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Best Kayak Cart Reviews 2017

The 5 Best Kayak CartsI love water and being close to a water body rejuvenates me instantly. Swimming, diving, snorkeling and water boarding are epic but, nothing beats kayaking. My special, almost spiritual...

Best Beach Cart Reviews 2017

The 5 Best Beach CartsThe first thing that crosses our minds when summer comes around is hitting the beach. The beach is relaxing, and besides catching the next wave, it’s the perfect place to feel the sun’s...

Best Bowie Knife Reviews 2017

The 5 Best Bowie KnivesWhat is the one thing you can’t forget to pack during your outdoor excursion? The answer to this question varies with some people talking about tents, firestarters, warm socks, hammocks...

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How to live fulltime in an RV

Now that you understand some of the technical parts of RV living, let’s get into the types of ways you can live on the road successfully.Park RoamerA park roamer enjoys visiting new places but also wants the amenities of RV parks. So they go from...

Should I buy a travel trailer?

Your first big investment is going to be your RV itself! Now you can buy one outright, or finance one. Personally, I’d prefer to buy one because dealing with bills goes against the “freedom lifestyle” idea.However, if you don’t have a big savings to...

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