Best King Size Air Mattress Reviews 2022

5 Best King Size Air Mattress Reviews 2022


Twin beds?


Editor Rating


Coleman EasyStay 4-in-1 Single High Airbed

King Size Air Bed


Greate price, roll & go


Aerobed Sleep Basics Air Bed

King Inflatable Mattress


Durable, not leak.


Coleman King-Sized Quickbed

King Blow Up Mattress


Durable, easy package


Coleman 5-in-1 Inflatable Quickbed

King Size Air Bed


Storage bag


Coleman 4-in-1 Quickbed


Durable, portable.


The Best 5 of King Size Air Mattress

A few years ago, a king size air mattress was only used sparingly. You would find them in the guest rooms where no one would get to sleep on them for long periods, or camping. Actually, air mattresses are best known as camping aids.

You want to sleep on something more comforting than the hard ground and your sleeping bag? Go for an air mattress. Of course, a minimalist will tell you that you are cheating at camping if you bring luxuries along for the trip.

Presently, they have certainly come of age. They are becoming increasingly popular among users, and in particular among those who have back problems.

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1. Coleman Company EasyStay4-N-1 Single High Airbed – Twin/King,Tan

This air mattress measures 11 x 6.5 x 14 inches and weighs slightly over 10lbs. It is tan in color, which is on the eyes. The size of it makes it the ideal bed for couples, or a single person who loves having the whole bed to themselves.

The valve system on this mattress has been upgraded to a double valve that seals and locks air better than a single one. It has the first lock in the mattress that stops it from flowing out, but because body weight could let some of it out, a second lock has been put to trap all the air inside.

This ensures that your mattress retains its firmness all through the night regardless of body weight.

It is made of long-lasting PVC, which is further laminated with polyester to make the mattress comfortable and well ventilated. Because of its tough stance, PVC remains puncture-resistant for a long time. This translates to the life of your mattress. It is a sound investment that will serve you for long.

It is a 4-in-1, which you can set up as twins, king-size or as a double-high twin. For the price of one, you get at least two beds. If you have guests who do not have to sleep in the same bed per se, you could set it up in a way that each has a twin and it will as though they each had their bed. If you stack them, then you will have one very comfortable king air mattress.

To provide comfort and some form of firmness all night, it has been fitted with a patented coil system which prevents it from sagging in the middle. As long as you have inflated it to the capacity you want, it will retain that size for the entire night.

To make storage easy, Coleman provides a storage bag that is attached to the mattress. All you have to do after deflating it is fold it, roll it up, and store it.


  • Great price.
  • Roll and go.
  • Airtight valves, so no leaking.
  • Fitted with coil to retain firmness.


  • ​Does not come with the pump.

2. Aerobed Sleep Basics2-Zone Air Bed with 120-volt Air Pump

It is large enough to comfortably accommodate two people comfortably and leave sufficient space for a third wheeler. It measures 80 x 9 x 76 inches and weighs 16.6 pounds of pure comfort and easy porting.

It has one unique feature that most do not: it stops inflating when it is filled, and so you cannot overfill it

It also comes with its pump, which is a feature that most air mattresses do not have.

The AC hand-held pump that comes with it is small and compact and makes inflation bliss. The whoosh valve on the mattress makes inflation easy, without the need to hold it in place. With this pump and valve working so well together, you can inflate the mattress to capacity in under one minute, and deflate it in about 15 seconds. Easy, no?

This airbed from Aerobed folds to a compact suitcase size, which makes storage an easy deal. The bed is king size, with a separation in the middle that allows you to treat each section as its own. You can feel each part to different capacities depending on each user’s needs. You can use it as is (king size), or you can stack two bits together to make a double-high twin.

The middle has been fitted with coils to make it firm and to prevent it sagging at the center as you sleep. Due to the airtight valve, this airbed will not leak in the night. It retains the pressure that was pumped into it until morning. It is quite accommodating too, as it will handle over 400lbs. It comes with a carry-on bag for easy storage.


  • Durable material
  • Comes with a pump
  • Does not leak
  • Let you know when it has been filled to full capacity


  • ​The valve does not have a double-lock system to keep air locked in properly.

3. Coleman King-Sized Quickbed with 4D Pump and Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage

When it comes to quality airbeds, Coleman seems to have mastered the art of bringing them to our bedrooms. This 79″ x 75″ x 8.5″ king size is one of their creations, rocking their common tan.

The surface is a bit rugged to keep you from slipping while you sleep. While the mattress is made of vinyl, the top is breathable soft suede for maximum comfort.

The mattress is made of heavy duty and durable PVC, which is puncture-free. It comes with an attached bag for storage, which not only keeps it in excellent condition but also prevents it from being poked by anything during storage. The top material is easy to clean with a wet cloth.

As is familiar with Coleman, this mattress has a double lock airway, which ensures that the air inflated stays intact.

The first valve prevents air from escaping, but since it is inevitable, the second valve catches it and keeps it intact. This airbed will stay inflated for a long time until you deflate it. It has been factory-tested for leaks before being released for sale, and the company offers a one-year warranty to back that up.

To prevent it from immaturely sagging in the center, this airbed has 56 consistent coils. They help it maintain its firmness throughout the night, to keep your back as stable as it needs to be.

It weighs 11.8 lbs. only, which makes it ideal for outdoor fun. Add to that fact the wrap and roll storage system, and you have yourself a portable bed for all your adventures. It comes with a pump, which is also quite compact and light.


  • Large to accommodate two or more.
  • Easy package and storage.
  • Made of durable material.
  • Top suede material for added comfort.


  • ​Quite pricey.

4. Coleman 5-in-1 Inflatable QuickbedHide-a-Sofa (2 Twins)

This inflatable bed from Coleman doubles up as a sofa. You can use it as a double twin, or stack it to made one high and comfortable bed. It works as a sofa when you flip it to make an excellent seat with ample backrest. The color is gray, and the top part is rugged to prevent you from slipping off in the night.

It is made of heavy-duty PVC, which makes it tear and puncture resistant. The top is made of soft velvet that not only keeps it comfortable but also prevents you from slipping off. If you wish to turn it into a chair, you have two cup holders for your beverage. It can accommodate more than two people, whether seated or sleeping.

The air valves are in excellent condition, fortified with a double-lock system to keep the air in.

When you only have one valve in place, there is a chance if air escaping due to pressure. The double-lock aspect prevents any such instances, by keeping all escaped air intact. Your airbed retains air all night and for whatever time you need it to.

It does not come with its pump, which is a bummer, but the company sells one that goes in line with it. This mattress is super light, at only 15.6lbs, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. It comes with a storage bag, which is attached at the top of it. After deflating it, which will only take you a few seconds, thanks to a hands-off valve, you just roll it all up and fit it effortlessly into the storage bag.


  • Attached storage bag.
  • Velvet top makes it soft and comfortable.
  • Doubles up as a seat, twin bed, king size, and a double-high queen
  • Double lock system for maximum air retention.


  • ​The pump is sold separately.

5. Coleman 4-in-1Quickbed

You can use this airbed four ways. You can use it as twins, zip it together to create one large king bed, then stack and zip to turn it into a twin double-high. According to the maker, it is made with PVC 15% sturdier than the competition, while the top is soft velvet.

It measures 74″ x 39″ x 5″ and weighs 11.6lbs for easy transportation. The maker sells it with an easy storage bag that is attached at the top.

It inflates quickly, with a valve that does not need to be held. The pump, which is sold separately, is compatible with the valve, and so it only takes a less than a minute to get enough air in it. The manufacturer says it can hold up to 600lbs but some reviewers say otherwise.

It has 32 coils in each twin, making 64 in the compact king size. These coils are meant to keep it from sagging while you sleep. They also help maintain the firmness of the entire unit.

While this airbed is an excellent product manufactured by a top-rated company, many reviewers reveal that the product is not on the same league as their other releases. Each twin, when set on its own, is quite thin and deflates easily, even with the double-lock system in place.


  • Reasonable price.
  • Durable material.
  • Portable.


  • ​Deflates quickly.
  • ​Quite thin.

What Is An Air Mattress?

It is the kind of mattress that you inflate with a pump to get the desired width. The essence is to allow you to choose how firm you want it to be. Unlike the typical foam mattresses, you can adjust it to suit your comfort level. It is especially preferred by people who suffer from back problems.

Are They Beneficial To Your Health?

Yes, they are. Being able to adjust how much pressure you need on your back could be beneficial in more ways than one. They have been used in hospitals too, to prevent pressure sores from forming on bedridden patients. Their primary selling point is their ability to accommodate different weights and sizes.

Why You Should Consider a King Size Air Mattress

We could think of several reasons why a king size air mattress would be ideal, but the best is its portability. You can move it as you want by simply deflating it for the move. Inflation takes a few minutes, and so you will have your mattress ready in only a few minutes.

Apart from this, most air mattresses cost a fraction of the price of the regular foam mattress, even though they serve the same purpose. However, it is prudent to note that air mattresses are not recommended for kids because they may suffocate sleeping child of the air is too low. Go for one made from material that is devoid of toxic constituents to prevent allergic reactions.

Why You Should Have A King Size Air Mattress

Air mattresses are becoming the preferred mattresses to most people, even for their everyday use. This was not the case before when most people only relegated them to camping and floating on the pool. Why should you get a king size air mattress?

  • PortabilityThey remain the most portable type of mattress. One moment you are in the living room thinking of moving your mattress to the basement, and the next 10 are back in the living room resuming from where you left your addictive book. This property makes them the preferred travel package for backpackers and campers alike. They are also easy to put together, as all you need is a pump for inflation.
  • Reasonably PricedInstead of buying a foam mattress worth thousands of dollars for your guest room, you would be better off spending a fraction of the same on this kind. They serve the same purpose. Your guest will be comfortable, and you can deflate the bed as soon as they leave, or leave it on to make the bed look presentable.
  • The ComfortThese mattresses can accommodate various sizes and body weight, without harming the back. With foam mattresses, density foam could be a bit too much, essentially making the mattress harder that you would like. What this mattress incorporates is the ability to change that thickness/density to a level that feels comfortable for you. As long as you seal it well after pumping air into it, you will have a thoroughly pumped-up bed all night. For campers who like the idea of home’s comfort in the jungle, this mattress is for you.
  • Easy StorageAn air mattress does not require much room. They fold easily, and you will only need to bring them out when the need arises. If you want one for the guest room, you can fold it and place it in storage until when you have guests. Most of them weigh less than 20lbs, which makes them pretty easy to transport.
  • Easy to CleanAir mattresses are made of laminated PVC, which cleans easily, which make them ideal for any space. You have no worry when taking it out for camping because it does not stain, and if it does, you can wipe it clean with a piece of cloth and some plain water.

Factors To Consider When Buying A King-Size Air Mattress

Gone are the days when air mattresses got a bad rap for being uncomfortable and all. These days, makers have accepted the challenge and come up with higher quality mattresses that make your guest sleep better than they would have in a 3-star hotel. The market has quite a number of brands, all keen to outdo each other, which is great for the consumer. Before you get yours, consider these factors.

  • The SizeSize matters because you will want whoever sleeps in it to be comfortable. It is especially important when you have a couple coming over. If you have space and some extra cash, the king size will be ideal because it has enough room for two people to spread themselves however they wish.Also, factor in the deflation caused by weight and you will notice that the thickness of this air mattress is quite vital. You will probably be placing it on a bed if you get it for your regular use and so the size of the bed should determine the size of the mattress. If you are worried about storage space, don’t. Most of them fold into suitcase size.
  • Material CompositionSeeing that you will be lying on it as you would the conventional mattress, you want to ensure that it is made of material free from toxins. Toxic material will only cause you harm. On top of that, you may want to consider the material that covers the vinyl. To prevent the slippery feeling of PVC, choose a mattress with a soft-textured top material, or purchase one that covers it nicely.
  • InflationYou probably cannot remember the last time you blew up a balloon to full size. Don’t worry; this mattress does not require you to check the capacity of your lungs every time it needs filling up. What you will do, nonetheless, is a pump which most of them don’t come with. You will need to pump it up manually every time you need to use it. Therefore, get a good-quality pump.
  • ​Added featuresSome air mattresses come with the bells and whistles that could make the luxurious. Some have USB ports that your guest can charge their phone without getting off the bed, while others have sensors for when the pressure goes below comfort level. They automatically top the up without needing you to get off. That is luxurious, isn’t it?


A few things are sure as the seasons, and one of them is the fact that you will not be hosting guests every day of the year. Why buy an expensive foam mattress that will only eat up space and gather dust when you can have an inflatable one for the occasion?

It will not burn a hole in your account, and you can always fold it nicely and store it whenever it is not in use.

Air mattresses are easy to clean, and you can even accessorize them to make them fancier and create a lasting experience for your guest. You can add the USB feature if it does not come with it, or even the sensors that inflate air when it goes below the comfortable level. The current market offers endless possibilities, especially the selection we reviewed above.

One of the top things we look at when judging an air mattress is its comfort. You want a product that makes you feel as though you are on your real bed, only with the added advantage of sinking into it better that some foam mattresses allow.

If you need more comfort than the mattress offers, you can always add a foam mattress top, but don’t blame us when it gets too comfortable and you are late for work. Or if your guests overstay their welcome.

As we always do, we will announce the editor’s choice. Based on the features, durability, material, and the level of comfort, our first choice is Coleman Company Easy-Stay 4-N-1 Single High Airbed. We especially like its 4in1 design that is so unique to it. The color is not bad either. For our top-pick, we think Aerobed Sleep Basics 2-Zone Air Bed is one to watch. The size, firmness and an easy inflation system make it the air mattress to watch.

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