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Best Waterproof Beach Blanket Reviews 2020

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5 Best Waterproof Beach Blanket Reviews




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Attractive, light, foldable


Beautifully designed, compact


Sandproof, waterproof, unique print


Easy to clean, durable, cheap


Large, pockets, durable


Headed To The Beach? Bring This Tote Beach Blanket Along

It has been a long week, and all you can think about is a large mass of water and sand with the sun kissing your skin. Yes, time to get tanned and lazy! For this reason, you have decided to gather the family and head to the beach for the weekend.

Sunscreen, check! Plenty of snack and drinks, check! Great company, check! Pleasant weather, to check with the weatherman as the week progresses. Best waterproof beach blanket? Mmmh… What now?

Yes, folks, you need a better blanket than the little absorbent one that leaves a puddle on your swimsuit whenever you sit or lay on the sand.

​1. Yodo Waterproof Beach Blanket - attractive, light, foldable

When you put beauty and functionality together, you get an amazing product. This blanket is one good looker, with its unique stripes and attractive colors that bring the beach to you.

YODO Group put thought into this product by making it not only attractive but portable as well. It has folds that you need to follow closely so that you can reduce it to a portable suitcase size, complete with a handle.

It weighs 1.3lbs and measures 12.5 x 8 x 4 inches when folded into a compact tote.

  • Design and Size
    This beautiful fleece blanket measures 59" x 53", which is enough to accommodate two adults and two babies. Depending on size, it could be enough space for three adults. If you like, they have bigger sizes, 69”*53”.

    The top material is fleece; soft and comfortable. The inner padding is a sponge and just thick enough to keep the blanket comfortable. The bottom is made of soft plastic to keep moisture from seeping up the spongy padding and onto the fleece.

    All this detail results into one beautiful, soft, and yet waterproof blanket that you can use in any moist ground.

  • Easy Clean-up
    The PEVA plastic backing is quite easy to clean. You only need to wipe it with a cloth to clean up all the dirt. The top fleece material looks as though it would soak up drink and stains, but it couldn’t be easier to clean. As soon as you notice the stain, dab it with dry tissue or cloth to remove the stain. If it shows some stubbornness, use a damp soapy cloth to rub it until it is gone.

Do not dry clean the blanket, as that would ruin the material.


  • Attractive
  • Light and foldable
  • Reasonably priced


  • ​Not machine safe
  • ​Cannot be ironed

2. MIU COLOR® Waterproof Beach Blanket beautifully designed, compact

Looking at this foldable blanket, you would mistake the compact tote for luggage. It has unique prints that go beyond the norm to bring color into your life.

The first thing we like the most about this blanket is the print. It is not your ordinary beach blanket with bland stripes, but challenging colors that would need you to get out of your comfort zone.

Large enough? MIU has then in different dimensions and their best seller measures 5’x6.5’ and will fit 3-4 adults comfortably. It folds into a 12.5”x10.6” that has an attached Velcro for easy carriage. When taking it with you to the beach or on a picnic, you will not need to bring any other luggage.

For the love of nature, these beautiful blankets are made of 600D polyester and PVC. The top fabric, polyester is comfortable for lying or sitting on all day, while the bottom part is PVC to keep moisture away. Both materials are easy to clean, as the polyester only needs cloth and water, and so does the PVC. One more thing; booth parts of the blanket (top and bottom) will not attract dirt or allow the stain to stick on, and so you will not be taking nature home after your picnic.

When cleaning mud or food stains, remove them first before dabbing the blanket with a soapy, damp towel. Air-dry it once you are done cleaning.

Another thing about the PVC: it is sand resistant! Usually, your blanket will catch all the sand on the beach, and you would have to shake it vigorously to get some (not all) of it off, but it does not cling to PVC!

The middle part of the blanket is reinforced with a spongy pad to provide some comfort and to protect you from chilly surfaces. It is easy to fold after use. You will simply need to follow the folds that MIU has marked boldly to make a compact carriage.


  • Beautifully designed with prints and bold colors
  • Compact and easy to carry, especially with the Velcro
  • Large enough for three adults.


  • ​A little costlier

3. MIU COLOR Waterproof Beach Blanket - sandproof, unique print

As is the signature of MIU Color, this blanket is colorful and printed. It is also foldable into this tiny tote that will not need any luggage. The top of the package has a Velcro handle, and you will be needed to follow the folds to get the compact size.

When unfolded, this blanket measures 5x6.5 feet, which is large enough to fit a regular family or three adults. Folded, it measures 12.5x7.5 inches.

With this size, you can fit it in anything; a backpack, glove compartment, hand luggage, anywhere. And that is only if you do not want to carry it in your hand.

Easy to clean

These blankets are made of polyester ad PVC, both of which are a breeze to clean. When you are done with the outdoors, and you have sunbathed enough, just wipe off the dirt from your MIU blanket, fold it, and take it home.

PVC is pretty easy to clean because it feels like soft plastic. A damp cloth will get off every particle out without needing you to clean it further with bucketsful of water. Polyester does not allow stains to stick, as it is not as absorbent as cotton. If a drink spills on it, which is almost guaranteed, you only need a tissue to get it off. Mud and food stains can be easily scrapped and then rubbed off with a damp cloth soaked in soapy water.

Granted, PVC and polyester do not make for the most comfortable blanket, but the middle pad changes the game. The pad, which is just thick enough to keep your backside comfortable when you lie or sit on this colorful blanket, makes all the difference.

Did you know that this beautiful piece of art does not carry sand home? Yes, sand is left on the beach where you found it. So are the leaves and parts of nature that could stick on a softer material.


  • Sandproof and waterproof
  • Foldable and light. It weighs 2.4lbs.
  • Colorful with unique prints


  • ​The material may not be comfortable enough

4.​ Koolsupply Waterproof Beach Blanket - easy to clean, durable, cheap

For less than 20 bucks, you could get this beach blanket that will last you a long time. It is blue, compact, easy to fold and store, and cleans quite easy. As though the price is not enough, the manufacturer throws in an 18-month unlimited warranty on this baby.

There is not much to say about the design or color. It looks like most of the beach blankets you will find on the market. What makes the mat stand out is the ability to hold off water on wet surfaces. The bottom is made of PVC, which is water-resistant and easy to clean.

The top of this blue beach blanket is polyester, which makes cleaning a breeze and does not allow stains to stick permanently. The middle pad is a one-inch foam, which acts as protection from the usually tough PVC. Your blanket will, therefore, be comfortable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

  • Size
    When unfolded, this blanket measures 6" X 70", spacious enough for three adults. When folded into a compact tote, the dimensions reduce to 8" X 12". It is easy to fold, unfold, and pack as the company already marks the fold areas for easy follow-up. All you will need to do is follow the instructions and get in into the compact size that reveals the Velcro handle. You do not need to carry it in a bag after you have folded it into this suitcase size. Additionally, it weighs a mere 2.25lbs.

    Is the top part soft? Not really. It is not as soft as fleece, but then again neither is it too tough. It feels more like cloth. The pad in the middle makes it better than if it wasn’t padded.

  • Functionality
    You can use it for any outdoor activity. Picnics, beach outings, lounging in the backyard are all good places to spread this blanket. You can even spread it on your rug and let the kids eat from there if they want to sit on the floor and you are wary of staining the carpet. It is way easier to clean.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable material
  • Cheap


  • ​Predictable material
  • ​Uninspired colo

We all like sand and water, otherwise we would not go to the beach, but sometimes all you want is to watch it from a distance as you cozy up with your drink and a book. That is how we end up poring over online reviews looking for the ideal beach blankets.

One of the most realistic beach blankets we have come across is Sand Escape Compact Outdoor Beach Blanket from WildHorn Outfitters.

It measures 7’ X 9’ and is made of parachute nylon. While its size may seem unmanageable (it will comfortably accommodate a family of five), this blanket folds into a reasonable 6*7 inches tote, complete with a Velcro handle.

  • Easy Clean-up
    The heavy duty, durable, and yet breathable 100% nylon is easy to clean. As you may know, nylon does not soak stains or water, and so all you will need to do is scrap off stuck food and wipe it off with a wet towel.

    The top and bottom of this blanket are made of the same material, which is not only sand proof but also waterproof. It dries fast too. You cannot machine wash it but only air-dry it. On a windy day, it will only need 20 minutes to dry completely.

  • Sand Pockets
    The reason why we say it is the most realistic beach blanket is the pocket. No, pockets. It has four pockets in which you can keep your phone and other possession to keep them safe from water and sand. The pockets are 100% secure, in that they seal out moisture and sand completely once you secure them safely.

    To keep the mat from being blown away by the wind on the beach or the soccer field, you can fill up the anchors with sand to keep it well positioned. Nylon is quite light, and so failure to do this will destabilize the blanket.


  • Large to fit a family of 5
  • Pockets for phones
  • Durable material


  • ​There is no padding to make it comfortable

What is a Waterproof Beach Blanket?

It is simply that. A blanket with waterproof ability to keep you warm as you have fun on the sand at the beach. You are guaranteed to get wet when you go to meet the ocean; isn’t that part of the fun? However, you might as well have some dry place to go to when you are done with the water.

Water aside, sometimes you do not want the sad sticking on your skin. A blanket keeps you sand-free but fun filled as you lay there daydreaming.

Other that the beach, you may want to take your blanket with you on a picnic, and nothing irks more than standing up after sitting for hours on your picnic blanket, only to find a wet patch on your bottom. Grass is deceptive, and what looks like a nice patch of greenery may be harboring water from three days ago. How do you keep your pants or pink dress dry? By investing in a blanket with a plastic backing to keep water from seeping onto the blanket and on your clothes.

You do not have to take it out to nature or the ocean. You can create a holiday feeling right in your backyard with your holiday drinks and snacks. The soft blanket will create a deceptive holiday mood that we can all use from time to time.

So Why Get a Waterproof Blanket at all?

Let’s see.. you could use it for picnics, beach days, and for lazy afternoons at home.

I love reading, and I also love sitting or lying on the floor. I love the ocean too, and islands are my second home. This blanket is a lifesaver in more ways than one. Its use is not restricted to the beach, but anywhere that you wish.

  • Picnic Anytime
    For picnics, the weatherman would have his mind in the right place when letting you know that the day will be cloudless and beautiful. It is no fault of his that two nights ago the heavy showers left some dew in the grass.

    Now you are out there having fun and enjoying the rare sun, only to wake up from your nap and notice patches on your clothes. While you were sleeping and dreaming of a holiday in French Polynesia, water seeped through the flimsy blanket and lodged on your clothes. Messy but you will deal with it today. Tomorrow, invest in a waterproof blanket.

  • Reading book
    If you like reading and you hate being restricted to one corner, why not get a comfy blanket and read wherever? You can take it to the beach on a weekday and get lost in it as the water soothes your mind.

    The full advantage of the blankets we will focus on is the fact that the top cover is super soft while the bottom is made of plastic that will prevent water from getting to you. The padded middle increases comfort so that you can do anything with your purchase.

Before Buying A Beach Blanket, You May Want To Consider These Factors

  • Waterproof
    You will be buying it for use at the beach where the sand is guaranteed to have water in it, and the water from the ocean will certainly seep in. One of the most important aspects will be to ensure that it contains waterproof qualities.

    When buying, ensure that your blanket is plastic backed to keep the water out. The top may and should be of a comfortable material, but the plastic backing at the bottom will prevent you from getting wet.

  • Comfort
    Beach days are for relaxing and getting comfortable after long weeks, and so you want your chosen blanket to make that possible. Most blankets are made of cozy fleece at the top to ensure as much comfort as possible.

    If you want it to be cozier, go for one with a pad in the middle. The pad does not have to be too thick, but just a few inches of sponge foam to support the body and to create space between it and the plastic backing at the bottom.

  • Portability
    Since you will need to bring it with you to the picnic area, your blanket will benefit you more if it is easy to carry. Granted, you will have a means of transportation, but you will be bringing it along with several other items.

    It needs to be light. One pound heavy is ideal, or it could be a few more grams over the pound. Some beach blankets are compact, in that, they have an inbuilt handle and can be folded into a nice portable luggage.

  • Ease of cleaning
    Imperative that your blanket is easy to clean. You are going out to have fun, eat, drink, and make merry, and so spillage is almost guaranteed. No one wants to spend all their hours cleaning after a fun day out. Remember it has a plastic backing and so it might not be machine-safe.

    It'd be best to go for a material that can be wiped clean to remove stains. If the fleece can be wiped clean with soapy water, then you have a winner.

  • Large enough to accommodate
    How many of you will be going out? Choose a blanket that accommodates at least four people (two adults and two children). A small blanket will mean that you carry more than one to fit all of you in. A 69 ''x 53'' will accommodate three to four adults comfortably.

  • Price
    The elephant in the room whenever you go shopping! Well, price always has to be a factor. The most important thing is to get a product with all the qualities we have mentioned. If you can get it at the most affordable price, then you are in luck. If it costs you a little more but fits the bill perfectly, then it is still a worthy expenditure.

    The blankets that we are about to review here cost less than 30 bucks! How is that for value?

Get Yours Today!

Beach blankets were probably not a big deal before, when people just when to the beach to soak in salty water, surf, and just get wet. These days they are because no one wants to take sand back to the car. Besides, sometimes you want to relax and watch life happen on the beach without getting in the water. That is why you need a waterproof beach blanket.

Yodo Outdoor Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket Tote is Editor’s choice because we like the fleece so much. Let’s face it; as much as you want functionality, you also want comfort, and maybe even more than function. The top is fleece, soft and cozy, while the middle is padded for extra comfort. The bottom has a plastic backing to prevent moisture seepage. That is good enough for us, even before you bring up the affordable price.

MIU COLOR® Foldable Large Picnic Blanket is the top choice for the unique patterns, prints, and colors. We could all use some color and beauty in our lives, and this blanket brings it out.

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