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Best Wide Cycling Shoes Reviews 2018

The Best Wide Cycling Shoes For Men And Women

Cycling is a fun activity and one that you can do virtually anywhere. The fun thing about cycling is that it does not feel like exercise, and so most people keep at it longer than they do the gym. You can explore nature on your bike, or cross the country if you like.

Heck, you could even move to a new country (New Zealand comes to mind) and explore the most beautiful landscape on Earth. Seeing that your bike will go places a car cannot, you will have the best view; just you, your bike, and your wide cycling shoes.

Before you get adventurous, the bike shop will be your first stop. Bikes are an easy find because you will only need to ask experts for their advice on dimensions. The devil is in the shoes. How do cycling shoes differ from trainers? The cleat on cycling shoes makes all the difference. A pair designated for biking will include the cleat that you can clip on the pedal to aid in movement.

The shoes we have in stores are mostly standard; same size shoebox, same cleat adjustment range, and even the same uninspired colors (But who cares about aesthetics? Me). As someone with ‘wide foot syndrome,’ I will tell you this free: he or she who finds a cycling pair that fits the foot snugly finds a good thing.

Wide feet are just that: wider than ‘normal,’ and so the owners go the extra mile when looking for shoes. The shoebox is the area of contention. In wide fitting cycling shoes, that part is made larger, so that it is almost the size of the rest of the shoe in width. This way, your toes will not be squished in your shoes, and you will not be cringing and cursing the entire trail.

5 Best Wide Cycling Shoes Reviews for Men




Editor Rating

Synthetic, imported


Leather, comfortable


Lightweight, durable


High-quality, anti-microbial


Durable, Fiberglass-reinforced


1. Shimano SHR065 Cycling Shoes - synthetic, imported

Shimano SHR065 is simple, yet sturdy and functional. It is predominantly black, and the design does not tell much about the kind of shoe it is. The details are hidden.

It is super light so that it does not wear out. The material, synthetic fiber leather, is breathable and they have a mesh on the exterior. Inside, the shoe has an integrated aeration system to allow air in and out without compromising its integrity. Your feet stay fresh and dry throughout your ride, which most long distance cyclists understand only too well.

The lightweight polyamide sole is fiberglass-reinforced for comfort. The sole is flat to offer the entire foot uniform cushioning. The padding in the inner sole makes this pair quite comfortable for riding.

The bottom part of Shimano SHR065 is ergonomic for all makes of bikes, with a wide cleat adjustment range to connect to clipless pedals. The sole does not have the most desired grip, and so they are not ideal for walking. This might be a problem for mountain bikers who need to take a break off the pedals.


  • Aerated to keep feet fresh and comfortable.
  • Double buckling to keep them in place.


  • ​They do not have a good grip and are, therefore, not meant to walk in.

2. Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoes - leather, comfortable

This pair looks like the regular shoes you would wear anywhere. With their specs, they could pass for trainers. They are all black with a few orange patches that give them the distinct look of sophistication.

They are made of leather, with a microfiber and mesh upper for breathability. The leather material makes them water-resistant.

The shoebox is wide enough to accommodate wide feet snugly while the Velcro straps help tighten them to fit comfortably if they feel a bit loose. The microfiber, with its flexibility, gives a precise fit that leaves enough space to wiggle your toes.

The molded EVA innersole and footbed maximize comfort when wearing the shoe, and they align the entire foot properly to cater for those with foot concerns.

The outsole is made of rubber and has excellent traction for walking as well as riding. Even though the sole has an optimized cleat zone for stiffness, it also works great for those riding flat-pedaled bikes. This can be attributed to the traction.

The lacing system is normal Velcro, which will not work well with those competing in triathlons.


  • Breathable
  • Snug fit
  • Great traction


  • ​Lacing system may not be ideal for fast removal

3. Pearl iZUMi Cycling Shoes - lightweight, durable

The mesh on the outer part of the shoe makes it breathable, which is what every athlete wants in a pair of shoes. They are black, which you will agree is a convenient color given the nature of bike riding.

Combining the leather with nylon makes this shoe both breathable for comfort and water resistant. The contoured tongue enables more air to circulate in the shoe.

The outer sole is pure rubber, which makes them flexible and SPD (Shimano Pedaling System) compatible. This makes them not only ideal for indoor riding, but also the pair to go for when riding outside for long distances. The rubber sole also offers excellent traction for those following tricky trails that may require a bit of legwork.

The synthetic inner sole has a padded collar is for comfort, and it is arched just a little but to align the foot. It utilizes a 1:1 anatomic closure system that follows the anatomic shape of the foot to ease pressure in your instep. It was designed with an athlete in mind.

The lacing system, a triple buckle, ensures a perfect fit.


  • It takes the shape of the foot
  • Breathable and water resistant
  • Durable


  • ​You have to buy the cleats separately

4. Giro Treble II Cycling Shoes - high-quality, anti-microbial

Giro Treble II is not only available in black, but you can get it in yellow and white too. With a universal cleat mount system; this pair will accommodate both two and three boLT cleat patterns, which is something that most shoe manufacturers overlook.

It is made of leather, with a soft, padded inside being high-quality synthetic fiber. While the leather makes this shoe water-resistant, the fiber enhances breathability and comfort, especially when paired with the outer mesh on the exterior.

It is pretty light, weighing in at 290 grams, and it is available in various sizes. The molded EVA footbed offers excellent support to the arch of the heel and aligns the foot in such a way to prevent internal injuries.

It is roomy, particularly in the toes area to avoid cramping of the toes. The three-level buckle system is tight enough for a comfortable fit while making it possible to remove the shoes on impulse.

The outer sole is carbon fiber and therefore quite stiff. While this is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cycling, it is not great for walking. Mountain bikers who follow tough trails may find this a bit disconcerting.


  • Breathable
  • Durable material


  • ​Outer sole too stiff for walking

5. Shimano SHM065L Cycling Shoes - durable, fiberglass-reinforced

The synthetic leather that makes these shoes, makes them water resistant, without compromising their ability to stretch.

The mesh on the exterior of this bad boy enables breathing to keep the feet dry all day. It comes in black and has a double buckle that offers comfort without being too tight on the foot.

Then bottom part of the outer sole is rubber, which is ideal for two reasons. First, it lays a good foundation for the inner sole, seeing that it is not too rigid. Second, a rubber outer sole makes it possible to walk when you need to. Long distance cyclist and mountain bikers like taking a break from the pedal for a stretch, and this sole makes that possible.  These wide mountain bike shoes have good tread, and so you can count on the support in muddy areas.

The polyamide midsole plate is padded to balance the stiffness of the fiberglass-reinforced material and to enhance the comfort of the shoe. It takes the shape of your foot and improves your stroke.

The extra-large toe room accommodates wide feet without affecting the shoe size.


  • Large toe room
  • Breathable and durable material
  • Good traction


  • ​It comes with backing plates but no cleats.

5 Best Wide Cycling Shoes Reviews for Women




Editor Rating

Louis Garneau

Colorful, supportive sole





Pearl iZUMi

SPD compatible


Giro Riela R

Breathable, water resistant


Giro GF22180

Snug fit, comfortable


1. Louis Garneau Cycling Shoes - colorful, supportive sole

This model comes in various colors as if to appeal to the target market. Louis Garneau cycling shoes are not designated for that one activity. They have excellent traction thanks to the rubber outer sole--a feature that makes them ideal for other outdoor activities too.

The toe room is wide to provide wiggling room, but this does not affect the shoe size. The synthetic leather exterior is waterproof, and it is complemented by a mesh that enhances air circulation.

This is without taking into consideration the ventilated EVA insole that not only aids in airflow but also acts as a cushion for comfort and stability while pedaling.

The Multi Air Flex outsole is ventilated to keep the feet dry while easing pressure on the heel. It gives the feet a bounce for those who land on their heels and even takes off the pressure from the mid part of the foot.

The reflective heel is a good addition as it improves visibility at night. The HRS-80 retention system in this pair positions the heel for a powerful stroke. Louis Garneau cycling shoes are fitted with a backing system to secure a universal cleat.

It pair has three Velcro straps for a snug fit. I like Velcro straps because they are easy to undo especially when you are transitioning to the next activity.


  • Colorful
  • Supportive sole
  • Multi-functional


  • ​Quite pricey but durable

Shimano SH-RP2 Women's cycling shoes are leather-made, water resistant, but still flexible enough to allow your foot to move. They have the perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility, thanks to the lightweight fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole.

Even though the toe box is smaller than the one on men’s shoes, it still fits the foot perfectly, making the wearer comfortable and leaving enough space for movement.

The upper mesh keeps the feet dry and comfortable given their ability to manage airflow. The synthetic material on the exterior of this pair is lighter than real leather, and it has been treated for durability. This pair will set you back a good deal, but it will stay in great shape for years.

It is low-maintenance, and will only need a good wash, optimal drying, and storage in a dry place.

It is gender-specific, with an inner sole that literally hugs the foot and aligns it well to avoid straining the middle part. The inner sole is further padded for comfort.


  • Lightweight.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor cycling.
  • Has a wide cleat adjustment range to fit the pedal as per your liking.


  • ​It matches best with Shimano pedals as opposed to a universal spectrum.

3. Pearl Izumi Cycling Shoes - SPD compatible

This pair is black with a little purple definition at the front and oozes style. It is backed by three Velcro straps for quick fastening and removal, as well as a snug fit.

The exterior is made of synthetic leather while the mesh fabric breaks the monotony, not only for aesthetics but aeration as well. Leather--whether synthetic or genuine, is water resistant.

The inside of this shoe is mostly mesh and fabric to prevent heat from building up and also to enhance mobility.

The inner sole makes it a worthy buy that will last for years. The padded collar provides enough comfort and support from the stiff leather material that makes the exterior. The upper hardly stretches which is why it is advisable to buy one size up.

The sole is rubber and quite flexible for walking in. Pearl Izumi Women's cycling shoe is ideal for spin classes, outdoor cycling, mountain biking, and for triathlon athlete (thanks to the Velcro straps).

The 1:1 power plate is compatible with the entire range of (SPD) Shimano Pedal System. The cleat mounting area is already recessed, but you will need to buy the cleats separately.


  • Breathable and water resistant
  • SPD compatible
  • 1:1 anatomic closure takes to the shape of the foot.


  • ​They hardly stretch.

4. Giro Riela R Cycling Shoes - breathable, water resistant

This Giro pair is designed differently from other brands, but it conforms to the company’s style. Instead of the usual mesh, the company pokes holes for aeration, which is not only unique but effective too. The entire outer part is synthetic leather, which is both light and durable.

While the leather will prevent water from leaking in, it is certainly not advisable to sink your feet into water as that would be putting too much pressure on the shoe’s water resistance. This feature is only meant to act as a prevention plan for when it rains.

The insole is molded EVA and has minimum arch support for those with feet concerns. The padded collar allows perfect aeration for comfort and stability.

True to Giro’s culture, below the toe area are pre-drilled slots to accommodate steel toe spikes that come in handy in gnarly trails. To top that up, the outsole made of injected nylon provides just the right amount of stiffness to power a pedal while retaining the flexibility to walk when needed.

Three Velcro straps prevent the shoe from slipping off your foot, and they are also favored to laces as they enable a quick removal when you need to take a breather.


  • Cleat mounting area is recessed.
  • Breathable and water resistant.


  • ​They are a bit narrow, so it would be ideal to order a size up.

5. Giro GF22180 Cycling Shoes - snug fit, comfortable

This Giro pair is the only one you want when hitting the road on pedals. Synthetic leather exterior, mesh on the upper part for airflow, and a rubber sole with pedal compatibility is what you get when you purchase this pair. Granted it is not cheap, but then again, the quality is worth the investment.

The Aegis antimicrobial footbed has several advantages top among them the ability to allow in air and a padded bed that comforts the foot. This is part of what makes it ideal for long rides.

The outsole is injected nylon, which is a mixture of both stiff and flexible. The stiffness makes it possible to adapt to various pedaling systems and boost the foot’s upstroke while the flexibility makes this shoe comfortable to walk on.

It has a universal cleat mounting system which fits both three-bolt and two-bolt cleats. It is recessed to ensure comfort when you walk, but the clip will still make a little noise when walking on uncarpeted floors. They run small, and so you may want to order a size up.


  • Universal cleat mounting system
  • Snug fit and comfortable toe room


  • ​Too shiny

Factors to Consider When Buying Wide Cycling Shoes

Apart from size and fitting, there are other factors that you will need to consider. Some people swear by brands, but what matters to me is finding the ideal pair, regardless of who made it.

  • Material
    Cycling shoes, whether wide or not, need to be breathable. You will be taking long rides on your bike, which means that you will be sweating a tad bit more than usual, but mostly depending on the terrain and distance covered. For comfort, you will need a pair that is easily aerated, which will be determined by the inner and outer material.

  • "Clip-in" Technology
    The cleat on your shoe meets the pedal and attaches to give you fluid movements. In a way, clip-in shoes give you a better riding experience. They are particularly useful when your bike uses the clipless pedal system (like what you find on stationary bikes).

    With a clipless pedal, the cleat will connect the pedal and the shoe to make it easier to pull the pedal and to push it down, which essentially improves your stroke and helps you ride faster.

  • Lacing
    There are three main lacing systems for cycling shoes. You have the good ol’ Velcro straps, buckling, and BOA strapping. Velcro laces provide support, and you can tighten them to suit your liking. Buckling is easy to undo when you want to yank the shoes off your feet, and BOA is still quite new.

    This simple lacing system avoids contact with skin and is a super fast way of fastening your shoes. All three methods have their unique pros and cons, and the choice is purely personal. Choose what works best for you, and then find a pair that conforms.

  • Type Of Cycling
    Are you doing it for fun on weekends, covering long distances, riding a mountain bike on a rough trail, or are you competing in a triathlon? For fun rides, the shoes only need be comfortable. You may not be concerned with the cleat and clip-in technology as yours is purely fun and you are not looking to challenge your time.

    Long distances need comfortable shoes with the clip-in technology to help your strokes. The lacing may also matter, seeing that you need comfort and sturdiness. Velcro would do here.

    For the tri competitor, you will need, above all else, to be able to yank them off as fast as you can. So, lacing will play a significant role here. Buckles would be the fastest to undo. They should also have a softer sole so that you can wear them without sox should you wish. It is all about the transition.

  • Sole Flexibility
    The sole should be soft and flexible--especially for mountain bikers. You want it to adjust to landscape changes, and still be gentle enough to walk in when you have to get off your bike.

Which Do We Like Best?

Wide cycling shoes treat the toes right to give you a great biking experience. They are also designed with cyclists in mind, and they will conform to the requirements of your pedal.The best? Always a tough one, but we like Shimano SHR065 All-Around Sports Shoe Men's Cycling for the men’s section. Why is that so? The design is clean, material not only durable but breathable too, and the price is not too bad for a pair with its life expectancy.

In the women’s category, Louis Garneau Women's Multi-Air Flex Fitness/Mountain Cycling Shoe takes it for a compatible cleat mounting system, multi-function, and a super supportive sole that aligns itself with the foot. We did not hate the colors either. It sets you back a good amount, but what are good investments if they do not dent your pocket?

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  • I was a bit nervous on buying these wide cycling shoes online because Shimano is new to me but my pair of shoes is actually good. Size 7 is fine for me but sometimes, it goes up to 7.5. My pair of shoes is 39 and it just fits perfectly. When I wear thin socks, it feels a bit loose but I can get it solved easily. I like the adjustable Velcro a lot. If there is a suggestion that I should make, it would be an extra room in the toe box. That will make the cycling shoes more comfortable. Anyway, I would recommend these for anyone who are looking for a good quality pair of wide cycling shoes.

  • To me, Louis Garneau shoes is my first pair of cycling shoes. I usually wear a size 6 and my feet are relatively wide. Therefore, I need wide cycling shoes. I take my chance by listening to other’s piece of advice and order a 38. Turns out, they are perfect size for me. I use this pair of shoes for spinning class and riding bike. It is loose enough for my thumb to move a bit and prevents my feet from going numb. Be noted that there are brackets for the bottom of the shoes so you do not have to buy them separately. Louis Garneau is definitely one of the top brand for cycling shoes in the market.

    • The size I usually wear is 10 wide. Last week, I ordered an LG in a 41. It is so comfortable due to the quality of material. My feet were not squeezed at all. They are unlike with Shimano brand. In different weather condition, these pair of wide cycling shoes are still lightweight and easy to wear. I will keep it for mountain biking because it does not feel slippery on bike’s pedal at all. It is worth the price.

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