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The Benefits of Inline Skating

You’re probably reading this guide because you’ve found yourself in that same old place: sick of gaining weight and dealing with low energy levels, and ready for a change. You’ve tried the diet thing, and it didn’t really work. You’ve tried different “cures” and weight loss programs, all without any lasting effects.

Typically, when people think of implementing a new exercise routine, the first thing that comes to mind are all the most popular fitness exercises: running, cycling, walking, working out at the gym, maybe even swimming. Some of these are more appealing than others, but you’ve probably tried each of them before. It’s time to shake it up with something new and fun!

Inline skating is an excellent way to get fit. It’s fun, affordable, and adaptable to all kinds of situations. You can skate indoors and outdoors. You can do high intensity intervals for a truly sweaty conditioning workout, or you can go for a leisurely roll while still burning tons of calories. Skating is fun to do with friends or on your own. It isn’t simply a childhood past time: it’s an excellent fitness routine with countless benefits for your life.

While any cardiovascular routine is beneficial to your overall health, skating is unique in that it is a total-body, speedy exercise that is also low-impact. Give your joints a break by putting your feet on wheels! Skating can help you to align your joints and build joint strength without the detrimental pounding common with running or jogging. Your ankles, knees, and hips will all grow stronger the longer you skate. Rolling along is gentle on your joints, while balancing forces them to become stronger.

Inline skating is an aerobic activity, and a highly efficient one at that. There are five components to fitness that you must focus on when you aspire to get fit: your strength of muscles, your muscle endurance, your flexibility, your cardiorespiratory endurance, and your overall body composition. Muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility are all self-explanatory. Cardiorespiratory endurance refers to your ability to maintain an exercise for as long as your lungs and heart will allow. When improving your fitness, it may be the case that your heart and lungs force you to stop before your muscles do.

Your overall body composition refers to the concentration of fat and muscle on your body. Ideally, you would prefer to have more muscle than fat. Keep in mind that you will always have some fat! Fat is vital to life. Our goal here is to lower your overall fat percentage while increasing your muscle percentage. All of these things will improve if you train well with inline skating. You can also expect to improve your balance and coordination as you “roll” your weight loss away!

The balance improvement that you gain through skating will translate to other activities you participate in as well. You will find the same cardiorespiratory benefits with inline skating that you gain from cycling, running, participating in sports, swimming, hiking, etc. You will gain all of these benefits while simultaneously reducing the stress that you put on your joints. This means that the exercise will be easier to maintain, without the pain that is often associated with high-impact aerobic activities.

Inline skating can be considered to be both an aerobic and anaerobic activity. The terms aerobic and anaerobic refer to energy systems that your body utilizes when exercising. It is ideal to engage both of these systems when getting fit and striving to lose weight. Different types of skating will use different energy systems. When you are using quick movements that are short and fast, you are using the anaerobic system.

When your movements rely more heavily on long, repetitive, endurance movements, you are using your aerobic energy system. You can tailor your workout to use either of these two systems, or use a mixture of both. If you are looking to build endurance, you will be using your aerobic energy system. Using your anaerobic system will help you to fine-tune your reflexes. Inline skating contributes a wonderful variety to your overall fitness training.

Another obvious benefit of inline skating is its help with calorie burning and weight loss. We’ve all been told that to lose weight, we must burn more calories than we consume. Even with an ultra-healthy, low-carb diet, burning more than you consume can be exhausting and overwhelming!

Too often this leads to logging long hours slaving away on a cardio machine at the gym, without gaining the benefits it promises. Skating, however, burns calories quickly and efficiently. It is a full-body exercise, forcing you to build muscle while burning fat fast! The added bonus is that inline skating is not the chore that running or cycling can be. It’s fun and enjoyable!

A slow, steady 30-minute skating workout can burn up to 285 calories! Combine this feat with a fairly healthy diet, and you will see the weight melt off of your frame. Keep in mind that inline skating burns more calories per hour than other types of skating—like quad skating—making it your most beneficial option. Inline skating is not only a great way to lose weight, but also a wonderful way to build overall health.

Skating benefits you by building strong cardiac muscles. As a cardiovascular activity, inline skating forces your heart to work hard and grow stronger. This is especially important in the United States today, where heart disease is the number one cause of premature death in Americans.

High cholesterol is on the rise, and thousands die each year from heart complications. Participating in cardiovascular activity can increase your life expectancy by years! Inline skating actually lowers your cholesterol levels significantly.

Additionally, by building a strong heart, you will have a better quality of life as you age than you would without cardiovascular exercise. Inline skating is a fun way to ensure a healthy future for your heart, and an enjoyable future for yourself.

As you lose weight with inline skating, you will start to find that you are toning your muscles in addition to losing weight. Because skating requires you to remain balanced at all times, many of your muscles will stay engaged and taut throughout the exercise. This gives them a fantastic workout, toning them without your notice!

While you can obviously expect to see an increase in muscle tone in your legs, you should also expect to work muscles throughout the body. Your abdominals, glutes, and back all play a role in inline skating! At the same time, skating will build your ability to balance, which will improve your posture, both sitting and standing. Balance is important when engaging in many different activities and sports. It requires the use of muscles throughout your body: muscles that will be toned through inline skating.

As you find yourself building your health through skating, you may be surprised to realize that this activity is helping you to combat diabetes. Currently, one in three Americans are affected by this disease, but that number is expected to increase to one in ten by the year 2050. Type 2 diabetes can be linked to several factors, including lack of aerobic exercise, unhealthy diets, obesity, and the sedentary lifestyle of today’s Americans.

In order to prevent diabetes, it is important to participate in exercise. You need to be doing both aerobic (or cardiovascular) exercise and strength training exercises. Luckily for you, inline skating can be considered both a strength-training exercise and a cardio exercise! Cardiovascular exercise enables your body to better regulate your insulin levels and use. It enables you to lower the levels of glucose in your blood stream. Good cardiovascular exercise strengthens your bones, muscles, heart, and can even relieve stress. By maintaining a regular skating schedule, you can control or even prevent the symptoms of diabetes.

Inline skating can be a wonderful activity for the entire family. One of the biggest issues facing our society today is the inactivity of children. You have heard it all before: children are glued to technology, to smart phones, television, and computers and tablets. It used to be that children spent ample time outside, riding bikes, scooters, engaging with other children, and yes, rollerblading.

Children today do not do these things, but rather spend time playing Minecraft or downloading the newest app on Mom’s smartphone. Moving into the next generation, it is imperative that adults start addressing this issue. Inactive children become inactive adults. An inactive generation becomes an inactive society.

Lack of exercise as a child contributes as a major risk factor to cardiovascular disease, the leading killer in our society. Physical education systems around the country are working to reverse this disappointing trend, trying to implement fun physical activities to encourage children to get more, much-needed exercise.

Research is showing that the more active a child is in programs that they enjoy, the more active that child is likely to be as an adult. The work begins young! If you are striving to lose weight, bring your children into the activity. You can prevent future struggles by getting them engaged now. Fun fitness programs for children help them to avoid cardiovascular disease in the long run. This means that your child can lead a longer, healthier life than they are likely to if they don’t exercise. It is of vital importance that as you engage your child in a fitness activity, your child is having fun.

The activity must be enjoyable! The idea is to introduce your child to an activity that they will pursue and continue on their own time. If your child is motivated to continue an activity on their own, that activity is more likely to become a lifestyle change and persist into your child’s future. Remember, fun activities last a lifetime! Inline skating is a fun way to get your child engaged. As an added benefit, your child will be spending time with you, which is a vital need for both you and your child.

There is everything to gain and nothing—except excess weight!—to lose by participating in a fun and safe cardiovascular exercise. Inline skating is a fantastic exercise in that it allows you to lose weight, build muscle, learn to control balance and posture, and prevent life-altering diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

To lose weight and build a truly healthy future, you must make a true lifestyle change: a change that lasts for years. The best way to do this is to find something you already enjoy that can be used to help you in achieving your goals. Inline skating is so diverse and fun, it is an excellent way to get creative with your weight loss plan.

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