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10 x 10

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5 Unbelievably Cheap Party Tents for Sale

Are you planning to have a lot of people over but wondering how you are going to handle the outflow? Or even a wedding that is going to have more than 30 people? You are in luck because these large party tents for sale that we list on this review will instantly solve that problem.

Quite frankly, most of these tents will surprise you at the initial cost, which you would expect to be quite high, but the reasonability of it will have you yearning to get one.

They not only make it easy to host a lot of people in a well-enclosed place, but also save you from the elements. We learned this the hard way as you’ll read from this narration.

1. Zeny Party Tent - most durable, lightweight and reasonably priced outdoor party tent

This tent measures 10*30, and it is predominantly white. It is easy to set-up- takes two people about 30 minutes, even with its size. It takes even less time to bring down. From outside, you would be forgiven to think that this tent was quite small, but a look inside would surprise you.

The poles on this tent are quite strong. They are certainly not as strong as those of a tent several times its cost, but they can endure a mild wind. They are made of steel, and they come with stakes and ropes for added stability. They are coated with corrosion resistant powder for longevity.

The cover is made of durable waterproof polyethylene, which resists tear. It is also not affected by the sun’s rays as most tent materials do. Out of the box, the material is pure white, and the amazing thing is that this color endures al through. As long as you clean it well whenever it catches dirt, this material will retain its color for its entire useful life.

The all white walls are attached with Velcro fasteners. The beauty on this tent is that you can remove these walls to let in some air. The windows are also a delight because they allow you to still be part of the outside world. Besides, they bring in a little breeze if it gets stiff inside the tent.

This tent is quite vast and perfect for barbecues and any other outdoor parties that call for protection from the elements. It folds easily and only weighs 30ls, so storage and transportation are quite easy.


  • Light (weighs 30lbs) and can be stored easily.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Can accommodate a large section of people.
  • Durable, tear-resistant material.
  • Easy to set up.


  • ​Even though the poles are made of steel, they are quite weak and can hardly withstand mild wind.
  • ​The material is thin and can be blown away by strong wind.

2. Amazon Basics Party Tent - easy to set up and take down

It is small and compact, ideal for a small, intimate gathering that wants to enjoy the outdoors without all the exposure to the elements.

The framing is excellent, with sturdy poles that make up the top and sides for a comfortable, yet durable setting

This tent can withstand mild and strong winds, thanks to its on construction. Even though it only stands at 10*10, it has the capacity to accommodate more people than you would think. The top canopy, which is 96 square feet in size, shields you from the sun to make this tent ideal for corporate events, fairs, and expos.

The canvas is the real deal. It comes in different bright colors to light up the mood in whatever kind of party you decide to have. The canopy is a mixture of 45% polyester 45% steel, and 10% plastic to protect you from the sun’s UV rays. It is waterproof, and the canopy is pointed to prevent water from pooling at the center.

This tent is wall-less, which could pose a problem when you want to have an outdoor party in unpredictable weather. It is safe t have it out in summer during the days when the weather is enjoyable. However, you can always buy material for the outer part and transform this tent into an evening affair.

It is easy to set up, literally taking seconds to it up. It does not require any tools since the metal bars already have their stable stands. The powder coated steel frame is corrosion-resistant, and so it endures for long, even in a humid atmosphere. The adjustable legs promote the structure’s stability even on unstable ground.


  • Easy to set up and take down. One person can do it alone.
  • Adjustable legs make it more stable.
  • Great price.
  • Durable material.
  • Quite spacious.
  • Comes with a bag for transportation.


  • ​It has no walls, so not ideal for windy or rainy days.
  • ​Not stable enough to withstand strong winds.

3. FDW Party Tent - high quality, waterproof, spacious party tent

It measures 10*30 and has five walls, all equipped with large windows. One side of the tent is left open to let in air and sunlight.

The windows are large and luminous to let you feel as though you are part of the great outdoors. The tent has a lot of capacity to host a large-sized gathering. It is white in color, with canvas material that never fades. Depending on how you care for the outer material, this tent will remain the same color for as long as you have it. It comes with extra ropes and stakes to improve stability.

The top outer material is 100g per square meter Polyethylene, which is water resistant and protects you from the harshness of the sun. The top is a canopy to prevent rainwater from pooling.

The sidebars are sturdy enough to withstand up to 5MP wind but not anymore. It can also stand mild rains, but not too heavy. Basically, this tent is designed for regular use in a calm or mildly windy atmosphere.

Even though it does not look it from the outside, this party tent can hold up to 50 people. It is ideal for weddings, barbecues, and any other event that could use the open-air plan. With a tear-resistant outer material fortified for UV protection and corrosion-free metal poles, this tent is highly commendable. It is also quite cheap, given that it can last for years with good care.

The tent is easy to erect, thanks to its solid legs. Once you are done with your party, you can easily fold the outer cover into a sizable ball, as well as the steel frames. They make for easy storage and light transportation, seeing that the whole combination weighs 37 pounds.


  • Lightweight and foldable.
  • Easy to erect.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Great price.


  • ​Not ideal for windy days.

4. Exacme Party Tent - most cheaply priced party tent with durable material

Measuring 10*30, this tent can accommodate up to 30 people in the seemingly small space. It has eight removable walls, each with three large windows. The top is a canopy to allow water to slide down in the event of rain. If it gets stuffy in there, you can remove some walls to let in air, or even open the tent up for a more inclusive feeling. It is ideal for all sorts of events, from wedding receptions to sports events, and open craft fairs where you can remove a few walls to allow in a larger crowd.

High-class polyethylene makes up the outer cover, while steel poles hold it together. The steep poles have been fortified with corrosion resistant material. To enhance the stability of the PE joints, this tent comes with poles and ropes, which keep it on the ground even when it is slightly windy.

The top material protects from UV rays, and so it is ideal for the hot summer. The large transparent windows allow you to monitor the outdoors and you can even open them to let in air. The legs are stable enough to be placed on gravel on any other flat surface.

As much as it is strong, this tent cannot stand wind beyond 5MPH. It would be ideal to set it out in a place where the force of wind is broken before it gets to it, or in a relatively calm area. Heavy rains will bring it down too, so it would be safer not to set it up under such weather conditions.

It is easy to erect, but you cannot do it alone. It is equally easy to bring down. The price is certainly the winner for this product.


  • Cheaply priced.
  • Can accommodate up to 50.
  • Durable material.


  • ​The steel bars cannot hold it against strong wind.

5. Palm Springs Party Tent - durable, foldable, easy to store & transportation

This tent, which measures 10*30 feet, is surprisingly large. You would underestimate it, looking at it from a distance, but it can accommodate up to 50 people.

Since the ten is quite large, it needs props to keep it in place, hence the ropes and stakes that come with it. The all-white exterior is durable as it is made of waterproof polyethylene, and it can protect you from 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays on a hot summer day.

The white outer cover does not lose its luster, as long as you take great care of it. The metal rods that keep this tent up are made of steel, complete with rust-resistant material.

For this reason, they can withstand humid weather.

This tent has eight walls, all which you can remove to change the mood, to allow in more light air. Each wall has three large windows to let in air. It makes you feel as though you are in a house, with the added benefits of gazing at the outdoors.

The tent is easy to set up. It would take four people with reasonable experience about 7 minutes to get it up. Two can also do it, but it would take them longer. It is equally easy to bring down, thanks to the light but sturdy steel frames. The joints are put together in excellent workmanship to keep the canopy in its place.

This Palm Springs tent is not made for windy locations. It can withstand a bit of wind, but a strong gust will send the frames scattering. To play on the safe side, it is best set up in relatively temperate areas, with little or no rain.


  • Cheap.
  • Durable material with UV protection.
  • Foldable and easy to store, also light for easy transportation

Things we didn't like

  • ​Cannot stand high winds or torrential rains.

Last year at my sister’s wedding, we thought it was going to be sunny. Why? Because the weatherman had predicted a week of blissfully blue skies, and a continued calm that had dominated the week. We had no worry, whatsoever, and proceeded to have our event under the clear blue skies.

Just as the event was at its peak, the heavens decided to grace us with their present. Rain poured; not too much to dampen our spirits, but enough to get us all wet before we could take shelter. What if we had our party tents out, something we learned could protect you from torrential rains? We went home, wet and cold, bride and groom included, but in high spirits nonetheless. At least we each got the chance to bring out the inner child in us.

What are Party Tents?

Alright, it is enough of the chitchat. Party tents are large and made of canvas, and they are excellent at shielding you from the elements. They are quite versatile for several reasons and especially the fact that you can get them in different shapes. You can choose one that goes with your style, your event, and the number of people you plan to host.

Because they come in different shapes and sizes, a seemingly large one can easily fit a small space. You can get large ones that accommodate all inhabitants of a small town-over 600 people, to a small one holding up to 18 people. There is one for every occasion.

Why You Should Have A Party Tent At Your Event

Well, there are several reasons;

  • Safety From The elements
    As you read from my experience, a party tent is an ideal way to have a party without worrying about Mother Nature. If you want to have your event on a summer afternoon without exposing your guests to the sun for too long, this tent is the ideal way to go about it.

    One more thing that most people overlook: mosquitoes. You know they love hanging around and unleashing their blood-sucking nature on innocent bystanders. While a tent will not repel them, it will allow you to spray a barrier of repellant around it that will keep them away without affecting your guests.

  • Décor
    A tent changes the look of things. If your party lasts until later in the night, you can have beautiful lights adorn it, and the photography will have you thinking that you were partying in a cruise ship. Now, you would e led to believe that a party tent is just bland canvas with no much to offer. How wrong! First, tents come in different colors, not just the customary white. Second, you can decorate the inside of it however you want. They are extremely versatile. Matter of fact, a well-erected tent will not see like one at all.

  • Easy to erect
    Before we even say this, we acknowledge that tents allow you to accommodate lots of people within a small area. Additionally, they come in different shapes and sizes from the relatively easy to erect pop-up party tents, to the more expensive and quite sturdy frame party tents. The latter are durable and take a bit of effort to assemble, but they also remain stable under whatever weather conditions. They are waterproof too, and so you will have a tent to last you a long time.

    Besides being an excellent way to host a crowd of your choice, these tents are easily foldable. They have a small footprint, and so you will not have to worry about how to store them. Depending on how you maintain it, you can have yours for a long time.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Party Tent

  • Construction
    Depending on the area that you plan to erect your tent, you may want one with stellar construction. Windy places will require a tent with robust poles, those that can withstand it.

    A tent with sturdy poles made of steel, and an overall stellar construction will certainly cost more than its weaker counterparts, but it will serve its purpose now and in a long time to come. Actually, you can leave it out without worrying about it giving in to the elements.

  • No of people
    The size of your gathering will dictate the size of the tent. If you foresee hosting large groups consistently, you may want to invest in a large tent that will come in handy always (some of these will last for years). Even if you only need it for that one-time event but feel that you could rent it out, you could go ahead and buy it if you get a good deal.

  • ​Set-up
    You do not want a tent that takes six hours to set up, however strong it is. If it takes that long, it is going to take just as much time to bring down when the time comes.

  • ​The Material
    You want to carefully examine the material used to make that tent. Tentmakers use these types of material the most: canvas, vinyl, acrylic, polyester, rayon, nylon, and polyvinyl composites. The determinants of your choice of material should be humidity in your area, exposure to UV rays, and even colder climates.

    In most cases, the material of your tent can be fortified to meet your climatic challenges. However, the most important aspect here is tear-resistance. It should also be waterproof.

  • Your Budget
    Your money will determine the type of tent you will choose. The larger the tent, the more it will cost. Additionally, party tents with sturdy steel poles will go for much higher, regardless of the size. In the end, the higher the quality, the better and more durable the tent will be.

    You are better off renting one for your special events than buying one that will not stand the elements, or whose material will tear up in the slightest tension.

  • Your Preferred Style
    There are several types of party tents, all depending on your personal style, the type and size of your party, and space. Canopy tents, pop-ups, frame tents, tension tents, and pole tents. Canopies and frame tents can hold large gatherings as well as small ones, depending on the size of the tent. The rest are mostly ideal for smaller gatherings.


Whether you are hosting a formal party for the office or a wedding, party tents are the ideal way to accommodate a large gathering outdoors. They come in various shapes and sizes to enable you to choose the right one for the event. Canopy tents can host a party of four, or even more depending on what you have in mind.

The decision to buy or to rent is entirely personal. However, if you intend to have people over often, and the weather allows you to host them outside, then buying on would save you a good deal of money.

Tents are versatile. You may like them for their ability to protect you from the elements, but they add something more to your evening dinner parties. In a calm evening, a canopy tent would create the perfect mood for a romantic dinner. Complete with the flowing air and lights.

We Have a Winner! We love all the tents reviewed here, and we are utterly shocked by the low prices. However, we like Zeny 10 X 30 Outdoor Wedding Party Tent for its size, durable material, and the ease of erecting. It was not lost on us that this tent is super light and easy to fold. Following closely is Amazon Basics Pop-Up Canopy Tent for its sturdiness, size, and bright colors.

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