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What to know about your Crossbow

Before moving on to the guide that will be dedicated into telling you how to pick the right crossbow, you have to know first your crossbow, its parts, functions, and types.

First in the discussion are the parts of the crossbow.

  • Stock
    Is the support for the bow, this is also where all the other parts are connected.
  • Deck
    Is the long part where you will place the bolt or the arrow.
  • Retention Spring
    Is the part that keeps the bolt attached to the deck.
  • Limbs
    Limbs are the curved part of the crossbow. Many do not give enough importance to the limbs, but the truth is, it is a very essential part because this is where the force is drawn when you want to fire the bolt.
  • Cams
    Are the wheel like structure that can only be found in a compound crossbow (we will discuss this type of crossbow later). It plays a part in the arrow’s speed and the draw weight.
  • Stirrup
    Is the structure that looks like a letter D. It is found in front of the crossbow and it serves as a support: you will step on it during those times when you want to cock the string back.
  • Dissipater pads
    are found on the limbs of the crossbow, it functions as the shock absorber for when the bolt has already been released.
  • String
    Of course, the string serves the purpose of holding the arrow (while you are drawing it) until it is released.
  • Safety switch
    Ensures that no accidental firing will take place. Although it should always be remembered, expert hunters still insist that they are capable of failing, so extra care is always necessary.
  • Trigger
    The mechanism to release the bolt and fire it.

2nd thing you have to know is about the two main types of crossbow -

  • Recurve
    A recurve crossbow is almost similar to a classic bow in the sense that its limbs are arched and are both attached to the stock via the string. The limbs are also longer.
  • Compound
    Compound crossbows have shorter limbs (which are attached not to the stock, but to the deck), and are slightly heavier. They also have cams, which makes pulling the string back easier and also gives it more power.

Gia Zavala Damon

Completely getting immersed in outdoor activities, I learned to discover the nature in many aspects, namely, in the countryside, at the seaside or in the mountains. He wants to inspire any backpacker the climate, fishing, abundant wildlife and natural beauty.

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