Best Routes for Bicycle Tourists

Only you, your bike – and the serene Lofoten islands Calm fishing villages with typically Norwegian floating houses on stilts, cold water and majestic scenery: silhouettes of towering mountains. This is the Westfjord Route, passing through the Lofoten Islands: a breath of life-giving (salty) air and the most picturesque landscapes in the world for a … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Cycling

Whеthеr уоu wаnt to ride for leisure оr have decided to tаkе uр сусling at a mоrе соmреtitivе level, this article will have аll thе tiрѕ tо get you ѕtаrtеd. You аlwауѕ hеаr thаt you nеvеr fоrgеt tо ridе a bike. Whilе thаt may bе truе, whаt mоѕt реорlе dо nоt knоw iѕ how tо … Read more

Bass Fishing Secret – Pre Tournament Tactics

This article contains pre-tournament tactics used before a bass fishing tournament to help an angler locate the best areas which hold not only good numbers, but also big quality largemouth or smallmouth bass. This article also reveals strategies that I personally use to prepare for an upcoming event. I purposely write it to be short … Read more

How to organize a trip to the beach?

There are different places one can choose from, if they want to go for a holiday. You might end up choosing the beach, the game reserve, or the deep-water places. You have the opportunity to settle with the right offer but you need to ensure you plan it well. Some will end up failing miserably … Read more

Crossbow Hunting – Tips for Safety

Now that you know how to use your crossbow, it is time to learn about the safety tips. 1. Pointing the arrow is as serious as shooting it. Keep in mind that you should never, as in, not even when playing or practicing, point your bolt at anything that you do not have the intention … Read more

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