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INFOGRAPHIC – Fun Camping Activities

So what exactly do you do during camping? Why, have fun, of course! There are plenty of activities that you and your fellow campers can enjoy. Here are some great ideas to get you started from dawn until way after dusk.

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Go Hiking

What’s the point of camping if you are not going to get out there and explore? So strap on your hiking boots, put on your Indiana Jones’s hat and take with you a bottle of water and a camera. Make sure to map out your hiking route so that you will not get lost.

Some safety tips: Do it early in the morning (around 6 AM) so that it won’t be so hot and you won’t risk being in the middle of your hike come nightfall. Bring a granola bar in case you start to feel hungry. If the hike requires a guide, never venture out without one.

Play Nature-themed Games

Since you and your fellow campers have come to be one with nature, then you should at least make it fun. Some examples of nature-themed games are going on a scavenger hunt by making a list of “treasures” that you need to look for such as stones of a certain color, locating a beaver’s nest, and so on.

You can also play hide and seek using the bushes and trees as your hiding places but make sure that the campsite that you are in is perfectly safe and won’t get anyone lost or bitten by a wild animal.

Another fun suggestion is to do a “Hunger Games” themed game, wherein each person has a flag with his/her name on it tied to his/her waist and whoever is the last person whose flag stays intact is the winner.

Explore Nature

Observe how nature goes through daily life by positioning yourself comfortably with a pair of binoculars and a magnifying glass at hand. Go bird watching or any other animal watching as they go about their lives. Collect some leaves in a book and try to identify each kind. Pretend that you are a gatherer and collect some nuts, berries, pine cones, flowers, rocks or anything else that captures your fancy.

Try the Campsite’s Recreational Activities

Many campsites usually have a host of fun games and activities that you can try, such as wall climbing, archery, boating or kayaking, horseback riding, and so on. While you are there you can go ahead and try them all, or at least the ones you feel comfortable doing.

Before going to the camp, set aside some money as budget for recreational activities that you might like at the campsite. Research on the campsite online to check out their price list and available activities.

Bring Out the Board Games

If you need to catch up on your breath, save some energy for more fun and games later or if the weather suddenly became less friendly, then you and your fellow campers may want to play old school board games.

However, if you were not able to bring some board games, all you need is a pen and some paper to play lots of fun group games such as Charades, Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Another activity you can enjoy is playing card games with your friends inside the tent. This is a wonderfully fun and cozy activity when it is pouring outside.

Splash Around

For campsites that have a pool, lake or a nearby beach then you will definitely want to take advantage of it for some good, clean fun. Besides swimming, you can also play water volleyball, go diving, snorkelling, kayaking or canoeing and even fishing. If you can’t get into the water, then skip stones and hold a stone skipping contest with the other campers. Pack up some squirt guns or biodegradable water balloons for group on group “combats.”

Play Sports

There are plenty of fun sports that you can do while camping. You can play Frisbee, go biking, and throw horseshoes or ring-toss and even baseball. Make sure to add some sports equipment to the list of things that you need to bring so that you won’t forget. But just in case you don’t have any equipment at hand, then playing tag could be a fun option for you.

Kick Back and Relax

Revel in the delightfulness of the work-free day. Hang up a hammock between two sturdy trees and take an afternoon nap or listen to the breeze as it blows through the leaves. Allow your mind to wander and dream about what it would be like to live a simple life in the woods. If there is a pool or a lake (that is safe for swimming in, of course), you can go ahead and float around. Just let your body and mind rest and be carefree.

Have a Survivor-themed Game

Camping is a fun way to test out your basic survival skills. You and your fellow campers can split yourselves into groups and pretend to be survivors in the wilderness. The game can include building a fire without the help of matches, finding a source of water, gathering food and setting traps made from rope and so on. Someone can be appointed as the overseer to check which group can do the tasks in the most efficient way possible.

Tell Campfire Stories

Huddle around the campfire with your blankets and cups of cocoa to tell stories of adventure and/or horror. Thrilling stories have a way of making the storytelling moment a lot more memorable and they also strengthen the bond between the campers. Bring with you a book full of spooky stories so that you can read them aloud to everyone in case no one has a story in mind.

An alternative to spooky stories is to do some pop psychology tests. These books are more interactive and let the listeners answer the questions in the story based on the first things that come into their head. At the end of the tests are the explanations or the meanings behind their answers. This can be quite fun, too!

Go Stargazing

At night, spread out a blanket, lie down comfortably and then start gazing at the stars. This is one amazing experience that you can get from camping, because you will never get to see as many stars in the sky if you live in the city. You can even bring a map of the stars and try to spot them out with your fellow campers.

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Completely getting immersed in outdoor activities, I learned to discover the nature in many aspects, namely, in the countryside, at the seaside or in the mountains. He wants to inspire any backpacker the climate, fishing, abundant wildlife and natural beauty.

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