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Best Tactical Bracelet Reviews 2020

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5 Best Tactical Bracelet Reviews 2019




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The Best Tactical Bracelet

A tactical bracelet is your go to tool for surviving in the most extreme conditions. The best tactical bracelet not only contains a collection of handy tools, but also allows you to access them easily. It is compact, easy to snap on and off and stays put on your wrist or your bag.

If you are a child of the outdoors, then this subject should excite you. After all, much of the activities you jump into (pun intended) require a survival kit.

A tactical bracelet, sometimes called a survival/paracord bracelet, is part of this. As you will find out by reading on, a paracord bracelet can sometimes be the survival kit on its own, depending on what activity is at hand.

Which is the best tactical bracelet? To understand them, you have to first understand their design, working and why they are necessary.

They are woven out of 8-20 feet of parachute cord (paracord). Paracord is one of the strongest ropes available in the market, made out of nylon and structured to hold weights of up to 700 pounds. This is why it is used to suspend parachutes in the first place. It is also the first choice when it comes to making rope ladders. (Etrier).


Tactical bracelets are especially popular with enthusiastic mountaineers and campers.

Survival items that come in handy during emergencies like penknives, whistles and fire starters are stored inside these bracelets. Quite a number are designed using different colors of paracord to produce a stylish and hip yet highly functional accessory.

Even if you’re not one for roaming outside and getting involved in high risk activities, you never know when you might need a very long and strong cord. It doesn’t hurt then to buy yourself a small and compact bracelet and stash it somewhere in your car or the toolbox at home.

1. X-Plore Gear Tactical Bracelet - high quality, quick-release style

These come as a set of 2 of the same size, ideal for those going out to places with extreme conditions like deserts.

They come in different color combinations, in three different sizes-Regular, medium and kids size. The regular, at 9 inches, is wide enough to fit on pretty much any adult wrist-whether you are on the lithe or bigger side. It is however labelled as L for large.

The medium measures 8 inches and goes well on small wrists as well as some adult wrists. The kid size measures 7 inches and is labelled S on the bracelet itself.

If you have a 6” wrist for example, the best fit for you would be a kids size... the colors available are orange, pink, blue and a very appropriate jungle green.

The regular is 127 inches long when unraveled, the medium is 117 and the kids is 110 inches. All of them are still quite long and will serve equally well.

The design leaves lots of room to fit in pretty much everything you need- a whistle, a flint firestarter, a compass and even a knife. These 4, as mentioned, come with the bracelet. The whistle is really loud and can be heard over a long distance in case you get lost.

Since the paracord is made out plastic, it is waterproof and will keep your equipment dry even in a storm. It can be worn by both men and women comfortably.


  • Tight weaving secures components.
  • High quality military grade paracord.
  • Quick-release style knot.


  • ​Rigid buckles that feel too tight.

2. Atomic Bear Tactical Bracelet - one size fits all

Even its name inspires something- there’s a sense of toughness about it. This bracelet can support weights of up to 550 pounds. The cool and clever cobra style design holds the flint firestarter, whistle, knife and compass securely in place.

The cobra style knots ensure that the paracord is closely and tightly woven together to form a pouch like structure.

These are also sold as a pair on Amazon. It comes in two colors-plain black and a wonderful mix of black and a feisty vibrant orange.

It is very light, buckling it up is easy and it is durable, seeing as it is woven out of military grade paracord. You can use it as a fishing line, a sewing string or a foundation (tinder) for starting a fire when you can’t find dry plants, say during winter or when it rains.

It burns like plastic-meaning you’ll have a nice warm fire going, enough to dry up wet logs and keep the fire crackling all night. Perhaps it would be good to know that the blade and the firestarter are combined.

When unraveled, you get an impressive 12 feet of paracord. Here’s an idea- if you ever get lost, you could use the orange cord to create a path to where you are because of its visibility.

Or you can use it to mark your own path so you don’t get lost in the first place. Pull it apart to get a thin thread to make dental floss for those who are hygiene conscious.


  • One size fits all.
  • Very long-unravelling to up to 12 feet.


  • ​Long fastening system can prove to be clumsy.

3. A2S Survival Tactical Bracelet - easy to operate

This bracelet comes with three standard items- a compass, a fire starter and a whistle that produces up to 100db of sound. Also part of the kit is a steel scraper that doubles up as a knife with a very sharp edge that can slice through almost anything.

They are sold as a pair- a neat 2 pack of black and green- both blend in with the surrounding.

They are available in different sizes: 9 inches for the largest, but there are 8.5 inches and 7.5 inches appropriate for teenagers and kids respectively.

The paracord making up each bracelet measures 12 inches and is made up of fine seven inner strands.

The compass is conveniently embedded in the bracelet. In case it doesn’t work the first time, move it near a strong magnet to jumpstart the needle.

The slim buckle and quick release design ensures you can unravel or snap it open in under a minute. This bracelet is also waterproof and corrosion resistant. You can get a pair to wear on you and gift the other or keep it among your camping supplies.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Fire starter is easily removable for safety purposes.
  • Concealed knife.


  • ​The whistle is hard to maneuver.
  • ​The compass has tiny markings.

This is a reliable, very high quality paracord bracelet. It comes with a stainless steel knife, afire starter and compass.

The all-weather magnesium fire starter is easy to use, starts up quickly and is particularly handy on cold nights when there are no dry leaves.

Another thing to laud about this bracelet is that it is strongly woven to hold materials.

It comes in a free adjustable size that fits all and can be tightened or loosened appropriately.

Even wrists of up to 11 inches can hold it comfortably. Those with wrists under 7” will find it a little too loose around the wrists. Or you can get the loops fixed so it fits snugly.

The cord is 4.2 meters- that’s a lot of cord that you can convert and put to good and clever use. However, because of its size, which can be a little bulky on some wrists, you can easily attach it to a backpack. Despite that, it is an ideal gift for a survival enthusiast and avid hiker/camper.


  • The firestarter is properly covered so it cannot spark accidentally.
  • Compact-it is just the perfect size to fit around most wrists.


  • ​No buckle.
  • ​Compass points to the magnetic north instead of true north.

5. Leatherman Tactical Bracelet - rust and corrosion resistant

This bracelet stands out right from it looks to how it functions. It is markedly different-of all our selections, it is the only one not made out of paracord. Instead, it is made out of stainless steel. It measures 8.56 inches in length from tip to tip.

It is rust resistant and is surprisingly comfortable around the wrist. The link heads are designed to work like cutters and screw heads. There is, however, only one cutter head.

If you want to make it smaller, you can remove one of the screw heads because there are others that work like it, although of different sizes.

There are 9 interchangeable links on the structure without modification. Each of them is about an inch wide. You can connect your Casio Edifice to the Treads using Treadlinks. Unfortunately, Apple Watches cannot be latched onto it.

It is TSA Approved and you can wear it on practically any airplane. They don’t pull hair-so don’t worry if you happen to have hairy wrists.

You can be sure that once you strap it on your wrist, you will stand out, especially if you’re into man jewelry. There is a sleek gun metal black coated variant. The coat lasts long thankfully, and will not be affected by minor scratches here and there.


  • Rust and corrosion resistant.
  • The size can be made smaller by taking out links, or wider by adding links.


  • ​The screws keep coming loose.
  • ​The oxygen wrench is not as much an everyday tool.

Why you should Love a Tactical Bracelet

For those who think a tactical bracelet is only appropriate for those involved in extreme activities-you couldn’t be more wrong. These bracelets’ functionality go beyond the lake, forests or deserts. They can work, ingeniously so, as replacement belts and shoe laces. Yes, their texture and strength qualify them in more ways than one

You can use a paracord to tie up items neatly, put up clothes line, craft up a splint, make a pet collar, a bow string, use the finer strands as a mending string or as tinder to start up a fire! You can also put up a shelter by anchoring the rope to the ground then putting up a sheet.

Beyond the practicality, you can wear one of these bracelets as a fashion statement where funky snazzy colors of paracord are used to weave up a bracelet. See? You literally have more than 10 reasons why you should love a survival bracelet.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Tactical Bracelet

  • The number of equipment
    Typically, survival bracelets come with gadgets that can also be woven into their structure. The most basic of them should have at least 3 items- a whistle, a compass and a scraper/knife. These 3 items are the most commonly used when outdoor activities are involved.

    For those who want something extra, some survival bracelets come with extra equipment like a flint firestarter, a can opener, a screw driver, a fishing hook and handcuff key.

  • Stitching style - Cobra vs Easy-Release
    The equipment you keep in the bracelet should be easy to access. The fastest style to work with is the quick-release design whose knot can be undone in under a minute instead of 2-5 minute like the cobra design.

    The cobra design works for survival bracelets that need to hold more equipment. If you’re buying a tactical bracelet for a kid for example, it would make sense to get them one woven using the quick release style so they can get whatever they need while out at kids camp fast.

  • The size of your wrist
    These tactical bracelets thankfully come in different sizes for different wrists. Needless to say, a snug fit is preferable at all times. The problem with some bracelets is that once they come into contact with water, they either shrivel or become loose. That then becomes a problem.

    A tight-fitting bracelet affects your blood flow. Nobody should be told this-but measure your wrist before you go shopping and look at literal measures without relying on a seller’s labelling as kid/medium/regular size.

  • The nature of your activity
    Paratroopers and military men might need more equipment on them than a boy scout going on a few days camp. The same applies to those going fishing or such other excursions for a few nights. The more the gadgets the bracelet can hold, the bigger it might be.

    The color of the bracelet counts in very few cases. One of these is when soldiers are the subject. Everything on them needs to be of muted color so they can camouflage easily.

    Emergency response course students will also find the equipment in tactical bracelets quite practical.

  • The type of paracord
    Paracords come in different strengths and sizes. Being both the foundation and structure of the cord, this should be the most important thing you look at.

    The strongest cords can typically hold up to 550lb of weight and are graded as type III. However, there are others that support a maximum of 400lb, labelled type II. Type I paracord can only support up to 95lb, while type IV can support up to 750lbs of weight.

    Type IV is made up of 11 core strands, while Type III has between 7 to 9 strands in its structure, each with 3 yarns.

    Not all nylon ropes are paracord, because the latter is woven in a special way, with a particular number of strands interwoven to create a rigid structure. The result is a kind of rope that is more flexible than a standard nylon ripe and up to three times as strong.

    Commercial v military grade paracord.
    Military grade paracord is stronger and more than commercial paracord that can be used for everyday activities.

To Wrap Up

Imagine that you and a couple of your thrill seeking friends were out in the mountains after a long day of hiking. You decide to camp for the night. It fell on you to carry the ropes and tents, but you forgot to carry the ropes- that means you have to share a tent with two other people.

If you had a paracord bracelet with you, you would have had at least 8 feet of strong cord on your wrist. You would have made a makeshift shelter and not had to inconvenience the organized ones among you. Then you would have had a comfortable night.

If you’re going to be camping out at night, you will need to start a bonfire quickly. Perhaps you’re out on a short excursion or you’re on guard with the boy scouts and a group of cheeky monkeys overwhelm you. The whistle on your wrist will save you.

Assume you lose direction while hiking. A working compass will be your savior. Above all, you need one of these because you never know when you’ll need a knife to cut up luggage that was tied up too tight.

Aside from that, a tactical bracelet comes in handy in emergencies. Even just keeping one in your glove compartment is a good idea. If you’re going fishing, you can create a fishing line in minutes.

The line can also form a shelter if you’re going camping and need to pitch up a tent with some sturdy military grade ropes that will withstand strong winds.

The best of the tactical bracelets reviewed above is no doubt the X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelets. It is the ultimate paracord bracelet, optimized even for the wilderness. If you’re camping out in the winter, the all-weather firestarter will rescue you.

The weaving secures the 4 basic components inside tightly, and they can be accessed quickly because of the quick release knotting style. Above all, it is stylish and compact.

That given, it is a must have tool when going camping, and can easily make snares and traps when you go hunting. When you go fishing, simply string up and extra line to snag the biggest fish in the lake. After you’re done, pack up and use the same cord to up tie your luggage after a fun time out.

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