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Essential Camping Safety Hacks & Others

Safety Hacks

While the great outdoors is an amazing place to let loose and enjoy the bounty of nature, it is also important to incorporate these safety hacks to ensure safety and maximize the pleasure of your excursion by avoiding injuries:

  • 1. Campers are prone to calamities when out in the open and medical attention is often not easy to come by.
    If you sprain your wrist, wrap tissue paper around your wrist and thumb and generously plaster with duct tape. Wrap firmly but not so tight that the circulation is affected.

    Make a sling with duct tape and drape it around your neck. When somebody said duct tape could fix anything, they meant it!

  • 2. We all have momentary lapses when sitting under awnings and whack our heads when we stand up.
    A great way to avoid getting hurt is to cover the awning arms with foam swimming tubes. This way, you can enjoy sunny days in the shade without wreaking havoc on your head!

  • 3. Forgetting your whistle back at the camp when you urgently need to call out to your party can be highly exasperating.
    Try this: find an acorn cap. Make sure it is not cracked or deformed. Grab the acorn cap between your thumb and the index finger, with the inside of the cap facing you.

    Put your thumbs near the top of the acorn and the sides of the knuckles of your thumbs should be touching each other, forming a triangle. Put your lips on the top of your thumb knuckles and blow through the space between your knuckles. Practice blowing into your makeshift whistle till you get the right pitch!

  • 4. Stubbed toes and splinters in the feet are hard to avoid on camping excursions.
    Did you know you can get rid of a splinter using banana peel? Simply place a small piece of banana peel over the affected area and cover with a Band-Aid. The splinter will dissolve on its own.

  • 5. If you are planning to wander off in to the woods by yourself, use biodegradable tape to mark your trail so you can find your way back to camp.

  • 6. Make mini first aid kits for each backpacker by storing the necessary paraphernalia, such as band aids, tiny packets of medicine and burn cream, inside prescription bottles.

Miscellaneous Hacks

  • 1. 1-inch binder clips are perfect to clip around the cross poles of your tents, to secure the rain flaps, tarps, or even plastic sheeting over the tent to provide an added layer of insulation.

  • 2. A glue stick can offer innumerable solutions to dilemmas encountered outdoors: reattaching arrow nocks, patching a hole in your canoe or repairing fishing-rod tips.
    Poke a hole through a glue stick with a heated pin, and thread a key ring through it. This way, you know it’s always with you. Any time you need to make a repair, just heat one end and apply where needed.

  • 3. If you are acquainted with the movie “The Edge”, you must be aware of the fact that a metallic sewing needle can be used as an emergency compass.
    Magnetize the pointy end of the needle by rubbing it against a magnet and thread it through a cork. Float it in water and voila! You have a compass on hand!

  • 4. Did you know your plain old wristwatch can be used as a compass?
    Simply hold up your watch with the 12 o’clock turned at the left side while the hour hand is pointing towards the sun. Viewing from this position, the spot halfway between the hour hand and the 12-hour marker is the south.

  • 5. Music is an intrinsic part of camping trips, but listening to a song playing on your phone or MP3 player can be hard over the whistling of the winds and the thunder of rain.
    Instead of lugging around expensive speakers, simply put your device inside a glass or a ceramic mug and this will automatically amplify the sounds.

  • 6. Recheck your camping list to make sure you have packed a pair of Frisbees.
    Not only it will they give your team something fun to do but Frisbees can also double as plates, cutting boards and even an emergency shovel if need be!

  • 7. Camping is all about living it up!
    If you want to astound your friends or simply perk up the ambience, here’s how you can incorporate color to your evening fires (Hope you paid attention in chemistry!) Dilute coloring agents in water, plunge your fire wood in the solution and leave to sun-dry entirely before ignition.

    Use strontium chloride for red hues, Borax for yellowish green, copper chloride for blue, copper sulfate for green, magnesium sulfate for white, lithium chloride for carmine (deep red), potassium chloride for purple, calcium chloride for orange and sodium chloride (common salt) to get a yellow flame! Caution: Wear gloves before playing with chemicals and avoid cooking anything over these flames!

  • 8. The outdoors is a great place to have some quality family fun.
    Teach your kids how to make pretty bracelets by simply using duct tape. Wrap a band of tape around their wrists with the sticky side facing out. Have them assemble their favorite flowers and bond them to the tape. Little girls will be simply thrilled at the idea!

  • 9. If you overlooked packing AA batteries and suddenly a need springs up, you can always convert your AAA batteries to AA using aluminum foil.
    Scrunch up tiny foil balls and place them on the negative terminal of the battery connects. If you have enough foil to close the gaps, your device should turn on!

  • 10. Cleaning dirty plates and scouring pots is not a breeze when you are far from civilization.
    Throw caution to the wind and use sand to scrub off the worst of the grease before washing and rinsing them.

Whether you’re a die-hard camping soul or stay-in-the-comfort-zone individual, these ingenious camping hacks will not only bring great charm to your excursion but also turn it in to a luxury vacation.

So start packing your gear and working on these DIY projects. Even better, get the whole party involved and get a chance at bonding. Family time starts now!

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Samuel is a co-founder of Nature Immerse. If you want to enjoy the charm and beauty of ocean and mountain in different seasons or want to go hiking through the fragrant flora amidst breathtaking scenery, just follow his footstep for the exploration of nature.

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