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Slyde Flashlight Reviews 2020

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Best Slyde Flashlight Reviews 2019

How many new but malfunctioned flashlights do you have in your kitchen drawer, the garage, and the car? Will it make you feel better knowing that you aren’t the only one in this and that you don’t have to give up on flashlights altogether? Even though most flashlights disappoint, you can give the Nebo Slyde flashlight a chance. From our experiences and the experiences of many other buyers, Slyde flashlights are premium flashlights that offer exceptional value.

What else? A Slyde flashlight, rechargeable or not, is very bright with the brightest boasting of 300 lumens in brightness. The other unique feature of these flashlights is that they have dual functionality. One flashlight works a brighter flashlight for use indoors and outdoors while it also holds a function that makes it a perfect work light. The flashlight is brighter than the work light so that your eyes don’t suffer.

Note this, even though headlamps are preferable by some people, flashlights remain a preferable choice. This is because a flashlight is light in weight and it is versatile. You can carry it with you wherever and work easily with it.

Flashlights give the strongest portable mean of light available. You also have better control over the precision and dexterity of a portable flashlight.

You can also use a flashlight for signaling easily. The other reason for the popularity of flashlights is the ability to put it down to focus on a task.

With the advancements in light-emitting diode (LED) technology as well as battery efficiency, flashlights are becoming smaller but more powerful. They are also brighter and lighter compared to the flashlights manufactured a few years ago.

While flashlights are common, many of us are ditching flashlights for smartphone torches. But, despite your toughest arguments, the flashlight is still superior to the smartphone because flashlights are less fragile and your phone may go off. If stuck, you will need your smartphone for communication and the flashlight for survival and signaling.

1. SLYDE 300 lm Flashlight - 200 lm Work Light - bright, hands-free operation

As an outdoor enthusiast, a flashlight is on top of the list of survival items. Whether you are partying or camping, you will need a reliable source of light. While there are numerous types of flashlights on the market, Slyde takes the crown as the leader. The Nebo Slyde is a favorite for many people.

It comes with 4 AAA batteries. This means that you can start using the flashlight as soon as you receive it. These batteries are reliable, and they will last through several uses.

It gives intensely bright light thanks to the new COB technology.

Flashlights drop all the time; it comes with the territory. So, manufacturers stealthily design the flashlights to make sure that the LED screen doesn’t break off instantly. This flashlight can withstand many falls thanks to its construction with anodized aircraft-grade aluminum.

To enhance the durability of the flashlight, this flashlight has a reliable water and impact-resistant design. The plastic body is durable.

A flashlight has to be lightweight and portable. The use of aircraft-grade aluminum makes the flashlight a dream survival tool for any homeowner and outdoor enthusiast.

The flashlight is easy to use. First because of the lightweight and secondly, it has a powerful magnetic base and a rotating magnetic clip for hands-free operation.


  • The batteries last long.
  • The magnetic base and the rotating magnetic clip make for hands-free operation​​​​.
  • The LED flashlights are very bright.
  • High-quality build with rugged finish to prevent slipping.
  • It has four different lights
  • It is versatile with head and work lights.


  • You cannot use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

This is a pack of two high-performance flashlight/ work lights; each works as either a flashlight or a work light. The Nebo Slyde 6156 has powerful LED flashlight and a COB work lights. Though it appears simple at first glance, this Slyde flashlight is tough. It is sturdily built to last.

The lights emit bright 250 lumens of white light. This intense power makes good the use of this Nebo Slyde 6156 as a flashlight. It lasts for 2 hours and lights up about 230 meters.

But, that isn’t all, it also conceals 190 lumens of intensely bright light best used for working. The 190 lumens of working lights last 3.5 hours and can illuminate a distance of 18.5 meters.

Design: the build of the flashlights is reliable. The body of the flashlight is anodized aircraft-grade aluminum which is impact resistant and light-weightedness. The work light is concealed in the body of the flashlight. There also is a powerful magnetic base.

Operation: the flashlight/ work light is easy to use thanks to the side positioned ON/OFF button. The button operates well thanks to the Soft Touch Technology.

You will also like this pack as it comes with two sets of 4 AAA batteries.


  • Easy to use, thanks to the holster and the magnetic base.
  • The soft-touch technology simplifies the operation of the ON/ OFF buttons.​​​​
  • High-quality design​​​​
  • Superior functionality compared to other flashlights that cost more​​​​
  • It is versatile as it works indoors and outdoors.


  • You have to press the ON button twice to turn on the flashlight.
  • No rechargeable batteries

3. SLYDE 250 lm Flashlight - 190 lm Work Light - great work light, flashlight

Most of us have thrown out or kept old and new non-functioning flashlights. The reason for this is that they betrayed our expectations. While most flashlights and work lights are expected to stop working after a few uses, some exceed your expectations. They surprise us because their prices are low. One such flashlight/ work light is this 6156 Nebo Slyde Flashlight and Work Light.

It offers premium performance thanks to the use of wireless technology. The wireless setup means simple to set up and no tangles. It has a sophisticated design and features a large backlit screen. Backlighting gives you a view of the speedometer readout when riding in low-light conditions.

It is easy to install as there are no tools required. It comes with 4 AAA batteries. The flashlight emits 250 lumens of light while the work light emits 190 lumens.


  • High-quality flashlight and work light.
  • It is firm and has a balanced feel in hand.
  • It has a magnetic base which is very handy.
  • It is versatile, and it makes a great work light/ flashlight indoors and outdoors.
  • It is durable and lightweight thanks to construction using aluminum.


  • If you leave in the batteries for too long, they corrode the flashlight.
  • The batteries may not last too long if used often.

4. SLYDE 330 lm Flashlight - 250 lm work Light - complete flashlight kit

Slyde is well known for its feature-packed design besides being small in size. The Nebo Slyde King is an impressive Slyde flashlight/ work light. Some of its unique features of this device include programmable memory settings for the flashlight and the work light modes.

There also is a red light function and an adjustable 4X adjustable zoom. These features make this the highest performing Slyde flash/ work light.

The other feature that sets this flashlight apart from the rest is that it is rechargeable. Unlike other Slyde flashlights, this flashlight has a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It comes with a micro USB to USB cable.

When using it as a flashlight, you will enjoy the 250 lumens LED lighting. Other than the brightness, this flashlight is durable. It has an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it lightweight, impact resistant and water resistant.


  • It comes with a complete flashlight kit with the light, rechargeable battery and a USB cable.
  • It is very bright and highly functional and versatile.
  • The magnetic base means a hands-free operation.
  • It has a firm, impact-resistant build and you can use it indoors and outdoors.


  • The light sliding becomes loose after some time

If you are looking for a highly functional flashlight that works as a work light too, a lighting device that won’t break the bank, then you should consider getting this Nebo 6156 Slyde.

Some of its unique features of this work/ flashlight include a 250-lumen flashlight and a 190-lumen work light, in one device. The work light lasts 3.5 hours, and the flashlight lasts for 2 hours; they cover 18.5 and 230 meters respectively.

It has a simple operation that involves sliding to reveal the work light. This makes this one of the most practical light combination. It also comes with a single side ON/ OFF switch that employs the soft touch technology.

It has a magnetic base that makes for hands-free operation.

This flashlight/ work light comes with 4 AAA alkaline batteries. Unfortunately, they aren’t rechargeable.

The durability if this lighting device is commendable. It has an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that is impact and water resistant.


  • Affordable.
  • The lights are very bright with powerful beams.
  • It has a heavy-duty build with high water and impact resistance.
  • The magnetic base enhances the efficiency of the flashlight.


  • The batteries aren’t rechargeable.

Why do I choose Slyde Flashlight but not others?

As mentioned above, there are many flashlights on the market. However, after months or research and from listening to the thoughts of other flashlight users, we note that the Slyde flashlights are the best. Our determination comes after considering the design of the flashlight, the ease of use, functionality, durability, efficiency, additional features, brightness, and the cost of the flashlight.

While everyone tries to look for a flashlight that won’t break if it falls and one that will last a lifetime, we realized that just about all flashlights stop working or break at some point. The point is to look for one that will hold up long enough. Slyde is that flashlight. It doesn’t just last long or resist breakage; it is also very functional.


Slyde flashlights boast of dual features. Every Slyde flashlight has a flashlight and a work light function differentiated by the lumens (brightness). The working light is slightly dim compared to the flashlight but at the work light brightness, your eyes are safe and your functionality optimum. Most Slyde flashlights have work light brightness of 200 or 190 lumens and flashlight brightness of 300 or 250 lumens.

The functionality of these flashlights gets better with the magnetic base and magnetic clips. You can out the flashlight at one point and work without worrying about the flashlight falling. You only adjust the position of the flashlight when you need to.


Although they lack handles, the Slyde flashlights are easy to use as they have an ergonomic design which means that they fit in hand easily. Taking of the design, these flashlights are long-lasting. They are made out of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes them mostly corrosion resistant. They also have a hard plastic cover. The design of the flashlights makes them water and impact resistant.


The flashlights are comparably cheap and with their functionality, they are worth the price. Other users report that the Slyde flashlights work better than most other flashlights with dual functionality.

State-of-the-art technology

One of the main reasons why flashlights aren’t going anywhere is that we need them to work indoors and outdoors. For that, they have to be easy to use. The Slyde flashlights are among the best because of the use of advanced technological applications in their designs. The highly powered flashlight is a 250/300 lumen LED flashlight while the highly powered work light is a 200/ 190-lumen work light.

Besides these, the Slyde flashlights are small in size, easy to use and highly portable. So, while other flashlights promise high efficiency, the Slyde flashlights are better as they offer two functions in one. If you buy any other flashlight, you will probably end up buying two different flashlights for them to fulfill the roles of one Slyde flashlight.

Compare Slyde Flashlight to others






















Bright, hands-free operation, four different lights

Pack of 2 - Good price

Concealed work light, powerful magnetic base

Telescoping design, compact size and lightweight

Good construction, batteries last very long


No rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Press the ON button twice to turn on the flashlight

Magnet on the end is not very strong

Poor magnet


Batteries Required?






Item Dimensions

1.61 x 6.5 x 1.61 in

7 x 2 x 2 in

2 x 2 x 7 in

2.7 x 15.7 x 6.7 in

7.75 x 1.5 x 1.5 in

Item Weight

0.56 lb

1.4 lbs

3.53 ounces

0.53 lb

0.68 lb

Light Source Type






Power Source






Factors to Consider When Buying the Slyde Flashlight

With Slyde on the lead as one of the best flashlight and work light on the market, you have to know what to look for in Slyde flashlights. Even though they have many standard features or the fact that they are small, impact resistant, high-tech and easy to use, they have other design and functional features.

While the light output, weight, size, battery type and the runtime matters when buying a flashlight, you have to check out features and factors like?

How does the flashlight’s light switch on and off? Can you switch it inside your bag inadvertently? Can you use it in cold regions? How does it feel in your hands? Does it look rugged enough to meet your needs? Do you need a tool to change the batteries? With these questions in mind, consider the performance of the flashlight influenced by the following:

You have to consider several features to determine the performance of a flashlight. And, in line with the ANSI FL1 standards introduced in 2009, all flashlights are tested then rated in the same manner. So, the flashlight you buy must meet these standards. The following factors determine the performance of a flashlight.

The Light Output

A flashlight’s output is measured in lumens. The output measures the intensity of the light that comes out of a flashlight. The highest level of brightness is determined when the flashlight is powered by new batteries. In some cases, the light’s output is shown for multiple settings.

Pro Tip: you should look at the light output first because the value of the output determines the expected brightness of the flashlight. However, it isn’t the determining factor. You also need to consider the regulated output keeping in mind that lights with a regulated power supply are better at providing a steady and near-peak brightness level throughout most of the battery’s life cycle. Towards the end, the light output will drop significantly and abruptly.  Avoid the unregulated output where the brightness dims progressively because such flashlights drain the power from the batteries.

Run Time

You have to determine the time it takes for the light output to drop to 10 percent of the new rated batteries. It is measured in hours. You have to round of the percentage to the nearest quarter hour.

Note: naturally, the light output reduces over time. However, it can also stay constant for a long time before it drops suddenly.

The Beam Distance

This distance is measured in meters. The beam distance refers to the distance the light from the flashlight will shine upon before the brightness of the flashlight diminishes.

Tip: consider the full moon illumination for safe travels outdoors. Note that the distance the lights reach varies depending on the flashlight’s brightness setting.

Water Resistance

Slyde flashlights are water resistant. For flashlights, water resistance, a unit measured using the IPX system matters when using the flashlight in light rain or around a large water body. There are three ratings used. These are:

IPX4 rating – this shows that the flashlight is splash resistant from any angle once you apply the impact test. It also shows the water submersion rating, also run after the impact test.

IPX7 – this measures the effects of temporary emersion for about 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

1PX8 – this rating measures submersion lasting about 4 hours at a specific depth.

The Impact Resistance

This is a unit that affects the performance of the flashlight. It is measured in meters and tested by dropping the flashlight six times on concrete at a rated distance. This test is important as it ensures that the light remains functional after an accidental drop. Most Slyde flashlights have a high impact resistance.

Tip: the impact resistance isn’t the test of the light’s resistance should the flashlight be run over, struck by a heavy object or when used to strike another object.

Beam Type

Another feature that determines the type of flashlight is the type of beam. The lens reflector which surrounds the bulb determines the dispersion of light. The beam can be flood/ fixed, spot/ focused, or adjustable.

The fixed beam has one beam width, and it is ideal for walking or camping

The focused/ spot beam is one beam condensed into a spotlight so that it can penetrate long distances. It is the best beam for route finding and any other fast-paced activity.

The adjustable beam, on the other end, features light with different width ranges (wide to focused and anything in between. This beam is ideal for a climber looking the next pitch. You can also use it study maps.

Pro tip: choose the beam type, and consequently the type of flashlight by considering what the beam can and can’t do.

Battery Type

You have to look at the battery before buying the flashlight. The battery determines the run time of the flashlight. There are disposable, rechargeable and renewable batteries.

The disposable batteries are the most common. Your Slyde flashlight will most likely come with a disposable AAA alkaline battery. Other Slyde flashlights have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can be recharged using a USB cable.

You will also come across renewable built-in batteries that are energized by solar power or a hand crank.

Pro tip: you shouldn’t use the lithium-ion batteries unless the manufacturer recommends it. This is because there is a high risk of mismatching the batteries with lithium batteries, damaging the flashlight.

Bulb Type

Thanks to LED technology, the best Slyde flashlights have LED bulb types.

Tip: LED bulbs are preferable because of their energy efficiency, extended runtime, brightness and the high impact resistance.


If you are looking for a general purpose flashlight, then a flashlight with a single setting is enough. But, for high efficiency, you need a dual or multi-setting flashlight. The Slyde flashlights offer the dual-use mode with a flashlight and work light options.

Pro tip: for the modes, check out the controls. Does the flashlight have a simple ON/ OFF button, a slider or a push button? Does it have a safety lock to prevent it from being turned on accidentally?

Material and shape

Most Slyde flashlights have plastic or aluminum bodies. The body affects the impact resistance.

Tip: look for flashlights with high strength to weight ratio aluminum bodies. To make the flashlight easier to use, choose the cylindrical ones with profiles that resist rolling.

Weight and size

You don’t need a heavy and a large unit as it may not mean a brighter flashlight. You should look for smaller and lightweight flashlights.


Are you wondering why you should consider getting a Slyde flashlight when there are many other brands to choose from? Well, while all other brands promise to offer exceptional brightness and overall functionality, they don’t do that for a long time.

On the other hand, Slyde flashlights are very bright but, that isn’t the best part. The best part is that a single flashlight has a dual function and you can use it as a working light or a flashlight. You can use Slyde flashlights indoors and outdoors. The flashlights are also easy to use thanks to the magnetic base that makes for hands-free operation.

From this review, our best flashlight is the :Nebo 300lm Slyde flashlight judged by combining all the features that a Nebo Slyde flashlights offer. It has a 300 lumens flashlight, and 200 lumens work light. Looking at these numbers, this is the most powerful Slyde flashlight.

The flashlight’s bright lighting, as well as the new COB technology, gives off the high intensity of light. It is easy to use, and it increases working performance with its magnetic base as well as the rotating magnetic clip. The body of the flashlight is made using tough and durable plastic as well as lightweight, water resistant, impact resistant and non-corrosive aircraft-grade aluminum. Therefore, this is our best Slyde flashlight.

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