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18 Storage Hacks on Camping That Are Borderline Genius

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Camping Storage Hacks - Best tips & tricks

Here’s a reality check. The connoisseur in you may balk at the harsh reality, but there are no cabinets, spick and span kitchen spaces and impeccable counters in the wilderness. You have to make do with whatever constricted space is available. These brilliant storage hacks ensure that you travel light and organize your belongings inside the camp efficiently:

  • 1. Packing away all the camping gear in a cramped space is a challenge.
    Maximize your storage whenever you can and leave out anything which can be replaced. One such hack is to pack toothpaste dots instead of carrying the entire tube and separate tooth brushes.

    Three days prior to your trip, squirt pea-sized dots of toothpaste on a plate, sprinkle with baking soda, and leave to dry. Pack them up in a plastic baggie and chew one whenever you need to clean your teeth.

  • 2. Eggs are fragile and carefully packing them in space hogging crates can be quite ineffective.
    A better way is to pre-scramble them and pour them in a bottle. A normal 16oz water bottle can store up to 10 eggs. This can put your mind at ease and all you have to do is pour them directly into a pan!

  • 3. The foodie aficionados can’t do without their array of exotic seasonings but it surely poses a dilemma of bringing a plethora of containers for each.
    Straws can make for light and compact storage. Seal one end of each straw with a lighter, fill it up with a spice and then seal off the other end!

  • 4. Mornings can’t start without coffee — even camping mornings!
    Bringing entire cans of coffee grounds doesn’t agree with your space efficiency goals. Instead, craft one-time-use coffee bags by putting a scoop of coffee in individual coffee filters. Tie dental floss around the top to secure the bag and leave one end of the thread hanging loose. Dip it in hot water and use it like a tea bag.

  • 5. You need to maintain good hygiene even when out in the wild, but bringing along entire bars of soap means that you keep a soap dish as well.
    A clever alternative is to use to a vegetable peeler to peel off paper-thin slabs of soap. Pack all these single-use-soap strips in a baggie and save yourself some trouble. No more fretting about storing wet foaming soaps.

  • 6. Need to pack condiments to accompany the grilled fare when you are on the go?
    No need to bring along entire mustard, mayo, barbecue sauce and ketchup jars when you can use old TicTac™ boxes for storage. These uber-light compact containers make sure you don’t miss out on delectable food ever! Pop the lid open, drizzle the sauce over your scrumptious food and dive in!

  • 7. Towels are indispensable.
    However, they tend to get dirty and the exasperation of continually washing and drying the same towels might lead you to bring along more than just a few. Instead, use compact microfiber towels which are not only easy to store but also dry in a jiffy.

  • 8. Duct tape is the next best thing invented after sliced bread and is the jack of all trades.
    Imagining having to live without it for even a short time seems like hard work! However, instead of packing away entire rolls, why not stick strips around water bottles and other metallic paraphernalia. You can peel off the tape whenever needed.

  • 9. Barbecuing is at the heart and soul of camping!
    Charring the succulent steaks over smoldering coals and infusing them with fresh herbs is what makes a true camper’s soul content. Don’t have space to take the hefty BBQ grill?

    You can make your own portable charcoal grill for hunger emergencies. Pack away charcoals in egg cartons, light them up and get an instant fire roaring!

  • 10. What would you do if given an option between wine and pillows?
    As strange as it may sound, you can blow some air in to your wine bags to make super comfy pillows.

  • 11. The paraphernalia of kitchen equipment can quite clutter the living quarter and fishing out a particular tool can be a big hassle.
    Those over-the-door shoe caddies are be quite handy for storing things other than shoes. Simply hang one on a tree and use individual compartments to sort out foods, kitchen equipment, utensils etc. Preferably, use the plastic organizer as it tends to be more durable and waterproof.

  • 12. Finding clean clothes in the early morning dusk is not easy, nor is finding a fresh pair of matching socks to put on.
    Pack each day’s garb (including socks and underwear) in a separate 2 gallon Ziploc® bag. This also gives you separate space to store all your dirty laundry for the day! Remember to pack your lounge wear for camp, PJs and extra undies in bags too, and bring a couple extras.

  • 13. Instead of filling your storage space with bulky pillows, it is a good idea to pack your clean clothes in separate cushion covers, for each day, and doubling them as cushions for the night.

  • 14. If you are concerned about lotions, shampoos and other paraphernalia seeping out in your bags and causing a mess, you can place some plastic wrap over the opening before screwing the cap shut.
    Additionally, store all leak-able items inside plastic bags as an added measure.

  • 15. Need to keep your goodies dry and free of dampness?
    Pluck out the inner cardboard from your tissue paper roll, squash it flat and place it inside plastic bags to absorb moisture.

  • 16. Instead of taking fragile glassware with you, silicon cups are better for camping, and these bending cups also take up much less space than their counterparts.

  • 17. Packing away bread for your camping pantry is a tricky business as the bread can get squashed and ruined.
    Pack loaves of bread in large, clean tins to protect it from getting soggy or crushed.

  • 18. Don’t lose your keys in the water! When waddling through rivers and lakes, always thread a cork through your key rings.
    This way, your keys would float, even if you inadvertently drop them in the water.

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