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Best Surfboard Wall Rack Reviews 2018

Best Surfboard Wall Rack – How Style Meets Functionality

Until the next time you catch a wave, you have to store your surfboard on the best surfboard wall rack.

Surfing is fun but what happens when it's time to hung your surfboard? You’ll have to do it in style to guarantee the integrity of the board for the next exhilarating trip to the water.

You have to have a sturdy rack to hold the board until next time even if next time means the next morning.

5 Best Surfboard Wall Racks




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Why do you surf and if you don’t, why should you go surfing?

Surfing is great for your health. When you paddle and surf, you improve your circulatory system and strengthen your back, legs and core muscles. Your hips’ strength increases too and well, the hot bodies you see on surfboards, they result from the fact that surfing encourages you to be physically fit. Paddling also effectively increases your lung capacity making you fitter.

As you attain physical fitness through surfing, you also gain stamina, and you release stress because of the adrenaline rush and the release of endorphins. Other benefits of surfing include:

  • A boost in confidence levels
  • Surfing teaches patience.
  • You learn to respect nature.
  • It builds friendships on one end and teaches solitude on the other end.
  • It is a perfect excuse to travel.
  • Surfing gets you that tan, and you don’t even have to try.

Here is the kicker, to get these benefits, you have to get the best surfboard, and for the surfboard to serve you well, you have to store it well. You may also know that surfing is a culture and if your whole family surfs, you need storage and organization system. This is why you need for the best surfboard wall rack - a rack that not only serves as a safe storage port but also as a display.

In case you are wondering what a surfboard rack is – this is the port that holds your long or short surfboard when you finally clean it and gets that baby home.

Why do you need a surfboard rack?

  • Interior decor
    Surfing gets into you fast and if you live along the coast, you’ll find that the sea life gets to you and you incorporate oceanic features into your home. Surfboards are therefore common in a surfer’s home.

    The problem that arises is storage or display. Keeping them on the garage’s floor destroys them, and you can fall or step on it causing an injury and breaking it in the process. Your solution to this is having a surfboard wall rack that will make your surfboard blending into your home or even accentuating your interior décor.

    So, to keep your surfing spirit alive in your home, you can display that board on the wall or on the ceiling where it won’t cause any obstructions. Look for a rack with a minimalist design.

  • The other reason why you need a surfboard wall rack is for your home to look organized.
    A rack keeps all your boards in one place and brings sanity to your home. Ladies, this is the only way for your man and all the men in your house to get in line and organize stuff.

  • Protection
    You need the best surfboard wall rack to protect your surfboard from dents and scratches. The best rack has a sturdy design which holds the board in place as well as a padded interior that protects your surfboard. This will make the board last longer.

  • Easy access when on the run to catch the next big wave early in the morning

  • It is a worthy investment.

How to choose the best surfboard rack

This is the hardest part because the internet has many companies producing the racks. This is why we have this review to guide you in making the best choice. The following are all features and factors you should look at before buying a surfboard rack:

Type or rack

The main types of surfboard racks include single, multi, vertical, wood, plastic, ceiling, free-standing, or metal racks. Which ones do you pick?

Here’s a tip – choose a type of rack that will hold your board and one that is worth your money.

As you look through the types of surfboard racks, you’ll also come across:

  • Paddleboard or naked display racks – these have a minimalist design but a strong aluminum construction with a soft padding.
  • Steel multi racks – these will hold about three surfboards horizontally

Durability of surfing material

You need a surfboard rack made of materials that will last more than a month. The use of durable materials such as stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum, or 100 percent 5050 rust free aluminum is advisable. These materials will last for decades.

Unless the rack is made of solid and trustworthy plastic, go for a metal or a wooden rack.

Indoor or outdoor use

While most of us think of indoor storage of surfboards, we forget there are occasions when the surfboards will have to stay outdoors. At the same time, you can have both indoor and outdoor storage. As you buy them, think of this – will the surfboard last or survive the harsh weather and its effects? Is the design material rust free? Rusting is an important consideration because of the ocean’s salty water and high humidity.

Strength of the rack

Most surfboards are heavy, and you hardly own one surfboard. You must, therefore, buy a surfboard rack that will hold the weight of all your boards. Most racks hold two boards, but there are others with more arms to hold up to four or even more boards. The design and the screws shouldn’t be flimsy. The best storage or display surfboard racks can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. The lowest holding weight you may consider is 50 pounds.


Does the rack have an easy installation system and a guiding instructions book? Some of the best surfboard wall mounted racks have great installations settings with screw holes ready. This means the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the place you wish to install the rack, the drill, the screw holes and voila, you have a sturdy rack. A point to note is that the screws should get through drywall and timber. The set up shouldn’t be complicated or the screws too small.


The screws determine how strongly the surfboard rack holds on the wall or the ceiling. The material of the screws is therefore paramount. Go for metal screws rather than plastic or any other alternative materials.

If you are looking at the type of screws, then it means that you do not mind drilling. Otherwise (if you don’t want to drill the wall), you will have to get a free-standing rack.


Whether you intend on keeping the surfboard rack on the wall, the ceiling, or in the board house, you have to make sure the boards will be safe and also the storage or display system keeps you safe. A rack on the ceiling must be stable and it the board should look attractive. The same applies to the wall rack. If placing the rack in a board house, design it in a way that the boards won’t take up too much space. You’ll have other tools at the board house.


Can you afford that elegant rack you just spotted online?

Here is a roundup of our five best surfboard wall racks:

1. StoreYourBoard Surfboard Wall Rack - Minimalist Surfboard Wall Rack

StoreYourBoard care for your surfboard more than you do hence their American-made wall rack made with precision to store your board safely.

This storage rack has a 100 percent 5050 aluminum construction which means that it never rusts however close to the sea your holiday home is. By being dust resistant, it also means your surfboard remains in an excellent working condition.

The board’s rails get added protection from the wall rack’s soft but heavy felt padding (lining). The padding works well in shock absorption in case of anything.

Even though the wall racks stay on the wall, anyone walking into your space will not notice them thanks to their minimalistic design. For this reason, wall racks are excellent design features which convert your surfboard from sporting equipment to decorative wall pieces. The rack’s finish is that of sleek anodized aluminum.

The use of 5052 aluminum in the construction of the wall racks makes the racks sturdy and thanks to this durable design, you can store either longboards or shortboards. You can also store both.

Installation of the wall rack is simple because it mounts into studs or drywall with the use of the screws and dry anchors it comes with. The wall rack extends to 6.5 inches out from the wall, it is 2 inches wired, 1.25 inches tall (front lip), and 3 inches tall along the wall.


  • It has a sturdy design thanks to the use of 100 % rust resistant 5050 aluminum in the construction.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has an excellent and an attractive minimalistic design.
  • It is versatile and works well.


  • ​It has plastic anchors.

2. Pure Board Racks - simply designed

This surfboard wall and ceiling rack come highly recommended for surfers because surfers got together and made the rack. If you are a surfer, then you know how tumultuous the search for a sturdy, versatile, classy, and boards-specific board can be. Though the market is full of wall racks for surfboards, a few will hold up, and this is among the few.

The thing is, surfing isn’t just a sport but, once it gets to you, catching waves becomes a lifestyle. We love surfing, and the best way for us to ingrain surfing into our home or garages is by designing excellent storage designs that functionally double as interior décor. We do this best with our boards hanging safely on specially designed wall racks.

SUP and Surfboard Storage - Stand Up Paddle Ceiling Storage Racks and Wall Storage Racks are among the best on the market thanks to features like:

The use of galvanized steel on the 30-inch arm which fits almost every standard paddleboard makes it strong. This steel arm is excellent on ceilings and holds up to 100 pounds of weight. But, even with this strength, the rack has a softer side in the form of thick foam protection which prevents against any dings to the surfboard. The width measures 10.5 inches, and this makes the rack perfect for many smaller surfboards.

Installation is easy thanks to the fact that this rack comes with all necessary hardware and easy to understand installation instructions. The four holes and the four screws allow for simpler installation.


  • It is easy to install.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Simply designed.


  • ​The screws aren’t the best.

3. BPS Surfboard Wall Rack - sturdy, reliable, great price

Well, the first thing we’ll have to mention about this stand-up paddleboard or longboard wall or ceiling rack is that it is on offer and it retails at the best price on the market. This BPS board storage is what your space needs to appear organized and clutter-free and what your board needs to remain protected and in good shape. The rack is ideal for paddles as well as SUP or longboards and shortboards.

The rack is capable of all this thanks to its 30-inch arch made of galvanized steel to last long and to safely hold the boards in place. It also has foam padding for shock absorption.

In case you are wondering about what makes this rack capable of holding wide SUPs, you should note that the rack has big vinyl end caps for that purpose.

How is the installation process, you ask? Well, it is easy, to say the least, because of the distinctive design of longer marine-grade stainless steel screws which are excellent for a safe grip. You can screw these screws through the drywall into timber.

The installation process gets simpler thanks to the instruction book on how to work around the four holes and the four screws. In case of mishaps, you will have the 12-month guarantee to cover you. The warranty is on the screws too – cool, right?


  • The wall rack is sturdy and reliable, and the foam padding makes it safe from dings.
  • Works well on the ceiling making your space more organized.
  • Great price & excellent customer service
  • The use of galvanized steel in construction makes for the sturdy support it offers


  • ​There aren’t any complaints about the use of this rack.

4. StoreYourBoard Surfboard Wall Rack - strong & works for all spaces

This is yet another elegant surfboard storage rack by StoreYourBoard. It has a unique metal design which makes it durable and the sturdy. This steel rack carries most surfboards on the market; this is, the longboards and the shortboards. It also holds anything in between these boards – fish, wave storms, or funshapes. Unfortunately, it isn’t ideal for SUPS.

Installation of this steel rack is easy because you only need to mount it on the wall by inserting the four screws through each of the four tracks into the wall’s studs. Be sure to space the tracks apart at a width that will fit the length of the surfboards adequately. Spacing makes it possible for the storage rack to accommodate thicker boards or fins easily.

Once the rack is in place, put your board on it. For optimal securing of the wall rack into place, give it a quick hammer tap to the top of each rack arm to securely hold the wall rack.

The other nice feature of this wall rack is the adjustable rack system made possible by the two wall racks and the four sets of rack arms. You can insert the rack arms in the tracks at your most preferable setup.

This storage rack comes with all installation parts as well as two 4-foot tall tracks and eight 14.5-inch arms with a 60-degree upward angle.


  • This storage rack for surfboards is easy to install.
  • It is strong and lasts long thanks to the stainless steel construction.
  • It creates organized spaces.
  • Works for all spaces.
  • It is versatile and holds more than long and short surfboards.


  • ​The brackets are loose and wiggle. It may slide and fall off.

5. Pro Board Racks - perfect solution to disorganized spaces

If you are a family of surfers or maybe you just have a huge collection of surfboards, then, you know that buying a surfboard rack that doesn’t hold all your boards is a waste of money.

The market has something for everyone, and if you need space for three or more surfboards, then, this Surfboard, Wakeboard, Kiteboard Wall Rack Mount by Pro Board Racks that holds that holds four boards is exactly what you need.

This wall mount is ideal for storing, mounting, and displaying your surfboards, snowboards, kiteboards and wakeboards. The padding on the arms is for shock absorption and protects the boards from dents and scratches.

To keep all the four boards in place, wall rack mount has a solid pine construction and comes with mounting hardware (4 pre-drilled screw holes) and the instructions. Unfortunately, it isn’t the best surfboard wall rack for oversized or the wide paddle boards.

Dimensions: it has 16-inch arms made of solid birch, and the foam padding is ¾inches thick. The angling of the arms is at 15 degrees, and it edges routed. It measures 36 inches from top to bottom, and the rack set weighs 6 pounds.


  • It is easy to mount with the four predrilled screw holes.
  • It is sturdy and holds 100lbs of weight easily.
  • High-quality design thanks to the use of solid pine and birch construction.
  • Pro Board Racks offers excellent customer service.
  • Perfect solution to disorganized spaces.


  • ​This is an expensive wall rack mount.


Surfing has several health benefits which range from cardiovascular fitness that comes from padding, shoulder and back strengthening, still resulting from paddling, and it also increases leg and core strength as you stand up on the board. Surfing is also a great stress buster, and it is a perfect way for you to spend time outdoors and to rejuvenate in summer.

Unfortunately, there is a catch to these benefits; you have to have a surfboard that is in mint condition. Naturally, you cannot buy a surfboard every summer, and when you buy one, it has to have a long lasting built. This is what the best surfboard designers do – they create the best then leave maintenance and care up to you.

While you may place the board on the floor and lock the garage after use, the impact of wear and tear is stronger, and you’ll have a messy space. You must have the best surfboard wall rack to counter this.

Our review of the five best surfboard wall racks highlights excellent features of the racks, and it is clear that any of these five would work perfectly for you. Even so, we have to let you in on our best pick – the Naked Surf Minimalist Surfboard Wall Rack Display Rack by StoreYourBoard

It has a sturdy design that to the construction design which embodies the use of 100 percent 5050 aluminum that never rusts. It has a soft felt padding that saves your snowboard from abrasion and any dings.

The other excellent feature of this rack is its minimalist design which makes the rack not just a storage compartment but an elegant surfboard display which works perfectly for your house. It holds long and short boards.

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