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Best Towable Tube Reviews 2018

5 Of the Best Towable Tubes for Your Crew 

You know it is summer when everyone brings out their bikini to play. Bring out the best towable tube too if you mean to have fun. Splashing in the water is tons of fun, but it gets even more exciting when you can involve the whole family in water sports and competitions. A way for the winner to earn bragging rights!

Towable tubes are primarily shaped into boats or as simply air filled with a flat surface so that you can comfortably ride it as a speedboat tows it. The ride is not only adrenaline rising but one that will change the game for water sports. The thrill of hitting the water with your hands and having it splash all over your face as the boat pulls the tube at high speed is nothing short of breathtaking.

Best Towable Tube Reviews 2018




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Protect the knees and elbows


Cockpit style seating


Sits higher


Perfect for beginners


Thick material


1. SPORTSSTUFF Big Towable Tube - protect the knees and elbows

The Big Mable Towable tube is inflatable. Sportsstuff have redesigned it and improved the backrest and the side walls to have air cushions. The air cushions give a feeling of security and safety. They allow you to have a fun ride still while still providing safety for passengers and prevent them from falling off.

It allows riders to ride as they are lying down, or kneeling or while sitting which makes it the best to use. It is not limited to sitting alone which makes it the best towable tube if your crew’s main aim is to have fun.

We love that one can pull it both forward and backward as one pleases. It has two tow points both on the front and the back of the tube. The best kind of towable tube is one that has heavy duty material. Big Mable has a fabric made of heavy-duty nylon.

It has a zipper that allows easy removal of the cover and washes it separately when you need to. The zipper is very convenient because it makes cleaning doable whenever you prefer. It has a patented Aluminum Quick Connect tow point.

This towable tube has a safety valve. The valve allows quick inflation and deflation. It has foam pads made of an EVA material. It also has grab handles and knuckle guards that protect the riders. They give a sense of safety and assurance to the riders.


  • It comes with a 90-day warranty.
  • It has heavy-gauge PVC bladder with RF welded seams.
  • The EVA foams pads are strategically placed to protect the knees and elbows.
  • The Nylon cover is heavy-duty.


  • It only allows two people riding.

2. AIRHEAD 2-Riders Towable Tube - cockpit style seating

The Airhead Mach 2 features a flexible purpose because it accommodates both children and adults which make it unique. It has enough space for anyone of any size. It allows use by any person who fits, and it gives great fun for all individuals.

It has a cockpit tube that offers both secure are for kids. It also has a separate area that offers more freedom for teens and adults as well. Mach 2 allows everyone to enjoy in comfort. It has quality materials that allow durability and safety.

It has a heavy gauge PVC bladder with a double stitches Nylon cover that permits the support of even the heaviest rider. The material is solid. It also has a spaceship design which makes riding for the children and people of all generations unforgettable.

It is light blue which makes it sleek and attractive. It has inflated floors, four deluxe handles designed with neoprene knuckle guards which make riding fun and comfortable. It allows riders to sit comfortably rather than laying on their stomachs like many other tubes.

We love that both seats have a small headrest. It is a safe tube for a parent with kids and is unsure of what tube they should use. It is perfect for young and timid riders. It is also suitable for wild kids because it gives them a sense of adventure due to its space ship form.


  • It has cockpit style seating.
  • It has headrests and handles.
  • Easy to learn how to ride it.
  • Suitable for both kids and adults.


  • Suitable for both kids and adults.

The first thing you notice about Blast 1 rider is its striking red and yellow design. It also has a classic doughnut shape designed for one person. We love it because it sits higher than a lot of other doughnut tubes. It measures 54 inches in diameter.

It has a PVC bladder which is virgin heavy-duty with a nylon cover and RF welded seams. The knuckle guards are made of neoprene. The guards are also included with four handles that are deluxe in design and are also wrapped with nylon. It is double stitched to ensure durability. It can only fit a single rider.

We love that the doughnut shape allows the rider to sit inside or lay on top of the tube. It is safe for someone who has never ridden on a tube before.  It allows easy inflation and deflation because it has a speed safety valve.

It weighs 7 lbs which make it very lightweight. It has a Boston valve which allows quicker setting up. We especially love that it has a self-draining floor vent and that the internal tow harness is reinforced for security and safety.

The seams are electronically welded on the PVC bladder. Even though the Blast 1 rider only fits one adult, it can also fit smaller kids as well. It gives a sense of security because it has a comfortable grip. Kids will love the eye-catching graphics on it.


  • It is easy to spot while it’s on water because of its colors.
  • It sits higher than other tow tubes.
  • It has four handles with knuckle guards.
  • It can allow sitting for two smaller kids.


  • The design can be annoying for some people.
  • Only one single adult can ride it.

4. AIRHEAD Rebel Towable Tube - perfect for beginners

It is very hassle-free. Rebel is perfect for people for who love it easy. It comes with an air pump and a tow rope. If you are a beginner looking for an all in one towable tube, Airhead Rebel is a perfect choice.

It is one rider, 54-inch diameter deck tube with four deluxe handles. It also has neoprene knuckle guards. It makes inflating and deflating convenient because it has a Boston valve. It also has a portable 12-volt pump that allows the tube to inflate quickly and more efficiently.

 It also has drain vents and boarding straps that make it easy to use. Its tow harness is also triple reinforced. It’s easy to steer because the handles help it to pull up. It has boarding steps that make it the best tube for kids because it’s so easy to get on and off.


  • It comes with air pumps and 16 strand tow rope.
  • It is easy to get on and off.
  • It’s easy to inflate it due to the portable 12-volt pump.
  • Perfect for beginners.


  • It’s only a one person ride.

It has 70 inches diameter. It has six handles that have EVA knuckle guards each. The guards offer protection. It has a tow hook that allows easy and quick connect design for better setup and access. It's Boston valve that allows easy inflation and deflation.

O’Brien tube can accommodate up to 2 riders, but for more fun, one rider is the best. It is made with a 30-gauge PVC material. It is easy to tow because it is only 18 lbs. It has a blue and black design that makes it appealing to the adults mostly.

It has a 420D nylon cover which makes it very durable and of high-quality. The nylon cover is durable enough to support anyone of any size. The valve is solid, and it will not deflate while you’re having fun and screaming your lungs out with friends and family.

It also has patches of neoprene on the top that allows riders to take turns all day without their arms getting tired or rubbed raw since it has soft padding. The super screamer will make you and your friends scream.

All you need to do is just tow rope over the quick connect two hook system, and the whole tube goes real fast. It will make your water sports adventure unforgettable. Riders feel safe using this tube because it ensures a safe and worry-free fun and adventure. It allows up to 7 hours of water sports without disappointments.


  • It has thick material.
  • It has neoprene padding.
  • It has limited warranty of one year in case of defects.
  • Allows constant tubing without getting raw hands.


  • It is slightly bulkier than other tube options

Why Care For a Towable Tube?

Tubes have no learning curve. You simply get on one and ride away! Maybe the attractive feature to them is their versatility that enables them to handle any weight. Whether skinny, young, old (and adventurous) or overweight, you will find a tube for your size.

The other attractive aspect is safety. They have handles at the front to prevent you from falling off as the boast rushes, and they are entirely impossible to puncture. 

The towable we will feature here are made of heavy-duty nylon, and the bladders that connect them to the boat will be made of equally strong PVC. Naturally, these towable tubes come in different sizes to accommodate the solo rider as well those made for families. Do you want one that feels like a mini boat so you can lounge as the speedboat does all the work?

How did we pick the Best Towable Tube?

Well, let’s face some reality: towable tube brands are a dime a dozen. Walk into any store dealing in summer playthings, and you will find at least six different brands of tubes. How did we separate the best from the rest? Well, we dedicated hours of research, asking grueling questions to surfers, and even trying out a few of them ourselves. While the exercise was fun, we are certain our experts will not miss the endless hours of consultation.

Undoubtedly, the ideal tube has to be of sturdy material while also being smooth at the top for the rider to enjoy the numerous water games. Our experts agreed that PVC and nylon made the best combo. We looked into the various types of inflatable tubes, and it was clear that the valves have to be easy to manage for the whole unit to be useful. Still, on the same, we tested the valves to see how well they could hold. There have been a few cases of tubes deflating right after takeoff.

The tubes are stored after deflating them, and so some stores will sell a pair with a bag for carriage and storage. You can always buy your bag, though. We agreed that for the sake of ease of transport, grab-straps were important.

The size determines the price, as does the comfort of the whole tube. We chose our one-riders based on the material, the knuckle guards, and handles. Solo riders come in different shape and sizes depending o your budget and the age of the rider.

For most 1-2 rider tubes, 66 in X 60 in when inflated is a good size so that it can measure 69 in X 66 in when deflated. It could be bigger depending on the make and the features, but that size would accommodate two people comfortably.

We liked the tubes with armrests and a backrest, even though they cost a bit more. They are ideal for non-swimmers and babies, seeing as you can use the backrest as a barrier. Dual tow points are a must have if you are going to invest in an expensive tube with a backrest. Why so? So that you can tie the back part of the tube to the boat for a safer ride.

Next up is the bladder. If it has not been thoroughly tested for safety, then please don’t buy the tube. We especially like PVC-made bladders for their tenacity. The material will not snap as your boat cruises at high speed. We also chose those that can handle up to 1000lbs or more to handle any weight from the tube. The brand names did not play such a pivotal role in our choice. Rather, we focused our attention on features.

Finally, customer care influenced our choices. These tubes are not miracle workers, and so you will need a guarantee that your dealer guarantees to care any wear and tear. As much as you can, go for a product that has a warranty, so your investment is covered.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Towable Tube


Are you a solo rider? Then you will need one with just enough space for one person. Or better yet, you can choose a two-rider for those days when you prefer company. You will get several tubes of different shapes and sizes to accommodate as few as one person to as many as four.

Tip: While the larger tubes adhere to all safety measures and have knuckle guards for all parties, they can be a little tricky.  If the water is turbulent so that the boat tosses you around, you could be thrown off on top of each other. Not really a fun feeling now, is it? The captain of the boat can reduce chances of incidences by being keen with the controls.


These tubes are meant to be puncture-resistant so that they can weather the storm on the ocean and remain safe for all onboard. The most common material is heavy-duty PVC, seeing that it has the resilience of a mule! However, PVC is a bit tough on the body, and so in most cases, the top will be covered with nylon for a smooth finish.

Tip: The bladder that ties the boat and the tube to each other also needs to be robust enough to handle the weight of the passengers while remaining steadily linked to the vessel throughout the ride.

Easy Handling

The tube is inflatable, and so the valves should be easy to work. A good tube needs less than a minute to inflate and equally less time to deflate. The valves naturally make it that much easier. As far as storage goes, the towable tube should come with a removable and storage bag, but you can always buy one separately. If it has grab-straps for easy carrying, then you will have gotten the best deal.

Tip: As much as the tube will be made of great material, you will still need to be careful not to get it in harm’s way. They were especially vulnerable when stored poorly.

Color Choices

This will certainly depend on your preference, but you may want to keep them bright for visibility.  Although the ocean is pretty safe as long as you have the right person manning the boat, you still want to stay visible to other vessels.

Tip: Bright colors look good for your photos and videos!

Brand and Price

The brand of most products should not be a deal breaker, especially seeing as so many have come up these days. You should focus more on the features. How is the material? Does it have sturdy handles and knuckle guards? Is it the right size for your crew? If it meets those qualities, you will not have to worry about the brand.

Tip: The price will depend on a few things such as the size, the material and overall quality of your tube. The larger it is, the more it will cost. Comfort also plays a role as some tubes look like small motor boats. The more features it has (including an arm and backrest), the more it will cost.


Consider the valves because they allow for rapid inflation or deflation of the inflatable bladder. The most common type of valve is the Boston-style valves. They are one-way with two caps. When you want to inflate, you unscrew the smaller cap and unscrew the entire valve assembly to deflate it.

Tip: If you want to get the tube as tightly packed as it is when it comes from the manufacturer, don’t unscrew the valve. What you should do is reverse the direction of the inflator and suck as much air as possible out of the tube to make it tight.


Once you buy any of the towable tubes we have reviewed, make sure first to test the manufacturer's manual. See what the safety precautions the manufacturer advice are.  It will be such a bummer if the engine and the propulsion system fails. To avoid that, make sure to check the number of riders recommended and the weight limit you should observe.

It will also be wise if you make sure that all the fluid levels are appropriate. Make sure that all the hardware that comes with the tube is not rusty and old. Make sure everything is in good condition. If you are a parent, make sure you purchase a cockpit separately if the tube doesn’t come with one.

It is necessary to understand that it is not unusual for occasional accidents and emergencies to happen while tubing. The ropes can snap or flip or the riders could fall off. Make sure that your family or friends know how to swim to be prepared for such cases.

Our pick is the Mable-Towable tube because it allows dual towing both in the front and back which makes it the most convenient tube to own. We love it because you can ride it in any position you prefer. Most tubes can only be mounted while lying down but Mable allows you to sit, kneel or sit while riding it.

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  • At first, I thought that I was too old for this but when my kids are around; I want to play with them. I decided to buy the big Mable towable for tubing days and they all like it a lot. When using, just keep in mind that kids should lean back at the beginning and at the end. When not use, just keep it safe since the sun and water will rot the straps. This is high quality at an affordable price.

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