cycle

A trolling motor battery’s capability to deliver a full cycle and achieve a full charge again what makes it stand out from most batteries. Regular ones tend to heat up due to the pressure and only end up in the trash. Also, know that a battery with an ideal deep cycle performance promises long-term use.

What to Look For

DeepAh/Ampere Hours

The number of ampere-hours that a trolling motor battery is rated tells how much electrical power it can store. This gauges the total amount of time it can power the trolling motor.  A deep cycle trolling motor battery can reach up to 100 amp hours. The more ampere-hours your battery has, the longer it can power your motor.

If you have a big boat and you aim for deep-water fishing, then you will need a high-power rated battery. With regards to low-water fishing, a high amount of power will be excess. 

Design and Construction

Batteries range in design and construction. The best trolling motor battery should be durable and reliable. It should be cased with a heavy-duty plastic casing to provide the battery protection against vibration as well as insulation. Likewise, the best trolling motor battery should be light. Otherwise, it will slow down your boat. More power does not necessarily mean your battery has to be huge and bulky.

Power System

The battery’s power system is another crucial metric to consider. So before you make a purchase, be aware of the demands of your battery’s power system. A majority of deep cycle batteries are manufactured at 12-volt capacity.


The best trolling motor battery should be maintenance-free and hence makes them more convenient to own than maintenance-heavy batteries. Modern AGM, lithium-ion and gel batteries don’t require any maintenance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a few factors to consider when purchasing a trolling motor battery. If you need a new one, don’t just choose a brand that your friend recommends. It may be the best for him, but it is probably not the trolling motor battery for your boating needs.

Yes, it can be a challenge to choose one particular trolling motor battery that will fit your particular needs. Therefore, we made sure you can get the know-how through this article. Now that you have been given some tips and have already known which ones are among the best models in the market today, the final decision is up to your preferences and of course, your budget.

If you somehow assume that the best trolling motor battery for you is somewhat more expensive, don’t be discouraged! Know that in the end, it will be profitable as it provides superb performance and lasts longer than its competitors.
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