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Well-ventilated with flaps


‘What is life?’ The answers to this question vary. For most people, the answer depends on the experiences they go through. In my case, my definition of life is simple; life is the little and the big moments that you can’t put any monetary value to. This is the reason why I love adventure.

While you can do a lot in the name of adventure, none of those beat camping. And, I am not talking about the old-fashioned camping style where you sleep on the ground, I’m referring to making a home in the wild using the best truck tent.

Don’t you think the outdoor industry players continually meet all out needs by considering our little issues outdoors? Just think about it, since it gets uncomfortable to sleep on a hard and rugged ground, they made truck tents for us. You no longer have to lie down on wet ground or get woken up by flooding water if it rains, thanks to truck tents.

To meet your needs, innovators are making more and more innovative truck tents, also called SUV tents. This means that regardless of what you do, there is always something for someone.

The best SUV tents fit in most trucks, minivans, SUVs and also pickups and they offer more convenience than standards ground tents. The other reason why most campers are looking for truck tents is that the best truck tents fit more than one person making them more convenient.

They also offer superior protection from the rain and insects. They also have simple set ups, and since they come raised off the ground, you won’t feel as cold. Also, sleeping in the car is more comfortable, and all you need is an airbed or a comfortable foam mattress.

1. Rightline Gear 110750 Truck Tent - strong, stable under strong winds

Just because you are going out camping doesn’t mean that you need to sleep on the ground. When camping, sleeping in the trunk of your car is far safe especially when the ground is wet or when you have an inherent fear of sleeping out in the wild.

If you are looking for a truck tent for your next camping trip or road trip, you may want to get this Rightline Gear 110750 Full-Size Short Truck Bed Tent.

This tent has a floorless design, and this allows you to set up the tent without having to remove any gear from the bed. This floorless design also makes for easy setup of the tent. The tent attaches to the sides of the truck. The floorless design also prevents the tent from picking up grime and dirt from the trunk bed.

But, before you make a purchase, ensure that you go through the application guide in the tent’s technical specifications section for confirmation of whether the tent fits your truck or not. You cannot buy a truck tent blindly.

Besides the availability of tents in different sizes for different trucks, you will have to find a tent whose attachment poles won’t damage your car’s finish. This is possible because of the heavy and protective duty straps made of polypropylene as well as nylon buckles.

We mentioned easy setup; well, this tent comes with color coded poles plus pole pockets which simplify the setup process since you don’t have to guess what goes where. Bringing down and folding the tent is also easy. Since the tent comes with a stuff sack, your trunk will look presentable once you are ready to pull down the tent.

The tent’s fabric is tough, and it is weatherproof. It is also waterproof thanks to the water resistant PU 2000mm fabric with tape sealed seams. Therefore, even if it rains, you will be dry throughout the night or day. It also comes with a rainfly which is important for water proofing and ventilation.

 The tent comfortably accommodates two adults.


  • It is easy to set up and take down.
  • It is strong and stable even under strong winds.
  • It is weather resistant.
  • It is lightweight.


  • The tent doesn’t fit some beds.

2. Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Truck Tent - roomy, heavy-duty fabric

Anyone who has been on a road trip knows that paying for a hotel room is expensive. In the spirit of cutting costs, you will want to look for an affordable sleeping arrangement. For most of us, camping is the cheaper accommodation alternative to hotel rooms.

So, rather than deal with the hotels, you should make plans to sleep in a trunk tent such as this Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent. This tent accommodates four adults with two people sleeping in the SUV’s cargo area.

You can use it with a crossover, a minivan, a wagon, a pickup, or a Jeep Wrangler hard top. It has an adjustable vehicle sleeve which fits around a Wrangler’s hard top easily.

Inside the SUV, the tent has upper and lower sleeves’ straps which help in attachment as well as adjustment for a perfect fit. This tent doesn’t jeopardize your privacy thanks to the storm covers. These covers are also great for weather protection.

As one of the best truck tents on the market, it offers easy access to the vehicle’s cargo area because of the truck’s tail gate which opens into the SUV’s tent.

For convenience, this truck tent has gear pockets that let you stow away your phone, keys or jewelry. There also is a lantern hook for hanging your lantern or flashlight.

You won’t have to struggle to reach for the zipper in the dark because the tent comes with glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls.

The other unique feature of this truck tent is the PE bathtub floor. This material is strong, and you won’t have to get any ground tarp. Setup of the tent is easy, and you can attach it to your truck with or without the roof rack.

The fabric used in construction is water resistant, and it has tape sealed seams. Ventilation comes from the large windows and the doors with no-see-um mesh.


  • Easy to setup and put away.
  • It is roomy and works well for tall people.
  • Heavy-duty fabric and constructionIt is affordable.


  • The zipper catches fabric when zipping and unzipping, it also breaks.
  • You need to secure it with magnets to prevent mosquitoes.

3. Sportz Truck Tent - has protectors

After sleeping on the wet ground, you wouldn’t want a repeat of the same misfortune. For comfortable sleep on a dry surface, you have to get the best truck tent. This Sportz Truck Tent is one of the best tents on the market.

It is a spacious tent that holds a maximum of two people. It has a 5.6 feet headroom and the only truck tent on the market with a sewn-in floor. It also comes with a large rear access panel that allows for easy access to the truck’s cab. This access offers extra storage.

For ventilation, this truck tent has two mesh windows as well as side vents. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about suffocation. The ventilation system also makes this the perfect tent for anyone with claustrophobia.

Installation of this tent is easy, and you don’t need any guide ropes. Instead of guide ropes, this tent comes with a 4’x4’ shade awning which secures to the tailgate allowing for setting up everywhere. The tent also comes with color coded pole and sleeve systems which make for fast set up.

To protect your truck, this tent comes with a set of strap protectors. The protectors also offer extra protection against the tent’s straps.

 Cleaning the tent is easy because it has a patented sewn floor. This floor also means that you can put your bed in the tent without having to clean it thoroughly.


  • It is roomy, and it can accommodate two people effortlessly.
  • The setup process is easy thanks to the color-coded poles and the shade awning.
  • It is stable even in high winds by the beach or out in the wilderness
  • It has protectors to prevent scratching of your truck or the bed.


  • The company’s customer service isn’t the best.

4. Explorer 2 SUV Truck Tent - easy access to the car’s rear

There are many ways of enjoying the outdoors, but camping remains one of the best ways to get in touch with nature. When camping, you get to enjoy fresh air, and it could be the perfect time for you to sit back and relax. Do you even remember the last time you stargazed? Well, perhaps it’s time for you and your partner to take a step back and enjoy the night outdoors. You can also do it alone.

The best part is that you don’t have to sleep on the ground because the best trunk tent lets you sleep off the ground. While there are numerous SUV tents on the market, this Explorer 2 SUV Tent remains to be a favorite for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The tent has one of the easiest setup procedures. This tent has a bungy cord with plastic coated hooks that attach to the vehicle’s under-frame easily.

The tent’s outer panels fold up and tie back meaning that this tent offers a maximum level of ventilation. Even though the tent offers maximum ventilation, it doesn’t compromise on your privacy. You can also zip and tie the outer door panels at the bottom corners of the tent for privacy.

If you have a fear of insects or you just dislike spending time outdoors because of insects, then, you will like this tent and its ability to keep out insects. This is possible thanks to the no-see-um insect screen.

Access into and out of the tent is easy as a result of the tent’s inverted T layout on the insect screen. There also are two-way zippers which make for easy access into the vehicle’s rear.

The tent’s polyester fabric is durable and flame resistant; making this one of the best truck tents on the market.


  • It is easy to setup and use.
  • It is weatherproof, and it doesn’t leak or budge under strong winds.
  • It keeps out bugs.
  • It is convenient and makes for easy access to the car’s rear.


  • It doesn’t come with magnets.
  • It doesn’t fit a Honda Odyssey.

5. Smittybilt Folded Truck Tent - well-ventilated with flaps

It’s time to say good bye to sleeping on the ground when out camping thanks to the innovation and the design of truck tents. A truck tent lets you sleep in your trunk’s trunk when out camping.

This Smittybilt 2783 Folded Tent is one of the best trunk tents on the market constructed to last. The construction fabric is heavy duty rip-stop polyester which is waterproof. The ripstop polyester is impregnated with polyurethane hence the tent’s durability. The fabrics are also the reason why the tent is UV resistant.

Besides the tent’s fabric, the tent comes with anodized aluminum tent poles with stainless steel hinges. The use of stainless steel and anodized aluminum poles is responsible for the strength of the tent as well as its weatherproof properties.

This tent is easy to set up, and it is the perfect tent for all-year use. For installation, the tent comes with a dual aluminum track and U-clamps. The tracks are universal.

It comes with a lightweight and a waterproof 420D Oxford flysheet w/4mm. The fly sheet features spring steel durable poles plus tension rods.

The other reason why we like this truck tent is that it comes with a high-density fire-retardant foam mattress with a removable cover. The bed fits three people easily.

It also comes with a sturdy storage bag and a telescoping ladder.


  • It is weatherproof and remains sturdy even in strong winds.
  • It is water resistant.
  • Well-ventilated with flaps for airflow.
  • The mesh screens keep out bugs.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • The ladder is too tall.
  • The Velcro straps fray easily.
  • The replacement parts aren’t affordable.

How did we pick the best truck tent?

There is an increase in the number of truck tents on the market as well as truck tent companies. What this means is that it is getting harder to find the best trunk tent. The truth, however, is that the tents work in the same basic manner by attaching to the truck of the car. You will only note differences in how the tents attach to the car, their efficiency in keeping out insects and their access systems.

This review and our recommendations for trucks tents are meant to highlight the trunk tents with the best balance of size and design specifications, the functionality and the best features exhibited by the tents.

That said, here is what we think of the best truck tents. The best truck tents are those that fit in the trunk of your truck with ease – they don’t fit in the trunk of one car model, but they are versatile, and as long as the car’s size specifications are right, the tents fits on it right. Most of us change cars often, and at other times, you may go out camping with a friend’s car – the best tent will fit in either car easily.

Also, the best tents are the ones with a capacity to hold two or three people, they protect the car, and the price is right. While a tent represents the most important outdoor gear, you shouldn’t break the bank just to get a good tent. A great tent is available to you at a price you can afford. From this review, you can tell that we have a slight preference for truck tents that fit all trucks and minivans as well as tents with seamless construction designs. Also, our preferable truck tents are waterproof and weather resistant.

In summary, regardless of the size and the cost of the tent, we identified the best tents by considering features like:

  • The fabric that makes up the tent.
  • The actual size and the space of the tent.
  • Windows and mesh screens which offer ventilation while keeping out bugs.
  • The presence or absence of a rainfly.
  • The ease of setting up the tent.
  • The material used in the construction of the poles.
  • The weather and water resistance features of the tent.

We also considered the reputation of the manufacturing companies and only recommended reputable companies that have been on the market for some time. Though the name of the company matters, professional reviews from legitimate users also played a big role in determining the best tents for trucks.

We also noted that while we may like SUV tents that cover the whole trunk, there also are tents that fit the truck but also have space on the ground. The latter have more space and hold up to four people.

It is also important that we picked the best tents after considering the strength of the tent fabrics. The access system into the tent from the rear also played a significant role in our choice of tents.

 Finally, like every other American, the value for money matters. It is for this reason that we paid significant attention to the warranty offered by the manufacturers.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Truck Tent

It doesn’t matter how good a tent looks; you have to analyze the features the tent offers other than looks. To help you, here is a list of the main factors to consider

The setup system

You don’t want to struggle to put up a tent in the rain, do you? The good thing with truck tents is that the best come with simple setup systems. While the manufacturer states how easy it is to set up the tent, you should also check to see what the experiences of other users have been like. The setup system for a truck roof tent is different from that of a truck bed tent.

Pro tip: Consider getting a tent that comes with pre-attached poles and pre-drilled holes for easy attachment and setup. You can also check setup demos online. Don’t forget to read, ask or watch how to bring down the tent the easy way.

Ventilation system

If you are claustrophobic, then you know that the first thing to look out for when buying a tent is the ventilation system. And, even when you don’t fear closed spaces; you fear suffocation, don’t you? So, you have to get a tent with an excellent ventilation system.

Expert tip: Look out for tents with screens that open easily. You can also get the ones with mesh panels. Just make sure that the mesh will still keep insects out.


This depends on the number of people going out camping. If you go camping alone, then, a small and a lightweight tent will be your best bet. However, you will need a bigger tent for more than one person.

Pro tip: manufacturers often overestimate the number of people that fit in a tent. For comfort, you should consider getting a truck tent for three or four people if you two of you need to use and fit in the tent. A tent that fits you when you are standing is the best.


Will the cot fit your body? If you are tall, will it accommodate your full length? To avoid sleeping with your legs tucked all night long, get a camping cot that fits your body.

Pro tip: for your comfort, look for a bigger cot. You should also look for high cots because you will have extra storage space under the cot. This helps in de-cluttering the tent especially if you’ll be sharing the tent. Keep in mind the width of the cot for the comfort of your shoulders.


This is one of the most important features of an SUV or a truck tent. The rainfly keeps the tent dry.

Pro tip: choose the latest tent models as they come with full rain fly systems which are more efficient in keeping the tent dry.


The material used in the construction of the truck tent determines its characteristics of waterproofing, weatherproofing and durability. The best SUV tent is of a high quality because of its design and construction using sturdy materials. The most reliable tents have high-denier nylon or polyester fabric construction. Others have polyester impregnated with polyester which makes it even more resistant to tearing and damage from UV rays.

 You may also want to get a tent made of ripstop nylon for longevity. The best fabric will not tear or get blown away by strong winds?

Pro tip: durable truck tents have full tapered seams to prevent ripping. When looking at the materials, you need to consider getting a tent whose design can withstand all weather conditions. The best tent works during all seasons, but you can consider the compatibility of the tent with the weather too.


Some tents are heavier than others, and they make set up a little harder. Since four-season tents have heavier construction materials, they are heavier than summer tents.

Pro tip: consider the type of tent. If you are going out to hike, get a lightweight tent made of light materials like nylon.


A truck tent lets you enjoy the outdoors without having to sleep on the dry, rugged, or wet ground. While sleeping on the ground is the standard camping sleeping arrangement for most campers, it isn’t the most comfortable arrangement.

You may also consider getting a camping cot but, when you have a truck or even a minivan, you only need to invest in a good truck tent.

The best trunk tent isn’t just perfect for camping, if you are on a road trip, you can easily sleep in the truck’s trunk if you have a truck tent. This isn’t just fun; it is also a cost effective traveling solution. The only thing you’ll have to do is to get to find a safe place to pack and sleep. You will also like the fact that the best truck tents fit at least two people.

After reviewing these five tents, we have a winner. Our best truck tent is the Rightline Gear 110750 Truck Tent. Its winning features include the floorless design which makes for easy setup and also pulling down.

The floorless design also prevents the tent from picking up dirt or grime. This tent also comes with protective straps and buckles that safeguard your truck’s finish. You will also like the rainfly and the color coded poles that simplify installation.

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